Disney Plus Trial Offer – Do You Get the Service?

You probably think about having a free Disney Plus trial to see whether the subscription suits you well – or not. Unfortunately, not all countries support the free service anymore – the free offer is only available in certain (and limited) countries. It’s definitely a bummer considering that most users would like to see what kind of offer they enjoy before they finally seal the deal – through signing the agreement up and then paying the whole thing. So, what to know about this trial, anyway?


Problems with Disney Plus Trial

It’s quite understandable if Disney has canceled their free Disney Plus trial offer, considering that such a system could be easily misused and abused. Previously, Disney offered a trial service for around a week (7 days) for first-time users so they could try the service and then decided whether to continue with the subscription or not.

Disney Plus Trial Offer


The offer included unlimited access to the company’s libraries and contents. The service was almost similar to the free trial period from Netflix (but Netflix offered a longer period up to a month or 30 days). However, it seems that people misused the service by creating fake accounts and emails in order to enjoy a month’s free service and then cancel it.

Learning from the mistake, the company finally decided to stop offering the free service. Starting from June 2020, Disney no longer offers the free trial period. From now on, everyone must subscribe – even for a month. People are welcomed to try the one-month membership to see whether they like it or not. Afterwards, if they dislike it, they can always cancel their subscription. If they like it, they can move on and continue. You have full control over what you want and you don’t want – it’s as easy as that. And just for your information, Netflix doesn’t offer the free trial anymore.


Current Disney Plus Condition

As it was mentioned before, most countries don’t get the free Disney Plus trial period anymore. If you live in Canada, England, or America, you are out of luck because those countries are the ones affected by the no-free offer anymore.

disney plus trial


But don’t let such a thing discourage you. Disney Plus membership is quite affordable for a monthly basis, especially if you want to subscribe for longer period altogether, such as 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months basis. The general cost for a month is US$8, CA$12, and £8. It is a great bargain, really, considering that some of its worthy competitors, like Netflix, would charge you more than that.

To make it even better, you can also enjoy Disney Plus bundles with ESPN Plus and Hulu – be advised that it is only available in America. By using the membership from Disney Plus, you spend around $14 a month and you get services from Disney, ESPN, and Hulu – but Hulu would be the one with ads. If you want to enjoy the non-ads Hulu, the overall service would cost you $19 a month. Just for information, each service may cost you around $8 to $13 a month. If you subscribe for a single service, you will end up paying more than $20 a month. But with the bundle, you won’t be spending more than $15 a month! It’s a great bargain, right?

Many users have tries the service and most of them produce positive reviews and good feedbacks. Disney has invested a lot of money in their original series such as WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and others. They also have their original movie, like Soul, for kids. Again, with Disney’s reputation as the family’s source of entertainment, you won’t have to worry about the family’s enjoyment and entertainment. Disney promises that it doesn’t hurt to try. Subscribe for a month and see whether you like it or not. If you don’t, then you can always cancel your membership – no fuss or no drama.


Which Areas are Accessible?

The free Disney Plus trial was canceled in 2020 in most areas, including Australia, Canada, the UK, and America. Some secondary merchants, however, are still promoting and offering bundle packages. Xbox Game Pass or Verizon, for instance, has offered free service once in a while. The disappearance of the offer has showed us the popularity of such offer – and the company’s smart move to prevent further misuse.

Disney Plus free


However, not all countries are affected by the disappearance of the free trial offer. Considering that the service is going to launch in some new territories (like South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong), it is logical to expect a free trial in those areas. Some are even lucky to have a longer free trial period, like Japan with its full (and complete) 31 day Disney Plus trial offer.

Some of the areas that can still enjoy the free Disney Plus trial service are:

  • Japan
  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia


It is probably unfair to know that some people in other parts of the world still enjoy the free Disney Plus trial service while the others don’t. But you shouldn’t suffer or compromise a lot of things, considering that the monthly membership cost is pretty inexpensive – especially if you go straightforward for several months.

Many people are getting their hopes high over the free trial ever come back, but considering the increasing popularity and the fact that more and more people are registering for the service, it’s a slim chance that Disney will ever offer the free service. They may not even reconsider the option to offer free service ever again. And if you want to think of it, $8 a month for a full (and new) entertainment isn’t bad at all. It’s similar to your one-time takeout or pizza order, so you shouldn’t think too long about it.


The Overall Price Ranges and Offers

In America alone, there are actually several offers for the subscription.

  • For a monthly subscription, it is $8 a month. You can get access to its libraries of Marvel, National Geographic, Star Wars, Pixar, the Simpsons, Disney, and others.
  • For an annual subscription (a year), it is $80 for one off payment. It is even lower in general price, saving you $16.
  • For a bundle of Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu (with ads), it is $14 a month. With this bundle, everyone gets everything. The kids can enjoy Disney Plus, you can enjoy mature contents through Hulu, and you can enjoy sports contents from ESPN Plus. If you want to enjoy the bundle without the ads on Hulu, then it would be $20 a month – and you enjoy a completely convenient entertainment at home!

In Canada, the offers would be different with different price ranges too

  • For a monthly Disney Plus, it would be $12 a month. It gives you full access to the library without any limitation or restriction. You can also enjoy the new Star service.
  • For an annual Disney Plus (for a year), it would be $120 for one off payment. Just like the previous annual offer, you have two months bonuses – saving you $24 in total.

In England, there would be different offers and also price ranges

  • A monthly Disney Plus would cost you £8 a month – enabling you full access to the contents and libraries – including the Star channel.
  • A year Disney Plus subscription would cost you £80 for one off payment. Not only you can enjoy the unlimited access, but you can also save money in the long run.

In Australia, the offers are:

  • A month subscription would cost you $12 in Australia while it costs you $13 in New Zealand. As before, you get Disney Plus and also Star channels
  • A year subscription would cost you $120 in Australia and around $130 in New Zealand.


Final Words

Although the company is no longer offering free trial period, it doesn’t mean that they are lousy or lame. Even with the disappearance of free Disney Plus trial, you can still get the best of your investment – in your entertainment department.

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