Factors That Shows Your Blog Needs a Better Strategy

The value of a blog is undefeated. When it comes to the growth of your brand, everyone knows blogging is a crucial marketing element. Just like with the Spotify growth service, a blog helps you build an online presence, advertise, and attract more customers.

However, your blog could lose its value when the strategy in use isn’t sufficient. When this begins to happen, certain signs begin to show. These signs serve as an indicator that you need to pay more attention to your blog and less attention to other marketing tasks: since the blog is the foundation of your brand’s growth anyway.

Without further ado, here are 5 factors that show your blog needs an improved strategy;


Factors That Shows Your Blog Needs a Better Strategy

Factors That Shows Your Blog Needs a Better Strategy


1.Your Search Engine Traffic Keeps Dropping

What’s the essence of your blog if no one’s reading? When your search engine traffic is constantly dropping, it means that your blog isn’t getting to your target audience anymore. This is a sign that your blog needs help, as you need an audience to keep your blog valid.

If your traffic keeps dropping, chances are that you haven’t been posting enough blog content or your competitors are outranking you. To place your blog at the top again, you need to make a list of keywords relating to your brand and use the right tools to optimize your blog posts and boost their ranking. This is the same strategy artists use to get more Spotify plays, as they drive traffic to your page using their many social media accounts

If you want to monitor how much traffic your blog is getting, use Google analytics. With this tool, you get to see how much progress your blog is making when you restrategize.


2.Your posts aren’t getting enough engagements

For newer blogs, audience engagements are usually low or maybe inexistent in some cases. But if your brand is relatively old and your audience no longer comments or likes your blog posts, you should get ready to prepare a better strategy.

When there’s little to no engagement on your blog post, it means your audience isn’t as interested in your content like they used to. This gets worse as time goes by because readers become hesitant to make the first comment.

The only way to eliminate this issue is by including a call to action in your blog. This prompts readers to leave their honest feedback on your posts. You’d also need to reconsider the structure of your blog posts, as little to no engagement means readers can’t seem to get any value from your content. 


3. You barely send out any emails

One way to convert readers into buyers is by sending emails to your email list frequently. When you fail to send them emails or only send them once in a blue moon, you lose their loyalty to your brand. Readers begin to forget why they subscribed to your newsletters in the first place hence, converting to sales becomes difficult. Readers wouldn’t spend their money on a brand they don’t trust.

So, to convert readers to sales, focus more on sending emails to your list more frequently. This way, they look forward to getting new information from you, which makes it impossible for them to forget the existence of your brand. 


4. You have no content calendar

When you see yourself posting content at any time of the month without any plans or structure, your blog needs a better strategy. Readers stay glued to your blog when your contents take them on a journey.

When your blog takes them through a path, it captures their attention and keeps them looking forward to your next content. However, if your blog has no exact direction, they tend to lose interest in your blog. Let your blog determine their next action or spark their curiosity to read the next post. Otherwise, it seems invaluable to them.


5. You’re barely making any money

If your primary aim for blogging is making money, a reduction in sales is definitely going to bite. Losing money is an obvious sign that your previous strategy is failing. The next big step is to understand why you’re not making as many sales as you used to and re-introduce new and existing readers to your products. Giving them more value is the key to making more sales.



You don’t have to wait till your blog crumbles to the ground. These warning signs help you get right back on track before it’s too late. So, whenever you notice at least one of these signs, you need to plan out a new and improved strategy for your blog.

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