8 Best & Trusted eBook Torrent Sites To Get Free Legal eBook

Looking for the best free and trusted eBook Torrent sites? Those who like reading now have the chance to choose whatever types of media they want to have – whether it is the paperback version or the digital one. People today love simplicity and efficiency, so they choose the digital form. With the ebook, you can read without carrying the extra burden in your bag. Even if you have hundreds of titles, they are all kept in one device, your smartphone or tablet or laptop, so you won’t have to carry hundreds of books.

And Torrent is the type of service with P2P (peer to peer) mechanism where users can get connected to other users and they share the files. Despite the handy connection, you can’t let your guards down. You must own a solid security system that will protect you from possible malware or virus. If you can improve your security system, browsing and exploring the Torrent world can be more fun and definitely safer. So, what are your options for ebook Torrent files?


8 Best & Trusted eBook Torrent Sites To Get Free Legal eBook


1. BookYards




BookYards would be the best pick if you are looking for audiobooks and ebooks. They have a complete collection consisting of more than 7000 items. Another thing to like about the site is that everything is accessible for free! And the site is accessible from all over the world too.

As a well-developed website for Torrent book files, all books are neatly arranged and organized. You should be able to find popular categories like Biography Memoirs, Art, Economics, Parenting, Religion and Spirituality, Religion, and so much more. Be advised that all of the books are available in pdf format. But as a Torrent site, this site is reliable and pretty safe – and you can definitely find top-notch quality content from this site.


2. Ebookee




There are different types and categories of books, and if you are looking for educational types, then Ebookee would be the perfect pick. They are focusing on providing high-quality educational ebooks with thousands of titles.

There are several things to like about this site. Besides the well-managed and neatly arranged categories, the website also has a clean and simple layout. The user interface is also direct and easy. And all of their collections are available for free the Torrent arrangement is super nice and convenient. The available sections are Technology, Business, Graphics and Design, Entertainment, Health, Medical, and others. Feel free to visit the site if you are looking for academic and educational ebooks.


3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Ebook

The Pirate Bay Ebook


If we are talking about Pirate Bay, we are talking about one of the most popular online sites with super complete content – movies, ebooks, games, music, software, and so much more. The peer-to-peer sharing makes it super nice to use the site – not to mention that they also provide (and support) magnet links. So, if you are looking for a place to find complete collections, then this would be the right place. After all, this is one of the eBook Torrent sites where all books are kept.

Unfortunately, this site is banned in several countries, but if you can figure out how to get around the protocols, you can access it conveniently. As one of the oldest websites in the industry, they have complete collections – and the collections are the good ones. Although the website has a minimal user interface, it is pretty handy and you should be able to easily find the ebooks. Not to mention that all of them are verified so you should have a safe experience around the site.


4. Books-share

Reliable and Trusted eBook Torrent Sites To Get Free eBook

Reliable and Trusted eBook Torrent Sites To Get Free eBook


This is considered one of the best Torrent sites for ebooks – no matter whatever language you want or number of the pages you have. Another handy feature of the site is that you can also get a detailed description of every book so you have a clear idea of what to expect. The collections are divided into various categories or sections, including Psychology, Literary collections, Technology and Engineering, Religion, Humor, and others.

Another thing to like about this site is that you can access the site quite easily from every part of the world, so no need to worry that you will have difficult access or you will be banned from using the site. However, if you want to access the site and download the ebooks, you must create an account and sign up for it. Not to mention that the site has a simple layout and friendly user interface, which will make it very nice (and even fun) to find the contents you are looking for.


5. SeedPeer




This is actually one of the oldest Torrent sites to download Torrent files – it has run for more than a decade. This alone has spoken volumes of the quality and performance of the website. Because of this element alone, you can say that this website is pretty reliable and trustworthy. Besides ebooks, you can also find anime, music, apps, TV series, movies, games.

