Guest posting has become an essential part of any effective SEO strategy. By publishing content on reputable sites in your industry, you can gain backlinks, raise brand awareness, and drive referral traffic. However, finding sites that will publish your content can be time-consuming and challenging. Many sites have a lengthy approval process or simply reject most submissions. That’s why free instant approval guest posting sites have become so valuable.

With these sites, you can get your content published right away without waiting days or weeks for approval. This allows you to acquire backlinks and traffic much faster. But not all instant approval sites are created equal when it comes to domain authority and relevance. Here’s how to find high-quality options that will actually benefit your SEO and traffic goals.

Why Guest Posting is Important for SEO and Traffic

Before diving into where to find instant approval publishing opportunities, let’s discuss why guest posting is so crucial in the first place. Here are some of the top benefits:

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Backlinks remain one of the most important ranking factors for Google and other search engines. By publishing on authoritative sites in your niche, you can gain high-quality backlinks that will improve your domain authority over time. This signals to search engines that your site is credible and deserves to rank higher.

Increase Referral Traffic

Guest posts allow you to put your content in front of a new audience that may not have encountered your website before. By including links back to your site within the post, you can take advantage of the host site’s traffic and gain new visitors. Over time, this can become a significant source of high-quality referral traffic.

Raise Brand Awareness

Publishing on industry-relevant sites gets your brand name in front of a targeted audience. Readers will become more familiar with your brand from seeing it on third-party sites. This will make them more likely to click your links and remember your brand next time they are looking for a product or service you offer.

Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert

Consistently publishing high-quality guest posts allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within your niche. This thought leadership boosts brand visibility and trust. Readers will be more likely to turn to you for solutions once they recognize you as an authority.

Choosing the Right Sites for Instant Approval

Because guest posting is so critical for the benefits discussed above, it’s important to only target sites that will actually deliver results. Here are some tips for choosing instant approval sites that meet the following criteria:

Relevant to Your Niche and Target Audience

The host site should have an audience closely aligned with your target customer base. This ensures your content gets in front of the right people most likely to convert or buy from your business later on. Publishing on random, unrelated sites won’t deliver the results you want.

High Domain Authority and Traffic

Prioritize sites with a domain authority above 30-40+ and healthy amounts of organic traffic. The higher the domain authority and traffic, the more “link juice” your guest post will impart to your own site. Avoid low-authority spam sites.

Strong Editorial Standards

Choose sites with high standards for writing quality, accuracy, and uniqueness. Your posts should provide real value for readers. Sites that just accept spun or duplicate content won’t confer meaningful SEO benefits.

Look for sites where the content contains properly contextualized natural links, rather than forced anchor text links. Your links should flow naturally within the content to avoid penalties.

Positive User Experience

Avoid sites with intrusive popups, ads, and other distracting elements that obstruct user experience. Google ranks positive UX highly these days.

Keeping these criteria in mind, here are some of the top free instant approval guest posting sites to consider:

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Top Sites for Instant Guest Posting

1. Medium


With a domain authority in the 90s, Medium is hands down one of the best platforms for guest posting. They have an easy sign-up process and you can submit stories relevant to your industry. Just be sure to avoid commonly oversaturated topics. Their audience is very engaged.

Recommended topics: Business, marketing, technology, self-improvement, writing, productivity.

2. Business 2 Community

Business 2 Community covers a wide range of business and industry topics. They accept contributor posts and have a domain authority around 80. Strong branding and links are allowed within your content.

Recommended topics: Business, leadership, disruptive technology, HR, manufacturing, supply chain.

3. Lifehack

Lifehack publishes articles related to productivity, motivation, and lifestyle tips. With a domain authority in the mid-60s, they have good standards and a solid reader base. You can include your site links within relevant content.

Recommended topics: Productivity, motivation, self-improvement, learning skills.

4. SitePoint

Covering web development and programming niches, SitePoint has a domain authority in the high 70s. They accept original how-to guides and tutorials with links.

Recommended topics: Web development, coding languages, programming tools and techniques.

5. Hacker Noon

With a domain authority in the mid-80s, Hacker Noon boasts millions of monthly visitors. They accept technology-focused guest posts with natural links and strong headlines.

Recommended topics: Programming, cybersecurity, AI, big data, cryptocurrency.

6. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur publishes articles for small business owners and has a domain authority around 90. You can submit relevant guest columns with links to your website or products.

Recommended topics: Business strategy and leadership, marketing, HR, e-commerce, social media marketing.

7. ReadWrite

With a domain authority in the mid-60s, ReadWrite covers technological innovation and accepts contributor posts with links.

Recommended topics: Future tech, IoT, smart cities, artificial intelligence, self-driving vehicles.

8. The Next Web

The Next Web publishes the latest stories related to tech, business, and internet culture. They have a domain authority in the 90s. Guest columns can include your expertise and links.

Recommended topics: Tech innovations, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, future trends.

9. Datanami

With a domain authority in the mid-60s, Datanami is a leading source of AI, data science, and big data news. Guest posts with natural links are encouraged.

Recommended topics: Data analytics, machine learning, data engineering, AI trends.

10. Shopify

Although harder to be approved for, Shopify has a domain authority above 90. They accept posts relevant to ecommerce and operating an online store.

