Top 5 Entertaining Online Services You Should Definitely Try

With so many rules limiting places like the movie theatre, sporting events, and libraries or other spaces we frequented to have fun, people have turned to online entertainment services. The best part about the entertainment options available right now is that it’s hard not to find something you might like.

That’s why we’ve compiled a shortlist of some services that you can try out either on your own or enjoy with friends or family.


Top 5 Entertaining Online Services You Should Definitely Try

Entertaining Online Services



As you might’ve seen from the social media ads, one of the biggest benefits that Netflix has is that you’ll never get interrupted by ads when enjoying their content. When it comes to content, Netflix has a wide range of options for you, many of which include some of the best-known movies, tv shows, and documentaries.

Unlike many of its competitors, Netflix doesn’t charge you extra for an ad-free viewing experience. On their premium and standard price plans, Netflix allows users to watch movies with friends online by allowing up to four people to use the same account simultaneously. This can come in handy if you, a friend, or a family member want to watch different things at the same time.

What makes watching shows more enjoyable for everyone on Netflix is that this platform has an app for almost every device available.



Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services at the moment and it’s not hard to see why judging by all its awesome features. One of the features that users love most about Spotify is that it can be accessed from third-party services like PlayStation. This means they can enjoy their music regardless of what you’re doing.

Another great feature about Spotify is its pricing plan for students. It offers learners from Title IV universities and colleges free access to SHOWTIME and Hulu. This is a big discount considering that Spotify’s student plan is only $4.99 a month and the combined cost of both video streaming services is $16.98.

Spotify alternatives also has decent voice control features as it doesn’t just let you issue basic skip, pause and stop commands but also complex orders like searching songs by theme.



Steam is the go-to online platform for PC gamers as it has the largest game library that’s always updated with the latest big titles or indie releases. The good news about Steam is that you don’t have to pay any fees to use the platform as you only pay for the games you want.

Steam also just doesn’t offer you big titles on their homepage but it can also tweak its recommendations to games you might want similar to those on your wish list. If you want to lend your games to others and play with them at the same time, Steam has a Family Library Sharing feature that you can configure.

If you want to enjoy your games on your TV as if you’re playing on console, Steam has a Big Picture mode that is more compatible with TV screens.


Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is great for book lovers who want to have a wide range of publications to choose from as it has over 1 million titles to choose from. What’s even more awesome about Kindle Unlimited is that it doesn’t have books but it also has magazines and audiobooks in its library.

Kindle Unlimited also works pretty much like a library as you can borrow up to ten books at a time. The only difference is that you can return books whenever you want. If you’re worried that you’ll also need to buy a Kindle to read books on this service, don’t worry, as you can access it from any device.



FuboTV, on its release in 2015, solely focused on broadcasting soccer online but over the years, it has branched out to streaming other sports too. Nowadays, you can watch almost all of your favorite sports as the platform broadcasts games from the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL.

FuboTV has the largest selection of sports events compared to any other service as it has over 100 channels that include ESPN, CBS Sports Network, and Fox Sports 1. You can choose to record some games if you like because the basic fuboTV price plan allows users to record and save 250 hours of video to the cloud.



Nowadays, there is an entertainment service for almost every taste which means you truly have no reason to get bored at home whilst protecting yourself from the pandemic. You can enjoy certain activities with your friends or family without being physically around them and still have fun, probably even more fun using the online entertainment alternative. All of the online entertainment services we’ve mentioned were developed before COVID so we’re sure that you’ll still enjoy them should things return to normal.


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