The website has its own advanced filtering feature that will make searching easy and fun. The clean and friendly user interface technology also makes it accessible to explore the site, including the ebooks collections and sections. When you want to download an ebook, you can get information about the upload time and the book’s size. This would give you the idea of the ebook size before downloading it. This can be handy knowledge.


6. Free-eBooks.net




If you like reading ebooks and want to get them for free, this should be included in your list. Not only it is reliable, but the free service is quite handy. The books are neatly categorized and kept in different sections, including Science, Technology, Fiction, Business, Sci-Fi, Philosophy, Fiction, and more.

Another thing to like about this site is the absence of ads and popups so it is convenient to visit and explore the site. You can also get the service from different parts of the world. Be advised that the books are in pdf content and available for free. But you must sign up and create an account to download those books.


7. Wikibooks




This would be the site to visit if you are looking for books in various languages. Feel free to find ebooks in various languages, including Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Deutsch, and other 5 more languages. This is a quite popular Torrent site for ebooks with simple operations and a huge collection of books. One of the winning elements of this eBook Torrent site is the availability of many languages for different users. Using the website is fairly straightforward. Just choose the language you want to have, and then choose the title you want to download and read.


8. Torrent9




This site provides different files, including movies, music, games, and ebooks, so it isn’t exclusive to ebooks only. The user interface is simple yet well-developed, so finding the books you want would be a breeze. But the site is blocked in various countries, including Morocco, the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, and Portugal.

These are some great options for websites providing reliable ebooks. These are the lists of trusted and professional eBooks Torrent sites without you having to spend a dime.



In the evolving world of digital media, eBooks have become an integral part of everyday convenience, especially for avid readers. This convenience is further enhanced by the availability of free eBooks on various torrent sites. The list provided encompasses some of the best and trusted eBook torrent sites, each with its unique strengths, whether it’s the vast collection of all genres, educational content, multilingual options, or the sheer volume of available eBooks. While services like BookYards, Ebookee, and Free-eBooks.net specialize in categories like audiobooks, educational content, and ad-free experiences, others like The Pirate Bay and Torrent9 offer a broader range of media, not just limiting to books.

However, it’s crucial for users to prioritize their online security by implementing robust security systems to protect against potential cyber threats inherent in file-sharing spaces. By taking these precautions, eBook enthusiasts can safely continue to enjoy a diverse range of content and make their reading experience versatile and hassle-free.



1. Are these eBook torrent sites legal?

The legality of eBook torrent sites depends on the copyright laws of your country and whether the eBook is in the public domain. Sites like BookYards and Wikibooks generally provide content that’s legal and free to download.

2. Do I need to use a VPN for these sites?

Using a VPN is advisable while accessing torrent sites, especially for sites like The Pirate Bay and Torrent9, which are banned in several countries. A VPN helps bypass geo-restrictions and protects your online activity from prying eyes.

3. Are there risks involved in downloading eBooks from torrent sites?

While many torrent sites are safe, there’s always a risk of downloading malicious files unintentionally. Ensure you have reliable antivirus software and are using a secure connection. Moreover, it’s important to use trusted sites and check reviews or comments before downloading.

4. Do I need to create an account on these eBook torrent sites?

Some sites like Books-share and Free-eBooks.net require you to sign up to access their eBook collections, while others allow you to download files without creating an account.

5. Can I find the latest book titles on these torrent sites?

Torrent sites may not always carry the newest titles immediately upon release, especially legally. However, many of these sites have extensive collections and regularly update their content, providing a range of contemporary materials.

6. What format are the eBooks in?

Most eBooks on these sites are available in PDF format, though some may also offer other formats like ePUB and MOBI. Make sure to check the file format before downloading to ensure compatibility with your device or eReader software.

7. Can I contribute my own eBooks to these platforms?

Some platforms might allow users to contribute content, but you’ll need to check the specific site’s policy. If you’re an author or have legal distribution rights for an eBook, you can consider sharing it on platforms that support user contributions.

8. Are these sites accessible worldwide?

While many of these sites can be accessed globally, some are blocked in specific countries. You may need to use VPN services to bypass such restrictions depending on your location.