How To Find Title Of Song By Lyrics

Wanna find title of song by lyrics, even you don’t know the song name? Have you experienced not knowing the song but you know the lyrics well? Here are the best apps on how to find a song by lyrics to help you find the title of a song. Apart from discussing the apps, do you know how much music influences your life and the way you increase your life encouragement? Imagine when you forget to bring your earphones while commuting and the bus or train doesn’t provide you the music. Certainly, you will feel how bored it would be, right?

Music has always the strength to power you up through the awful days you may have and the spirit behind the lyrics. In this case, there are times when you forgot what song you are listening to but you know well the lyrics. This frequently happens and it is common.

Hence, this article is presented to share with you the best finder apps you really need to know the song or its title. Thus, you don’t have to feel weird when you are jamming and don’t know what song you are listening to.


How To Find Title Of Song By Lyrics, Even You Don’t Know The Song Name


1. Lyric – Instant Lyrics Search

Instant lyrics search

Instant lyrics search


The first app you can consider using to find the song is Instant Lyrics Search. It is best described as an easy-to-use app presenting the right music lyrics. It is featuring a simple UI where you can find a search box in the middle of the screen.

To use this app, what you have to do is typing any name or a simple keyword in any line of the song. A simple keyword will work well for this. Later, start searching. The search result will show you a lot of song options based on the keyword you type. Next, you just need to select your desired song.

Instant Lyrics Search allows you to easily find any lyrics of whatever song you want. Other song lyrics are also displayed in the options, letting you to know about the other new songs you may not know. Instant Lyrics Search is just a simple app to try. Although there is no additional feature to offer, its compatibility with Android will make you feel easy to operate the app.


2. MusixMatch

MusixMatch find music by lyric

MusixMatch find music by lyric


The second lyrics search app dealing with the way how to find song by lyrics you can consider is MusixMatch. It is a lyrics search app which comes with the various functions. There is availability of song identifier tool which is aimed to identify songs directed by the mandatory lyrics search.

This app divides its functions into five major sections. Those are home, music, contribute, identify and search. Luckily, this app also helps you to play music from other music-streaming apps that you have installed on your mobile phone.

According to the users, there is no problem with using MusixMatch. They could see the lyrics while they are playing the songs. Moreover, there are a lot of options offered by the Home section including floating lyrics options, lyrics translation over 60 languages, a sing-along experience, and some various up-to-date song options.

In short, MusixMatch is a complete package although sometimes it doesn’t come with the best results. However, the translation option makes the users more satisfied to use the app. Additionally, this app is available for Android and iOS.


3. SoundHound

how to find song by lyrics

how to find song by lyrics


The third song search app you can install and try to use is SoundHound. It helps you bigger by the accessible microphone and ways to search the song lyrics. This app comes with three options which are History, the app’s logo and the lyrics. To run on the History section, you are required to log in. Meanwhile, the app’s logo is aimed to identify the app’s capabilities. The lyrics section, which is the third option, will enable you to find your desired songs.

As one of the recommended app dealing with find songs by lyrics, SoundHound provides you with a free charge which means that you can find the song freely. Featuring built-in voice assistance, this app allows you to seek the songs easily without any significant disturbance.

Another advantage you can derive from SoundHound is the fact that the app is able to play the songs along with the lyrics displayed. When you use this app, you will find that it is an efficient song finder app due to the fact that you need not the two different apps for playing the song along with its lyrics. Thus, SoundHound is the two-in-one song and lyrics finder app you need to try soon.


4. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania


To what extent does Lyrics Mania help you find the song by lyrics? Since it is linked to Facebook or Google account for the log-in, you will be able to gain some points on any level by applying the lyrics modification, lyrics synchronization, and other performance interestingly. Moreover, Lyrics Mania is now compatible with Android and iOS, making you flexibly use the app whenever and wherever around.

What’s more?

Lyrics Mania comes very amazing to let you run on song identification using the MusicID feature, song lyrics search, trending song options displays and trending searches. Luckily, you are also enabled to find a song only by partial lyrics as well as to translate the songs into other languages. The only downside of this app is the presence of the ad which appears within the app. Read: 6 Best Places to Get Free Music Download Legally


5. QuickLyric




If you are looking for a song search app that is able to play music from the other third-party apps on the device, QuickLyric can be the best option to consider. On this app, the songs and lyrics are in a package along with countless advantages.

