Free Music Online: 13 Top Websites to Stream and Download Music for Free

With the rise of the internet and digital music, there are now many ways for music lovers to access free music online. From streaming services that allow you to listen for free with ads, to sites that offer legal downloads of copyright-free music, getting free music has never been easier. However, with so many options to choose from, finding the best sites can be overwhelming.

There are a variety of sites that offer legal and unlimited access to stream music online without paying. Many allow you to create customized radio stations based on your musical tastes and listen for free with advertising intermissions. Other sites offer catalogs of music to download for offline listening after creating a free account. Though these downloads are not always completely free, they are offered legally under various Creative Commons licenses or with the artists’ consent.

When searching for places to obtain free music online, there are a few key things to consider – sound quality, reliability, copyright status of downloads, and convenience of streaming options. The best sites offer extensive libraries, good streaming with minimal disruptive ads, and legal MP3 downloads. Checking reviews and community feedback is also wise before downloading music or signing up to stream through any website. With so much music available today at no cost, everyone can expand their musical horizons.


1. SoundCloud

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One of the most popular sites for both streaming music and engaging with up-and-coming artists is SoundCloud. This platform allows both established and novice musicians to upload their tracks and recordings for free public streaming and sharing. Listeners can easily create accounts to follow their favorite indie artists, curate playlists of songs and recordings they love, and share tracks with friends.

Beyond streaming, SoundCloud also allows free downloads of music uploaded directly by the artists in MP3 format. Users can download tracks and albums to listen offline, with no caps on the number of tracks.

This gives music fans unlimited access to the newest underground talent as well as rising stars before they gain mainstream success. With its wealth of indie music spanning all genres, SoundCloud is an essential website for those looking to expand their musical tastes and library for free.


2. Jamendo

jamendo music


For a completely legal and free music online download experience, Jamendo is a top choice. This platform offers a massive catalog of free music under Creative Commons licenses from over 50,000 indie artists and bands. Rather than illegal file sharing or torrents, Jamendo fosters a community where musicians share their songs for fans to download in MP3 format with the artist’s consent. You can find both albums and individual tracks on Jamendo across every imaginable genre.

The site also allows free streaming of all uploads if you don’t wish to download. With its focus on lesser-known DIY musicians rather than mainstream hits, Jamendo is perfect for expanding your musical palate. Any music fan looking for fresh tunes from talented independents should definitely utilize Jamendo’s unlimited, free downloads offered directly from willing artists in a completely legal way.


3. Free Music Archive

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For those looking to freely download legal and high-quality music, The Free Music Archive (FMA) is an essential resource. FMA is a well-curated library of music uploaded by artists and bands willing to share their songs at no cost under Creative Commons licensing. Unlike sites rife with copyright infringement issues, the FMA offers MP3 downloads with the full consent of the creators. Spanning many genres from rock to avant-garde, FMA can expand any music lover’s library. Expert audio engineers and producers also vet uploads to ensure high production standards and audio fidelity. Music can be downloaded track by track or in free compilation albums grouped by genres or themes. With a smooth interface for music discovery, the FMA makes downloading free music simple and legal. Artists range from longtime players in niche genres to upstarts looking to share their music with new fans.


4. Bandcamp



Bandcamp has become a popular free music online not just for selling music, but also for free legal downloads. On this platform, artists and labels can upload albums and tracks then choose to sell them or offer them for free download. There is a wealth of music available for free across genres as both full albums and individual songs. Fans can easily search for “name your price” free downloads or even name their own price. Bandcamp is unique because it allows fans to directly support artists through purchases and subscriptions while still gaining access to plenty of legal free music. With a seamless mobile app and no caps on downloads, music lovers can freely add tracks and albums to their collection while discovering rising talent. For unlimited legal downloads directly from deserving artists, Bandcamp provides an ideal win-win model for both fans and musicians.


5. Audiomack

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Audiomack is an lesser-known but powerful hub for free music access across hip-hop, EDM, reggae, and Afrobeats. This site allows both streaming and unlimited downloads to registered users at no cost. Unlike paid streaming subscriptions, Audiomack grants access to full songs and albums rather than short previews or radio. Downloading tracks to listen offline is simple with no opaque restrictions or caps. Audiomack also features a wealth of music unavailable on mainstream platforms, especial emerging and international artists. With an intuitive interface personalized to your tastes, Audiomack makes music discovery rewarding. Syncing new downloads to mobile devices is seamless as well for nonstop free playback. For fans seeking fresh sounds and the convenience of unlimited access, Audiomack delivers legal and high-quality streams and downloads.


6. NoiseTrade

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NoiseTrade is an online music platform that allows artists to share their music for free and receive tips and donations from their fans. It’s a pretty cool idea, actually!

The way it works is that musicians, bands, singers, etc. can upload their songs or full albums to NoiseTrade. Then listeners can download that music for free! Yep, you read that right – totally free tunes. But there’s a catch (well, not so much a catch as a hopeful request from the artists).

While getting the songs is free and all, the musicians are hoping people will choose to tip them or donate a little money if they enjoy the music. Even a dollar or two goes a long way to support independent artists trying to share their passion projects. And people can always leave a nice review too, which helps spread the word.

I think it’s an ingenious concept because it makes music accessible for everyone while still hooking up the artists. They remove the barriers but kindly ask for support in return. And from what I understand, a decent number of people do tip, which is awesome! It sustains the site and encourages more aspiring musicians to upload their material.

