6 Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tools

Before we go further about best free competitor keyword research tool, understanding the keyword research and competitor keywords are the prior ones to find out. Keyword research is the base that the marketing campaigns build to get the targeted high-intent keywords, structuring campaigns, relevant advertisement group and negative keyword elimination. Keyword research action is also important to provide you with the information about your content marketing efforts as well as your organic traffic.

Supporting the idea, finding the competitor keywords is also necessary to effectively compete with the other businesses in your industry. Now the question is how you will find the keywords targeted by your competitor in the organic search campaigns.

In this concern, here we have selected the 6 free competitor keyword research tools to keep up.


6 Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tools To Consider


1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tools

BuzzSumo Best Free Competitor Keyword Research Tools


Again and again, you will meet BuzzSumo in every review you are searching about keyword research tool. It is because it works out well and show an awesome performance. Even, BuzzSumo is considered the perfect tool for content marketers to help them work with the competitive analysis. In this case, the most awesome strength of BuzzSumo is its ability to identify the potential competitors that you may never be aware of.

Now let’s go to what BuzzSumo offers. Well, firstly it has an incredibly board term with millions of results which are all very potential. It also comes to offer you a breakdown of the two domains are compared one to another due to the availability of Domain Comparison tool.

In most cases, BuzzSumo may not offer a great deal of data about the specific keywords. However, it comes with an excellent starting point if you want to do a further research. Read: 25 The Best SEO Tools to Help You Rank on Google


2. Ahrefs

ahrefs keyword research

ahrefs keyword research


Ahrefs is one of the best Competitor Keyword Research recommended by SEO experts. Millions of internet marketers use this tool to monitor competitors’ keywords, serps and analyze backlinks.

Ahrefs helps you to increase search traffic. Keyword research isn’t easy right? For that you have to spend a lot of money for market research. This tool provides a cheap offer, the price for $ 7 7 day trial. Previously 14 days free trial. You can also subscribe prices starting at $ 99 monthly.


3. SpyFu

spyfu keyword research

spyfu keyword research


The second free competitor keyword research tool you can try is SpyFu. It is just another competitive intelligence tool which is also very popular among the users and experts. SpyFu is the one keyword research tool which is solely dedicated to competitive intelligence research.

Like Buzzsumo, SpyFu also provides you with tons of data either for the basic or for cursory searches. In this case the data offered include the local and global data from monthly search volume, CTR, ad sepnd ad, backlinks, ad groups and ranking history. These are very valuable for your competitor’s keyword strategies.

SpyFu is also featuring Kombat which is very great to pit three domains against one to another to test whether they are competitive or not. Meanwhile, the Venn diagram feature will let you easily and quickly gain the idea of how your CMI stacks up against CoSchedule and Curata which are the biggest competitors. Read: 5 Best Serp Checker


4. SEMRush

SEMRush logo

SEMRush logo


The nest competitor research tool you can get for free is SEMRush. This tool is very much impressive to help you easily and quickly find out the competitor keywords. This way, you just need to search by keywords or URL, filter the results using the geographical country, specify the different match types especially for PPC keywords as well as to test the domain analytics data for your entire sites.

Using SEM Rush, you will feel incredible to see a wealth of competitive keyword data available for Curata. It includes the keywords, the organic position in the SERP, the keyword’s difficulty, the predicted search volume, the average CPC, the over-time trend data, the competitive density, the volume of results and there are still many others. Isn’t this incredible? Read: 6 Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research


5. AdWords’ Auction Insights

AdWords’ Auction Insights

AdWords’ Auction Insights


Another free competitor keyword research tool you can consider to use is AdWords’ Auction Insights. It is one of the techniques to discover the competitor keywords especially to overlook who your high-performing competitors are and what they rank for. We can run this by the support of this tool’s functionality.

Through your AdWords’ competitors, you will be able to see a big range of data such as the impression share, average ad position, position-above rate, overlap rate, top-of-page rate as well as outranking share. You can view all of these data just after accessing the Auction Insights report by navigating to an active AdWords campaign and select “All” under “Auction Insights” tab.

This tool is also featuring result’s filter. This way, you can filter the results to view the necessary data by bidding the strategy, impression share, maximum CPC, match type, individual keyword text, quality score and other filter options you can choose.

AdWords’ Auction Insights has definitely a powerful feature without the need to use a third-party tools because of the direct availability of the data supported by AdWords interface.


6. Crowdsourcing Keyword Research

seed keywords

seed keywords


How do we recommend Crowdsourcing as one of the free competitor keyword research tools? Well, this one is offering you seed keywords as a free tool to help you create the custom scenarios by posting the hypothetical questions to your colleagues. This custom scenarios will be used later for the basis of actual searches. From this, you can optimally pull your data.

The seed keyword will also allow you to specify which search engine you will select in your scenario. If you choose the default, the tool will offer results for Google.co.uk. However, if you stay in the US, you can also choose Google.com as your search engine.

In short, Seed Keywords that you use along with the Crowdsourcing keyword research is aimed to help you identify the niches of some potential keywords and the competitive advertisers which are act as a starting point for the next research.