10 Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

As a business owner, you can’t help but take to social media to market your brand, product, or service. Instagram, a popular photo and video sharing site, is where many brand owners go to connect and engage with their audience. But with so many brands using Instagram to grow their business, the platform is becoming oversaturated with content, and often, the wrong type of content.

As the number of Instagram users has grown, so has the number of Instagram-related marketing mistakes. The most common mistakes marketers make are, not following Instagram etiquette and not planning ahead. These mistakes can lead to negative consequences such as losing followers and negative comments.

Instagram marketing is all about being intentional and strategic. It’s easy to start making mistakes when it comes to marketing on Instagram. Before you know it, you might have thousands of less engaged followers and a poor-quality Instagram following. Follow these tips for effective Instagram marketing in order to avoid these mistakes and build a strong following.


How often should you post? How many times a month should you get it out of your system?

The best answer to “How often should you post?” is to post as often as is appropriate for your audience. When posting on a website or blog, it is best to follow the posting guidelines that are in place for your audience. There are also certain reasons for why people should and should not post. For example, if you are posting from the office, posting too frequently can annoy employees, as can posting on the weekend.

When it comes to Instagram, the same rule applies: post as often as is appropriate for your audience. If you are posting photos about your work for your employer, or photos of activities you do for a hobby, your followers want to see those photos.


Make sure to post at an optimal time

When it comes to Instagram marketing, timing is everything. If you can, post at the same time every week. Posting late at night or early in the morning isn’t ideal, as it isn’t when your followers are on the platform. Research the best times for your followers to view your posts, and stick to those times.


What type of post works best for Instagram?

When it comes to Instagram marketing, photos work the best. Instagram is a visual platform, which is why it is the most popular social media network out there. But there are different types of photo content, so you will want to test different types of posts.

It’s best to post photos in a grid format, where all the photos are the same size. Posts with text are also common, but photos with text work best. Because Instagram is photos, videos are also popular, but not as much as photos.


Posting too often

Timing is everything when it comes to posting, and the same goes for Instagram marketing. Share this posting and be present for your audience.

Posting too often is when people post too much. Some of your followers might be annoyed by seeing the same content over and over again. If the same photo is posted twice, or twice the same photo is posted, your followers might unfollow you.


Instagram mistakes to avoid: Common Instagram marketing mistakes and how to avoid them


1. Not being clear about what you do

Both the name of your business, as well as what you’re selling, should be stated on your Instagram profile. For example, if you own a store that sells jewelry, you should indicate that on your Instagram profile. So, for example, Instagram profile “The Jewelry Store”. This will make it easier for your followers to find you, and they will know what you sell.


2. Posting the same photo constantly

Instagram is an app, and it’s not uncommon for people to get bored of it. So, if you post the same photo day after day, followers may get bored and unfollow you. So, to avoid this, you should consider using Instagram scheduling tools to spread your posts out.


3. Not using hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a great way to increase followers on Instagram, since hashtags are searchable, and your followers are more likely to see your post if you use relevant hashtags. One recommendation is to use hashtags within your own posts, as well as ones that already exist, like the hashtags that other people are using.


4. Posting photos that your followers don’t relate to

Some photos may appeal to a broad range of followers, but they may not be relevant to some followers. For example, if you own a hair salon, your followers are probably interested in (and can relate to) photos about hair. So, to avoid posting photos that are not relevant to your followers, use Instagram filters and edits to edit your photos.


5. Not responding to comments

Your Instagram followers are most likely your “fans”, and they will post comments because they want to talk to you. So, it’s essential that you reply to these comments, whether it’s to thank them for their compliments or to reply to a question posed in the comment.


6. Posting irrelevant videos or links

Videos and links are popular on Instagram, but you should avoid posting these two types of content too often. Many people prefer to scroll through their Instagram feed to see photos, rather than watch videos or click-through links.


7. Posting photos of your products but not offering products for sale

It’s easy to post photos of your products on Instagram, but you should avoid posting photos that your product is not available for purchase. For example, posting product photos that are empty, and where you cannot tell where the product can be purchased.


8. Not using photos on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories were invented because Instagram users wanted more photos and videos than they were seeing. Instagram Stories are a great way to engage your followers and show them the behind-the-scenes of your brand.


9. Not using Instagram Live

Live videos on Instagram are incredibly popular, and Instagram Live is especially effective if you’re promoting a product or service. Many brands and marketers use Instagram Live to promote their latest products.


10. Not promoting your posts to your followers

Once your posts have been posted, it’s important to promote these posts, so that your followers will see them. To do this, you should post Instagram stories, or you can also use Instagram scheduling tools to publish your posts throughout the day.



Instagram marketing can be a great way to increase your online visibility and engagement, but it’s important not to make mistakes. We hope this article has highlighted some of the most common Instagram marketing mistakes and will help you to avoid them.

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