To start using this app, what you have to do is to start with the lyrics search for your desired song. The app will enlist many kinds of songs along with a similar name. It is pretty easy and quick to use this app completed by the refresh button to easily start the search again.

Like the other song search app, QuickLyric offers accessible various options including the recent tracks, saved lyrics, settings, identify lyrics and etc. An additional benefit will highlight you with the option to take a premium version of the app which has been available for a free trial.

Available for Android and iOS, this app will accompany you to spend the time full of joy either for your workdays or your holiday. Thus, don’t miss this QuickLyric.


6. Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library

Lyrics Library


Another song search app you can consider helping you find the song by partial lyrics is the Lyrics Library app. This type of app comes very amazingly not only to offer you the ability to write, save, and edit the lyrics but also to allow you to add chords or markers toward the lyrics. These functionalities become the reason why most users keep using the Lyrics Library for the best song lyric finder app both on their laptops and on their phones.

To use this app, you are required to log in using Facebook or Google account. Thus, make sure you have these two accounts to make you ready to use the app.

As one of the recommended song lyric search app in the list, Lyric Library is divided into sections of Genre, Artist and Album so that you can seek the lyrics easily and quickly. However, the downside of this app lies in its various music genres, making the app unable to provide you with all the songs you need. Another downside is the advertisement appearing within the app which is very annoying. Let’s forget it! Just focus on another great ability of the app offered. That is the ability to work in offline mode.


8. Genius




Genius is another song and lyric search app you cannot ignore to use. It comes with the countless features interestingly offering you the music news display, world music tracking, and the trending charts on the home page. It also helps you find free song lyrics. Well, there are still many features inside the app you can definitely check out and optimize.

Genius works by listing down the various song options on your searching for lyrics. It also selects the song you need and displays the music lyrics. As an additional feature, a button on the app is available to identify the music. This button is located at the bottom right side of the page. Hence, many users keep installing this app on their laptop or phone due to the great things offered by the app.

Everything is so easy and quick with Genius. However, the advertisement popping up within the app is the only downside. This is very common.


9. Google 

Find Song by Lyrics

Find Song by Lyrics


Trying to find a song but only know a few words? Google is the biggest search engine and one of the best song lyrics finders. You can search for the title of the song just by typing some parts of the song lyrics. Sometimes I search for memories of the old song 80s or 90s but, I forgot the title of the song.

I tried to type partial lyrics on Google and I found them. This is the easiest way, no need to install the application.  As an example I am searching on Google songs with lyrics ”you touched my life with a softness in the night ” I only remember that partial lyrics and forgot what song do these lyrics belong to and who sings it? After I tried on Google it is Rockwell – Knife and I’m happy to be able to get the old song memory. That is the best old song lyrics finder I have ever done.


10. Youtube

Find Song by Lyrics Youtube

Find Song by Lyrics Youtube


Youtube apart from being the largest video provider in the world, and also one of the biggest video clip sources. On Youtube, you can find whatever song you want, even old songs that you never have once again.

You can find a song by partial lyrics on Youtube easily. This is similar to Google, typing in a few snippets of song lyrics and you can find the song title, owner, and year of release.

i’m looking for a song i don’t know the name of? And I remember a few snippets of song lyrics and searched on Youtube, it worked and I found the song title and by whom the song.


How to Choose Song Lyrics Finder Apps?

Due to the fact that there are lots of apps options on how to find songs by lyrics, you will definitely need the tips to choose the right and the more suitable song lyrics finder app. Among the various options, some advanced users recommend you use Genius app. However, you can refer to the following tips to find the app you will like most:

  • Check out the app’s features whether or not it is available for both laptop or computer and mobile phones.
  • Check out the app’s compatibility with the mobile phones you have, for instance, Android and iOS.
  • Find to know if the app is available for free.
  • Find to know what features offered so that you can do a lot dealing with the way you search the song by lyrics.
  • Is there any specialty offered by the app? Get to know this as well.
  • Get to know how easy or difficult to open the app. Do you need to log in with Facebook or Google account or just open the app right away?
  • Get to know how much the ads will annoy you while using the app.



Conclusively, if you really need to know how to find the song by lyrics, you can comprehensively read this article again to find out each of the app’s strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can find the best app to meet you’re your expectation of song and lyrics search app. Don’t hesitate to save our page or take a screenshot.