3 Free Driver Updaters for Your Computer

Free Driver Updaters – Why do you need a driver updater? Anyone who has a computer must have dealt with updating driver before. It can be a real hassle to pick the correct driver for your hardware. Not to mention that you have to update your driver later to make sure that everything runs smoothly. A good free driver updater can do all of that for you.

Any driver updater has its own set of features. Some might have what you need and some might not. Maybe you only need one or two things from a driver updater while some updaters have a lot of features that you don’t need. And in terms of preferences, UI can also be important for some people. Now, we are going to share 3 free driver updaters that may be what you’re looking for. Along with pros and cons of each software.

3 Free Driver Updaters for Your Computer to Update Older Drivers to the Latest Version


Driver Booster

Driver Booster

Driver Booster


Driver Booster is a very popular free driver updater by IObit. While it has paid version, the free version is decent enough to use. You can use almost of its feature with the free version. But if you’re interested, for driver booster full version you just subscribe for  $20.98 a year and enjoy all of its features.


  • Supports all version of windows

If you don’t want to change your windows installation for a piece of software, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Driver Booster supports all version of windows. Just install it and it works.

  • Creates a restore point before updating divers

Definitely a very important feature. It’s always recommended to create a restore point before you uninstall, install or update your drivers. So just incase something went wrong you can use your restore point to solve your problems.

  • It looks really good

Yep, for a driver updater this software looks really good. The UI looks futuristic and easy to navigate around. It has nice dark background to make it easy on the eyes. Cool looking icons with compact designs.

  • Silent installation of drivers

The software works on the background. You won’t see any notification or pop-ups while installing or updating drivers. The software will do everything for you without being annoying.

  • Batch download

The software has its own driver packages that can downloaded with a single click. This will save you time and energy. Download everything so you can use them later.


  • You have to click manually on the drivers you want to download

If you have a lot of drivers to update or install, you have to manually click on each and every device.

  • Needs internet connection

You need an internet connection to use this software. The internet connection is needed to communicate with the server. Driver Booster won’t work without it.

  • Long installation time

The installation may take up to 35 minutes. That is a really long time to install a piece of software.

  • Takes too much disk space

This may be the reason why it takes a while to install. If you have a small drive or SSD, this driver maybe a poor choice to install.

  • Bloatware

The software has too many features that you might not need. Including an “activate now” button that appears all the time trying to get you to buy the software and it tries another program during set up. So be careful. Please get here if you want to get more information about it.  Read: 5 Types Of Computer Viruses


Driver Easy

Driver Easy

Driver Easy


Driver Easy is a very powerful piece of software that can be used for everyone. From a novice to an expert. Driver Easy is created by a company with the same name that specializes in finding the solution for your drivers. The premium version is $29.95 for a year and one PC. If you want to know more about driver easy pro please tour here.


  • Task scheduler support

You can set a schedule for the software to check for driver updates regularly. Set a schedule and let the software does its job. No more forgetting to update.

  • Quick driver scans

Compared to most free driver updater out there, Driver Easy is really fast when it comes to scanning driver.

  • Silent install

The software will install driver updates in the background. You won’t see any pop-ups and don’t need to click on anything. The software will do all of that for you.

  • Good and useful interface

There is a lot of key features from the interface alone. Navigating the software is easy, nothing about it is complicated at all. And it has some useful information such as full system info and hardware information.

  • 8 million drivers database

The biggest database we’ve ever known.


  • Slow driver downloads

Compared to other free driver updater, this one downloads slower than the rest of them.

  • Most features are locked behind a paywall

Sadly, the free version is a bit limited. Some features are locked behind a paywall, such as: automatically detect all missing and outdated drivers, one click update and offline install. So, the free version is a bit more tedious to use and if you want to save time and energy you need the premium version.


Windows Update

windows update settings windows 10

windows update settings windows 10


That’s right, you can use windows to update your drivers. No need to install a third-party software to maintain your PC. Just open your device manager and check which devices need a driver update or install.

Or if you use Windows 10, you can easily update older drivers to the latest version. Please go to the search box and type ” Windows Update Settings ” Then click ” Check for updates ”.


  • 100% “Free”

That’s right, you can use 100% of its capabilities without paying extra and install anything.

  • Easy to use

Let windows handle searching and installing your drivers. If you download your own driver, you can also use device manager to install it for you.

  • Comes with Windows

No third-party software on your PC. Save space and less risks involved.


  • Might install the wrong driver

Windows is famous for installing the wrong driver for your hardware. Though your hardware will still work, there might be some incompatibility.

  • Manual works

You have to work manually to handle the problems. Install the driver yourself and check whether windows installed the correct driver or not.


You can choose which one suits your needs the most. All free driver updaters here are designed to be convenient to users, you just have to decide whether the cons are worth the trouble or not. These are three best free driver updater that we can find.

Personally I use 3 driver updaters that I have mentioned above. But if you are a Windows 10 user, I think the Windows update feature is the best. For other tools I recommend using the premium (Paid) version to experience full features and make your computer’s performance more optimal.