Disney Plus Bundle Offer – The Breakdown along with Pros and Cons

You probably have heard about Disney Plus bundle, especially if you are thinking about subscribing to the service. Disney has joined the line of video and content streaming services – like the HBO and Netflix. The company is now offering its own exclusive channel with original contents (such as series and movies). With Disney’s existence, it is confusing to choose which service for your entertainment and enjoyment time. And with the bundle offer, it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to Disney Plus. So, what to learn about it?


Disney Plus Bundle Offer, Pros and Cons

Just like Netflix, Disney Plus is an ad-free and on-demand streaming service created and launched by The Walt Disney Company. If you are interested in subscribing to the service, you will gain access to thousands of Disney series and movies through devices, which cover tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, phones, and smart TVs. The service also includes download ability (which is unlimited), enabling you to watch the contents offline.

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Where do they get the contents? Well, naturally, from Walt Disney Studios as well as Walt Disney TV, including Star Wars, 20th Century Fox, National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel, and Disney. The collections are adding up because Disney always updates them constantly and regularly. After all, they have big names to stake.

Disney Plus is first launched in Canada, America, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Then, they expanded the coverage to other European areas (such as Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, etc), northern countries (Finland, Iceland, Norway, etc), and Asia (including Japan, Mauritius, etc). This year, the company plans on expanding the service to South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


Disney Plus Price

How much you should pay for disney plus bundle price? Keep in mind that different areas will have different prices, and it includes the price for Disney Plus bundle. In America alone, the monthly rate is $8 while the annual rate is $80. You can save around $15 – give or take. When you subscribe, you can enjoy ad-free services – no matter what title or genre you want to watch. In the past, Disney offered free 7-days trial period – but they don’t do it anymore.

disney plus bundle price


If you want to save up more money, there is the so-called Disney Plus bundle where you can enjoy Disney Plus service, along with ESPN+ and Hulu. If you sign up for the bundle, you ‘only’ pay around $13 a month for the three of them. It’s a good bargain, considering that each ESPN+ and Hulu (the ad-supported one) costs $6 per month. If you sign up for these three channels individually, you will have to spend around $20 a month ($6 Hulu, $6 ESPN+, and $8 Disney Plus). You basically save up $7 per month if you choose the Disney Plus bundle service – it means that you save up $84 a year.

What if you already subscribe to ESPN+ or Disney Plus, and now you are thinking about having the bundle service? No need to worry. You are free to upgrade your service – no need to cancel the already existing subscription. Contact the customer service if you are clueless of what to do.


The Perks of Having Bundle Service

If you are new to streaming service world, having a bundle can make everything easier. Aside from the fact that you don’t need to deal with each subscription and signup, you don’t have to worry about the price either.

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In general, the perks of having Disney Plus bundle are:

  • You can enjoy 3 different (premium) services without having to pay for a high rate.
  • The services can accommodate different preferences and likes. Let’s say you are into sports so much while the kids are into entertainment. Your spouse is probably into another original movie or show that requires her/him to enjoy everything on a separate and different account from the kids. The bundle offer isn’t only saving you a lot of money in the long run, but it is proven to be effective and efficient means of entertainment. Everyone can enjoy their preferred contents the way they like it without fuss or drama.



Things to Remember

The Disney Plus bundle offer may seem like a great offer, but there are several things to consider first.

  • Keep in mind that the bundle can’t be managed or implemented (in conjunction with other offers). So let’s say that you already subscribe to Spotify and Huly bundle. It means that you won’t be able to take the advantage from Disney bundle.
  • If you already subscribe to one of the mentioned 3 services individually can make use of this offer. If you already subscribe to Hulu+Live, for instance, or no-ad Hulu service can enjoy this Disney bundle offer. But if you do so, you may have to pay extra but you get Disney to refund the $6 from limited Hulu every month.
  • Always read the terms and conditions sections because that’s where subscribers get wrong ideas or misconceptions. You need to know the details about each of the offer.
  • If you already choose other streaming services (aside from those that already discussed here) and you are happy with it, then this bundle offer may not be the best option for you. If you are already happy (and satisfied) with the current service, then why should you change it?


Disney Plus’ Offers

If you are familiar with some services from Disney before, such as Disney Junior (or such thing alike), then you know that you are getting into a good bargain (and offer). They have various contents from the most popular and also beloved franchises, like Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel. Some of the movies are available exclusively only on this service, such as Avengers: Endgame and Toy Story 4.

Moreover, you will also be pampered with many of the original shows, like High School Musical: The Series and The Mandalorian. As if it weren’t enough, Disney Plus has a future plan of releasing more series in both Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Some of the favorable original contents include Star Girl and also Taylor Swift’s (original) music specials – two of them!


Hulu Offers



Just like Netflix and Disney Plus, you can get access to tons of movie and TV series collections. Hulu is basically a great service with tons of streaming options. It shares similar perks as Netflix. However, when you finally subscribe to the bundle plan, you will get the lowest plan from this service. It means that you will be dealing with ads. If it doesn’t bother you at all, then this can be a great pick. However, if you do mind the ads, you may have to spend extra dollars to upgrade the especially Hulu offer.

Classic TV shows to enjoy from Hulu includes Real Housewives, Adventure Time, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and so much more. They also have their own original contents, like Normal People (it’s a drama) as well as The Handmaid’s Tale. Interesting in them? Or curious about what the service is all about? Then you should consider the bundle offer to save you a couple of bucks.


ESPN+ Offer

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If you are into sports so much, then ignoring ESPN+ may not be the best option. For many hardcore sports lovers, ESPN+ is a true game changer that delivers more than satisfying performance and quality. If you are looking for the most popular sports events (around the world, that is), then ESPN+ would be the best spot to do so. Expect flawless and continuous streaming options and varieties, such as tennis and golf matches, NHL and MLB games (many of them happen daily), and also UFC matches. You won’t disappoint or regret subscribing to this bundle pack.


FAQ: Disney Plus Bundle Offer

I didn’t know that Disney is offering a bundle service. I always sign up for the regular Disney Plus service. What should I do to get the bundle?

You should be able to upgrade your current pack. The best way to do is to contact the customer service. They should be able to help you manage the arrangement.

If I buy the bundle service, where should I pay for the bundle pack? Should I notify Hulu or ESPN+ about this?

This is a Disney Plus bundle which means that you only need to manage it through Disney Plus. In general, you don’t need to notify other parties. You only need to contact Disney Plus’ representative and go from there.

Do you think should I take the bundle service?

The decision to take the bundle pack or not depends on your personal preference. Only you can make the decision on your own. But make sure that you have listed the pros and cons of each decision (take it or not take it) so you are completely sure about the decision you’ve made.


In the end, here is the break-down of Disney bundle pack. As you can see, the pack has its own positive as well as negative aspects. Think carefully, do your research, and make an educated decision whether Disney Plus bundle is the right option for you – or not.

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