Recommended topics: Ecommerce, online store optimization tips, marketing and social media strategies.

11. Straight North

A digital marketing agency, Straight North publishes guest posts with domain authority in the low 60s. Strong headlines and natural links are recommended.

Recommended topics: SEO, content marketing, email marketing, social media strategy.

12. BBM B2B Marketing Zone

With a domain authority in the 50s, BBM accepts guest columns related to B2B digital marketing with links allowed.

Recommended topics: Lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, customer retention.

13. SEMrush Blog

The SEMrush blog has a domain authority above 80 and gets over 50k monthly visitors. Submitted posts should cover SEO, content marketing, and other relevant technical topics.

Recommended topics: SEO tips, keyword research, content strategy, social media marketing.

14. Jeff Bullas

Covering digital marketing news and strategy, this blog has a domain authority in the 60s. Guest posts with links are encouraged.

Recommended topics: Digital marketing, social media, email marketing, branding.


While harder to be approved for, accepts some guest articles relevant to business and has a domain authority over 90. Links to useful products or resources are allowed.

Recommended topics: Leadership strategies, productivity hacks, business growth tips.

How to Leverage Instant Approval Sites

Once you’ve identified some top sites that fit your niche, here are some tips for getting the most mileage from instant approval guest posting:

Keep links relevant and natural. Don’t over-optimize. Links in the author bio and conclusion are also fine.

Optimize Headlines

Leverage emotional or curiosity-sparking headlines optimized with keywords to capture clicks.

Promote Your Posts

Promote your guest posts on social media, email newsletters, etc. to drive traffic to and elevate them. Commenting helps too.

Re-Purpose Content

Repurpose guest posts into other formats like videos and graphics to further maximize reach.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with editors can lead to becoming a regular contributor and increased link opportunities.

Track Performance

Use Google Analytics and other tools to see which posts deliver the most referral traffic and clicks. Double down on those approaches.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Here are some key mistakes people make with instant approval guest posting that you’ll want to avoid:

Avoid unnatural links inserted solely for SEO purposes without relevance to the content itself. This can harm rankings.

Keyword Stuffing

Don’t overstuff posts with keywords. Include them naturally where appropriate, but focus on quality content.

Duplicate Content

Heavily duplicating other posts or failing to add original commentary can lead to rejection or penalties.

Pitching the Wrong Sites

Understand a site’s guidelines and target audience before pitching to avoid rejections. Customize your pitches.

Aggressive Outreach

Space out your guest posting and avoid reaching out to the same sites too often. Maintain positive relationships.

Posting Too Infrequently

Don’t just make a few posts and stop. Consistency over months and years is key for SEO impact.

Results and ROI from Guest Posting

When done right, guest posting on instant approval sites can deliver impressive results. Here are some of the returns you can expect:

  • Improved domain authority: Guest posting on just 5-10 authoritative sites can boost your overall domain authority.
  • More organic keywords: For every 10-15 posts, you can double the number of keywords your site ranks for.
  • Increased organic traffic: Guest posts bring referral traffic, which over time will compound to grow your total organic traffic.
  • Higher brand visibility: Publishing on industry sites raises awareness among potential customers.
  • Backlinks: Each guest post provides a valuable backlink opportunity to support SEO.
  • Cost savings: Guest posting lets you build links and traffic without expensive paid strategies.

Within 6-12 months of consistent guest posting, you can potentially increase organic traffic by 50-100%. By scaling up your outreach and posting, the benefits continue to grow over time. The key is sticking with it long-term.


Instant approval guest posting on authoritative industry sites is one of the most cost-effective, scalable ways to build links, referral traffic, and brand awareness. Target platforms with relevant audiences and strong domain authority. Pitch relevant topics with concise, engaging headlines and natural links. Avoid common mistakes like over-optimization.

With a smart instant guest posting strategy, you can increase your site’s domain authority, organic traffic, lead generation, and revenue growth over time through quality search engine optimization. Just be sure to focus on delivering value for readers rather than only trying to get links. Providing truly useful content establishes your credibility and will amplify your results.

Key Takeaways

  • Guest posting allows you to gain backlinks, referral traffic, and raise brand visibility by publishing on industry sites.
  • Choose sites relevant to your target audience with high domain authority, traffic, and editorial standards.
  • Medium, Business 2 Community, Lifehack, and Entrepreneur are great instant approval options.
  • Include natural links within content and promote posts to maximize visibility.
  • Avoid mistakes like keyword stuffing, duplicate content, and aggressive outreach.
  • Consistency over months and years leads to the best ROI in organic growth.

FAQs About Instant Guest Posting

What are the benefits of instant approval guest posts?

The main benefits are backlinks, referral traffic, increased brand visibility and authority, and cost savings vs other link building methods.

What should I avoid when finding guest posting opportunities?

Avoid sites with low domain authority, intrusive ads, or aggressive link requirements. Also stay away from “guest posts for sale” offers.

How often should I guest post?

Aim for at least 2 posts per month, ideally more over time. Consistency is best long term vs posting a lot once and stopping.

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You may see some direct referral traffic within the first 1-2 months. But allow 6+ months of consistent posting for noticeably improved SEO and traffic.

Should I reuse old blog content for guest posts?

Reusing content risks rejection or duplication penalties. Repurposing topics into new posts tailored for each site is better.