Core Benefits of IT Outstaffing

In most offices, it is impossible to retain the best IT professionals and a skills gap will usually exist. This is one of the reasons why outstaffing makes an excellent option for most workplaces. All over the world, there are outstaffing companies ready to plug your gaps and the main outstaffing definition is: A team of specialized IT professionals who can be hired to complete your project under contract, while you remain in charge and have total control over the project.


What is IT Outstaffing?

Small companies can struggle to hire employees with the right skills. Outstaffing is a proven way to source the right people and to make sure that no time is wasted in completing specialized IT projects while growing a business. Especially software developers, and skilled workers creating the right software for your business. Many workers prefer this way of working as they are highly paid and continue to develop their skills on the job, taking time off when a job is successfully completed.


Outsourcing vs Outstaffing: What is the difference?

Outsourcing vs outstaffing: Outstaffing allows you to manage the provided team of specialist workers that have been lent to you by the company, and this is really important, as it improves communication enormously. With the outstaffing model, the payment of wages and place of work is decided by the outsourcing company, usually, the team where possible will be on site for clearer communication and interaction. It is also important that the customer fully understands what he requires the team to do, as tasks must be clearly allocated or the project could fail.

Whereas with outsourcing services, the management of the team is carried out by the contractor’s project manager, making these two models totally different.


Benefits of IT Outstaffing: 

  • One of the main benefits is, that you will get the best people for the job at the right price
  • You will hire a group of people who are used to working together, an example is software engineers, solution architects, and technical experts.
  • Ultimately this will save you money and time.
  • If any of the team drop out of the project they will be replaced by the company.
  • You won’t have to do all the HR, like criminal record checks and working with children checks which are statutory requirements in most places. Once you have sourced the right hiring company, the outstaffing management undertakes all the contractual work on your behalf.
  • Your contract will clearly state what are the terms for outstaffing meaning, and the scope of work the company covers.


IT Outstaffing Pricing Models

A flexible cooperative model makes it easy to track the quality of work, while also giving you the ability to hire and fire team members. Whatever you decide to do, you will have the best IT workers, and it is important to work cooperatively with the Outstaffing Company. Recruitment takes 2-4 weeks and can be a long process depending on the skills needed to work on your project, the pricing models available are.



The cost is worked out by adding a markup to the cost of the product by calculating all the costs involved in making or producing the product. This is the most simple way of providing a bespoke quality product for the client using skilled IT staff. In complex projects, costs can be reduced in some cases by up to 50%having the right people on board and getting the product on the market fast. All companies will have some gaps in their skill set, and bringing the right team in to complete the work makes a lot of sense.


Fixed Price

This method of payment fixes the budget at a set rate for the whole project. This allows the client certainty to plan without incurring extra costs.

Sometimes the project may not take very long, and it is essential to have a skilled team to help you out in the short term, this is a good option.


Final Thoughts 

Outstaffing models are the way of the future. Hiring the right workforce to provide every required IT skill set is unaffordable, so outstaffing makes perfect sense. Many companies choose to call in specialist IT teams regularly to complete tasks efficiently and produce the best possible product fast and without incurring an added expense. This could be the answer to many unsolved IT issues in the workplace.

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