Content Vs Email Marketing: Which Is Better In 2021?

The choice of your marketing channels would significantly affect the success of your marketing strategy. The right marketing channel would help you meet your objectives, connect with your customers, and increase your sales, thus achieving higher returns on investment. With different marketing channels and strategies available, it’s crucial to pick the one that guarantees the highest returns.

Most marketers choose between content marketing and email marketing to sell their products, while others use both. When choosing between the two, you need to be sure you’re going with the right option. You can seek the help of a digital marketing expert in your area to help boost your marketing strategies and deliver results. For example, if your business is in Berkshire, UK, you can contact marketing agencies like Caffeine Berkshire or similar firms to help improve your marketing around Reading or even in the whole of UK.

So between content and email marketing, which do you think is the best option for your business? Hopefully, this guide would help you answer the question.


Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that uses published content, such as videos, blog posts, landing pages, and podcasts, to pull new customers into your business. It uses keywords that your potential clients are likely to use when searching for products. This strategy is beneficial to your business in the following ways.

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1. Increases Your Customer Base

When customers look for products online, search engines would recommend the relevant articles and websites. However, if you don’t have any content published, your business won’t appear on the search pages. You’d miss potential customers as they won’t have a way of interacting with your business.

However, a business that uses content marketing would get new customers whenever it appears on search pages. If you offer customers the products they’re looking for, they’d likely buy from you, and this would increase your customer base.


2. Grows Your Online Authority

If you want to develop your online authority and be noticed on social media pages and search engines, you should consider regularly publishing relevant content. If you have a website, you can publish blog posts and other content to keep your website active and help you get ranked on search engines. The phrase ‘content is king’ is common among marketers to highlight the importance of great content.

You can also employ SEO strategies, like using relevant keywords, to optimize your content and website to rank your business higher. A higher ranking would give you better online authority, and as a result, you’d get more traffic.


3. Grows Your Authority On Products

Customers would normally want to learn more about a product before they decide to purchase it. They sometimes use reviews, product descriptions, and ratings to check what product is useful for them.

The best way for your customers to get all this information is by including them in your online content. When customers read this information, they’d feel your business is knowledgeable about the product. Hence, they’d be willing to buy the product from you. If you choose content marketing, you can use site traffic, engagements, and visitors to determine the success of this marketing strategy.


Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses a push technique to communicate with existing customers or prospects subscribed to your newsletter. It’s different from content marketing in that it pulls prospects. Email marketing, on the other hand, pushes the message to customers and prospects. Such a strategy could be helpful for your business for these reasons.

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1. Retains Loyal Customers

Retaining customers is an excellent strategy to make sales while reducing marketing expenses. If you already know what your previous customers want, you can send marketing messages, offers, and promotions through their emails. Your customers will see the messages as personal and something that connects to them individually. Hence, they’d buy again from your business.

So before uploading content for marketing, you can first ask your loyal customers to try the new products. Then you can get their feedback on the products before you launch more of them to the market.


2. Increases Sales Conversion

When prospects subscribe to your newsletters and email offers, they already know what your business offers. So the main challenge is to turn them into buyers. On such occasions, you don’t use content marketing because they already know what your product is. Instead, you sent them marketing messages through their emails.

Because you already have their data, you can personalize the messages to appeal to them so you can turn them into buyers. When using email marketing, you can measure the performance through click-throughs, open rates, and bounce rates.



While you may be quick to judge between content and email marketing and settle on one to use on your business, it may not be the best idea. Comparing which option is better can be difficult as they both serve different purposes in your marketing campaign.

Content marketing can effectively get new customers, while email marketing would increase your conversion rates and retain your loyal customers. Perhaps the best option is to implement both strategies and know how to measure them.

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