6 Best Sites to Get Free Music Download Legally And Free Copyright

Where I can get free music to download legally? The problem with music download is the fact that it is often considered illegal. You may get some sources and links but then you just found out that the content is considered illegal and you can’t download it. Quite confusing and annoying, right?

But no need to worry. There are actually some legal and legitimate websites that are offering free music download links – and they are completely legal. You won’t have to worry about violating any law or whatsoever. You don’t have to worry about the quality either. The music files are legal and free, and they are coming in mp3 high-quality format – that can be played on a tablet, phone, or computer.


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6 Best Sites to Get Free Music Download Legally And Free Copyright


1. Jamendo

jamendo copyright free music

jamendo copyright free music


There are some things to like (and dislike) about the website. As one of the best places to get free music download legally ever existed, you can enjoy the extensive collections of files. Not only you can stream music but you can also have various ways to browse the collection. Jamendo comes with mobile apps that can be handy on the go. Not to mention that it also has the function of online radio.

Some of the downsides, however, include the fact that you need to register and have your own user account. Yes, it is free but you need to make one if you want to download the music. And the music files are only available in mp3 formats and no others. And the mp3 format is the regular quality instead of the HD.

The free music is accessible through Creative Commons license, which means that the artists decided that they want to provide and allow their music to be free. Finding the trending and popular songs (and music) is easy. Feel free to enjoy the Latest Music Filter that enables you to add recent songs. You can also check whether your favorite artists also provide their music for free download.


2. Amazon Music

Amazon is Best Places to Get Free Music Download Legally

Amazon is Best Places to Get Free Music Download Legally


Who hasn’t heard about Amazon? As one of the most reliable music sources, you can enjoy some of their features. For a starter, there are several ways to refine the download lists as well as filtering them. You can also sort the music download list to make your search (and your browse) easier and more enjoyable. Previewed songs are other perks to enjoy on this site.

Unfortunately, downloading the files can be confusing. If you aren’t used to it, it can be overwhelming and you won’t get the files that you want. Moreover, you also need to log into the (Amazon) account to download it, so be ready to register for one. But if you want to find free music, the files are endless. They have thousands of free downloads – and you can even have the new music files too.

The process to download the files is like purchasing items. But those who don’t know it will think that they are actually buying something – and it may mislead them. But in the overall end, getting legal and free music is easy and even fun if you are accustomed to the process.


3. Bandcamp




One of the things to like about this site is its ability to allow you to download full albums and songs. If you compare the service with other (music) download sites that you can actually find tracks that won’t be available elsewhere. Moreover, you don’t need to register for a user account and you can opt for the paid service if you want to.

Although the site offers free service, not all of the files are actually free. You won’t find such thing as ‘Free Page’ and you need to clearly state your intention of getting free files and not pay for them. You can make use of the payment box and type 0 for the price. If it is available for free, then you should be able to download it. But if you can’t download it, it means that you have to pay for the file. It is basically one of the best places to get free music download legally because you can determine how much you want to pay for it.


4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud logo

SoundCloud logo


If you access SoundCloud, you can get all kinds of music files including the up-and-coming and also from new and well-known artists. With so many contents and options, you really have a lot to choose. When compared to other download sites, finding free downloads is relatively easy. The track (every one of them) can be streamed so you know what it is before downloading.

However, finding free files can be difficult because the free files are limited in numbers. Moreover, you need to register and log into the site if you want to download the music. But if you want to stream and then download music files for free, this site can be the perfect option. In fact, the professional artists themselves would upload the files although it is also possible that independent musicians would share the files.

In some cases, you may be required to like a certain Facebook page before you can download the file. However, in some cases, you can instantly download the files without having to do anything. It depends on your luck, really.


5. Museopen

Best Places to Get Free Music Download Legally

Best Places to Get Free Music Download Legally


If you access the site, not only you can enjoy the features of the best places to get free music download legally, but you can also get free downloads (complete with the sheet music). Moreover, there are so many (unique) ways to find and get free music. With online radio and music preview, getting access to the website can be fun and exciting, really.

However, the site has some downsides and flaws. For instance, the free file download has its own limitation per day quota. It means that you can’t download as many free files as provided by other sites. You also need to register and create an account to gain access to the download. Without it, you can’t download the files. And don’t expect the music files to come in high-quality content.

But if you get files from this site, you won’t have to worry about anything. The music files are copyright-free, legal, and completely free of charge. Navigating through the website is simple and easy as it is user-friendly.


6. ReverbNation

ReverbNation logo

ReverbNation logo


How to get free music legally? There are tons of things to like about the site. For a starter, the site can help you find new and upcoming artists that can affect your music enjoyment. The music files can be streamed before the download. You can also find the different genres easily which enables you to browse the files.

However, not all files are free. So you should have a thorough check to find the free files. Another downside is that you need to create an account to download the files. Without the account, you won’t be able to download anything.

Keep in mind, though, that this site is great to get free music from unknown artists or artists that aren’t popular yet. If you are looking for popular artists and their work, the numbers are limited. Some of the bands that are popular today such as The Civil Wars or Imagine Dragons started their career from this site.

Although not all files can be easily downloaded, they are streamable through the web browser. As one of the best places to get free music download legally, this site is worth the effort.



There are several legitimate websites where you can download free music legally. Sites like Jamendo, Amazon Music, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Museopen, and ReverbNation offer free music downloads through various licensing models like Creative Commons. While the selection may not be as extensive as paid services, these sites provide a good option for legally obtaining free music. The quality of the downloads varies across sites, with some offering high-quality MP3s while others have lower bitrate files. Overall, these sites provide a legal avenue to expand your music library on a budget by discovering new artists. Just be aware of any limitations on downloads or requirements to create an account before accessing free content.



Q: Is the music on these sites really free and legal to download?

A: Yes, the music on these recommended sites is free and legal to download due to the use of Creative Commons and other open licenses. However, some sites may have limits on downloads.

Q: Do I have to pay or register to download?

A: Most of the sites require registering for a free account before allowing downloads. Bandcamp is an exception where downloads are allowed without an account.

Q: What file formats are available?

A: The most common format is MP3. Quality can range from low to high bitrate MP3s depending on the site. Some sites like Jamendo only offer lower quality MP3s.

Q: Can I download whole albums or only individual songs?

A: It depends on the site, but many allow downloading entire albums that the artist has made available. Bandcamp and SoundCloud, in particular, are good for album downloads.

Q: Will I find music from top mainstream artists?

A: Generally, no. The music is mainly from lesser-known independent artists. But some mainstream artists do use these sites to promote their music.

Q: Are there limits on how many songs I can download?

A: Some sites like Museopen limit the number of downloads per day for free users. Others don’t have a set limit but may ban excessive use.