5 Best Free DNS Changer for Windows

Why do you need to change the DNS server? I guess you need DNS Changer? The first few reasons are to speed up internet connection, filter internet connection for children to be safer, and avoid bypasses.

Apart from that it speeds up your browsing experience and increases your security. Third-party DNS servers can often be faster than the default DNS servers you use.

Third-party DNS servers can also help access blocked websites for certain areas. Other uses include blocking phishing sites, viruses, scam sites, etc.

Let me help you. To change the DNS server using Best Free DNS Changer. All of these tools work very well, are lightweight, and work with the latest versions of Windows. Change DNS settings on your Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. By using this software, you can change your default DNS address with simple steps.


5 Best Free DNS Changer Software for Windows To Change DNS on Computer


1. Smart DNS Changer

DNS Changer

DNS Changer


Smart DNS Changer is a multipurpose networking application that can help you change DNS servers. DNS changer not only changes the DNS, but it also performs several other tasks.

On the DNS tab changer lets you choose from a list of DNS servers. Choose one from the list and apply the settings to change the DNS server on your internet. This application has a unique feature that displays the properties of the DNS server. Smart DNS Changer Main Features:

  • You can Change known and fast DNS servers to Join blocked sites, or filter non-family friendly sites and protect your device or laptop from viruses and fraudulent contents.
  • If you want to protect your kids from (non-family friendly) websites you can easily use Filtered DNS servers (OpenDNS FamilyShield or NORTON DNS3)
  • You may specify DNS settings for each user on a computer. When a user logged on, DNS settings will be automatically changed to specified DNS settings from the system
  • When your internet connection blocks by a network administrator (blocks your system MAC address on the router ), You can use MAC address changer to change your network MAC address and connect to the Internet Network. Or change duplicated MAC addresses on the same system to connect to the network.
  • Change proxy settings helps you to hide your internal network information.


2. DNS Jumper

Dns Jumper

Dns Jumper


DNS Jumper is another great tool for changing DNS servers. DNS Jumper allows you to change the DNS Server from a list of more than 40 DNS servers. You can apply changes to all network adapters, or select one and apply it. Click on the “Choose a DNS Server” drop-down option to select a DNS server from the list.

If you select DNS Server, you can view the server details. Click Apply DNS to change DNS settings, and click Resolve Time to test and see the resolution time in milliseconds. One of the options in DNS Jumper lets you edit existing DNS properties, and add new DNS servers.

DNS Jumper is working on Windows and all of the subsequent versions including Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10. Even though it has so many possibilities, you won’t receive any clutter because all the options are well arranged.  DNS Jumper Main Features:

  • It May aid in accessing blocked Sites
  • Improve security by changing to more secure DNS servers
  • Keep your Kids safe by blocking inappropriate Sites
  • Speed browsing by moving to a faster DNS server
  • Changing DNS servers manually
  • Quick Configuration menu and Hotkeys
  • Are much more


3. ChrisPC DNS Switch

Free DNS Changer for Windows

Free DNS Changer for Windows


Want to change DNS servers easily? You can use the ChrisPC DNS Switch to manage, block, secure, and modify DNS servers. Unlike other tools, you cannot apply changes to all Network Adapters. You are only allowed to choose one network adapter.

ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you a simple but powerful graphic user interface to choose the network adapter and change its corresponding DNS using the chosen DNS in the preset lists or using a custom DNS. Features are diverse and provide you the possibility to keep your DNS database.

The program will make your job easier. Here you might choose to protect your anonymity in which case it is possible to pick a server from the Anonymous DNS preset group listing. Or you might decide to use Secure DNS servers which filter out sites that are potential threats to your PC and preventing viruses, malware, and trojans. ChrisPC DNS Switch Main Features:

  • You can change your computer DNS with just a single click.
  • Set your favorite DNS.
  • The DNS Database Includes presets grouped by type: Regular DNS, Secure DNS, Family Safe DNS, Anonymous DNS, and Custom DNS.
  • Block certain sites to protect children’s experience while browsing.
  • DNS Benchmark allows you to find the fastest DNS with a single click
  • Protect your online experience by utilizing a Secure DNS server
  • Boost your privacy while you surf the internet
  • Easy add and edit your own DNS address


4. QuickSetDNS




QuickSetDNS is the best, free, and lightweight tool to easily change the DNS servers on Windows. You may set the desired DNS servers in the user interface, by selecting from a list of DNS servers which you just defined, or from command-line, without displaying any user interface.

You can add new DNS presets for this program also. To activate a preset, just click on and press the green button on the program bar. QuickSetDNS Main Features:

  • QuickSetDNS does Not require any installation process or additional dll files.
  • You can easily set the desired DNS servers from the command-line.
  • Simple tool


5. NetSetMan

NetSetMan 4.7.2

NetSetMan 4.7.2


Are you tired of manually changing your location-based network And system configuration on your computer daily?

Then NetSetMan is the solution. It is going to do the work for you. Switch between configuration profiles for different places instantly!

NetSetMan is a network settings manager software that can easily switch between your preconfigured profiles! NetSetMan Main Features:

  • MAC Address
  • Hosts File Entries
  • DNS Suffix
  • IP, Gateway, DNS, WINS – Multiple IPs per NIC – IPv4 & IPv6
  • WiFi Management
  • Protocol Bindings
  • NIC Status
  • Proxy
  • NSM Service for usage without admin privileges
  • Quick access to frequently used Windows locations
  • And much more…

That was a list of Best Free DNS Changer for Windows. Hopefully, it can help you to improve your wifi network to make it safer, faster, and more reliable.