A Must-Have Employee Onboarding Software

So you are wondering what actually an employee onboarding software and what it is for? Shortly to understand, employee onboarding software is a software or application that helps streamline HR processes and make new hires fall in love with your company or organization.

Basically, good onboarding software will enhance not only the employee orientation but also the onboarding processes by creating a quick, streamlined, and valuable experience for you and your new hires.

In this post, we are going to direct you to learn everything about an employee onboarding software including the importance of the software, the features, the tips to choose the right software, and the best-selected employee onboarding software that are best recommended.

So let’s check out all of the detailed explanations of each session in the following review sections:


The Importance of Employee Onboarding Software

The first and primary thing to learn about employee onboarding software is to know why it is important to have the software. This way, the software is the first chance to win the new hires’ hearts and minds. It is just the right window to convey your company or organization’s culture and make the real difference in how your new hires feel about your company or organization.

The Importance of Employee Onboarding Software


If you have no onboarding, you will have a risk of losing your new staff too quickly. In fact, employees with a poor onboarding experience are likely to search for other career opportunities in the future. And if you lose the staff, it is just a bad news.

The tips here is that you must keep the employees aligned with your mission, engaged with their work and invested in your company or organization for the long haul. They will work happily and you will find it easier to achieve success.


The Features of Employee Onboarding Software

Traditionally, onboarding is related to inefficiencies. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot take an action. This is when employee onboarding software comes into play. Truly, such software helps the Human Resources department and hiring managers to decrease their workload and handle the new hires necessity in a better way.

Below are the features of the software that you can check out the details:


Storing All Information Are In One Place

The software is primarily designed with the feature of the ability to store all your information in one place. You need only a few clicks to find your information in one secure location. Well, it doesn’t stop there. The software is able to remove the paper waste out of the equation, too.


Less Heavy Lifting, More Onboarding

When an old-school onboarding gets complicated manual work like filling out and filling drab forms, this is when you must use the software to remove the bulk of the heavy lifting. This will give Human Resources teams more time to emphasize the work on the stuff such as face-to-face contact and providing new hires with the need to succeed.


More Consistent Experience

Are your new hires covering all of the aspects of your onboarding program? What do you do to find out an information about it?

In this regards, the employee onboarding software not only streamlines but also standardizes the process that is increasing the compliance, saving mountains of time and ensuring that people get the same precious experience.


Increasing Productivity From The First Day

Other feature of employee onboarding software is the ability of the software to increase the productivity from the first day. This is due to the settling that can be done faster in a short time. Further, this feature is supported by the self-service capability which means that new hires can undertake the onboarding just before they start working.


The Tips How to Choose The Right Employee Onboarding Software

If you really want to use this kind of software, you must have some tips to choose the suitable option to help you determine where to start. So, have a quick read of the following tips on how to select the best software:

employee onboarding software


  1. Start with the end in mind.

In this first step, you are required to write the primary goals that you want to reach using an employee onboarding software.

This way, you can slash the costs of updating information manually and speed up the time to setup competencies for new employees.

  1. Determine how much you will spend.

There are varying prices depending on your onboarding system along with the different payment methods including the subscription-based and the quote-based.

  1. Identify the software’s features.

To achieve your goals, you can use those goals as a guide to identify which features are powerful enough to help you.

  1. Integration

If you use an employee onboarding software, consider how the software will integrate into the overall software ecosystem.

  1. Make sure it is easy to us

Obviously, you must make sure that the software is easy-to-use. Simplify all of the complexity and skip the software that is much frustrating you and your new employers.


The Best Selected Employee Onboarding Software

Now that you know all the things about employee onboarding software including knowing the importance and the features of the software as well as the tips on how to choose the software, it is time for you to view some examples of the software we are going to share.



BambooHR is one of the most popular and widely used onboarding software available on the market. This software comes with the packs of powerful onboarding abilities along with the user-interface. This software is greatly allowing you to optimize the powerful features that are the e-signatures and application tracking. You can make them to create a slick onboarding processes. Notice, your employees will love it.



BambooHR is available in two tiers. They are essentials and advantage. Unluckily, the advantage package is the only one tier that offers a full onboarding functionality. The pricing is available in a quote based so that you must contact the company to get a price suiting your specific needs and budgets.

If you want to have this software, there is a 7-day trial you can try before you use the paid version.



Zenefits is an Human Resources platform designed to let you manage the processes such as hiring, onboarding and employee records which are all can be done in one place.



Along with this software, you will be able to design custom onboarding flows, run the background checks, send job offers and let the new hires complete their own onboarding before starting to work in the first day.

The best part of Zenefits as an employee onboarding software is its all of information which is synched with payroll and benefits. This is aimed to ensure that everything is up and running with just a few simle clicks. The pricing offered by Zenefits starts from $8 and more.



Talmundo was designed with the specific aim of revolutionizing the employee onboarding process. One of the best things offered by this software is how quick it is to implement. Greatly, it is really super to program and customize the employee’s roadmap using this software so you will be always up and running in no time.

A Must-Have Employee Onboarding Software 1


What’s more?

Talmundo also comes with the interactive to-do lists and the fun quizzes in digitalizing the onboarding process without losing the important human element. Talmundo also offers the valuable feedback and analytics to help you identify the stabbing points across the onboarding cycle. Thus, you will be able to remedy them fast. The pricing offered by this software is available in subscription-based. If you want it, then you must contact them directly to get the best rate.


Final Words

There have been many things we discussed in this post. So it is much expected that you can deeply understand not only about how important the software is but also about the tips to choose it. Some examples we have given you would inspire you to choose the suitable employee onboarding software.

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