So that’s NoiseTrade in a nutshell! A neat platform for up-and-coming bands to share their tracks at no cost but hopefully reap some donations from pleased listeners. It helps unsigned artists gain more exposure. And it lets music fans discover new sounds risk-free. Everyone wins! Let the tunes play on…


7. ReverbNation



ReverbNation is an invaluable online platform for unsigned musicians looking to build their careers and fanbases independently. Artists can create profiles to function as central hubs to connect with fans, share songs, videos, photos and events, and drive opportunities for radio play, licensing, and live performances. Useful promotional tools provide tailored recommendations to advance artists’ success, like data insights to inform strategy, algorithms to match bands with venues and festivals seeking talent, and ways for musicians to sell merchandise and downloads directly. With over 4 million artists using ReverbNation’s free suite of career-building tools, the site empowers musicians to manage their brand, make industry connections, and get their music heard amidst the competitive landscape – all without the need for a record label. For independent artists, ReverbNation is an essential resource.

8. CCTrax

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For a completely free and legal option to download music, CCTrax should be on every music lover’s radar. This site offers a vast range of MP3 music downloads under Creative Commons licensing, meaning artists willingly offer their songs at no cost. You can find both albums and individual tracks across genres from rock to classical. CCTrax also allows unlimited downloads with no caps, ads, fees or registration required. With a simple interface to search, play, or download any song on demand, CCTrax makes accessing free music a breeze. The site is updated often with new uploads from independent artists seeking to freely share their music with fans. For a completely unlimited, free, and legal download experience, CCTrax delivers with no strings attached. It’s a treasure trove for expanding your music library without paying a penny.


9. Musopen

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For classical music aficionados on a budget, Musopen is an invaluable resource. This site provides completely free downloads of classical masterpieces legally in the public domain from legendary composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and more. You can download individual symphonies, concertos, operas, and choral works or download albums grouped by composer, performer, or instrument. Musopen also offers high-quality recordings approved by renowned classical institutions to preserve the incredible nuance and craftsmanship of each score. With no required registration and seamless browsing by era or composer, finding free legal downloads for enriching your classical repertoire is straightforward. Whether you enjoy the breathtaking crescendos of orchestral arrangements or the delicate tones of solo piano, Musopen delivers public domain classical works completely free of charge.

10. Internet Archive

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The Internet Archive is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking out free music. As a non-profit digital library aiming to provide “universal access to all knowledge,” it offers a massive collection of music recordings, concert livestreams, music publications and more available for free. You can find full albums spanning decades of music history available to download legally for free without even needing to create an account. Genres run the gamut from jazz and blues to punk rock, hip hop, 78rpm records, orchestra performances, international music and obscure recordings. The Internet Archive continues to add an abundance of releases daily. With its dedication to preserving the arts, this library delivers a treasure trove for music lovers to explore freely. For those hungry to expand their musical tastes and knowledge, the Internet Archive’s recordings offer an unparalleled journey through the evolution of countless music genres over the last century and beyond.


11. DatPiff

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DatPiff is an online music platform launched in 2005 that specializes in rap, hip-hop, and urban music distribution. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, it was founded by Marcus Frasier as a means to share mixtapes and has since evolved into a premier destination for artists and fans of these genres to upload and download a wide range of albums, mixtapes, and singles. Now owned by MediaLab AI Inc, DatPiff continues to be the go-to for hip-hop heads seeking the latest from top mainstream stars as well as emerging voices in rap and urban music, with a frequently updated catalog of tracks available to stream or download for free through the site.



Free Music Online: 13 Top Websites to Stream and Download Music for Free 9 is a music website, founded in 2002 in the United Kingdom, that builds detailed listener profiles based on users’ played tracks in order to provide personalized music recommendations. The site employs an “Audioscrobbler” system to record and “scrobble” data on songs played from supported music services, internet radio, or a user’s computer and devices. This listening data is compiled to customize each user’s profile page with their musical preferences while also aggregating information to generate comprehensive artist pages. Supported plugins and music apps facilitate seamless data transfer to feed’s database, which powers the music recommendation engine tailored to each user’s individual taste and listening history. The end goal is to deliver a customized musical experience per listener based on their unique listening habits.


13. YouTube

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As the largest video-sharing platform in the world, YouTube has become an indispensable source for music fans to find free tunes. While not exclusively a music site, YouTube contains a massive catalog of official artist uploads, albums, music videos, remixes, covers, live concert footage and more – all available to freely stream at no cost. All you need is an internet connection to explore an endless supply of musical content spanning every possible style and era. Though music may get taken down or restricted due to copyright claims, new material pops up constantly. For the price of patience through a few ads, music lovers can get their fix of current chart-toppers, throwback favorites, underground indie artists and everything in between via YouTube’s massive crowdsourced media library. The possibilities for musical discovery through freely available videos are endless. For most genres and listeners, YouTube delivers free access in spades.


14. 8tracks

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8tracks is an internet radio platform and app that offers free music streaming handpicked by people, not algorithms. It stands out from traditional stations with its collection of over 500,000 themed playlists curated by “DJs” who are passionate fans. Instead of paying for songs, 8tracks pays royalties to artists when listeners hear their music. You can browse DJ playlists by genre, mood, topic or even location, listen for free on demand with advertising, or create an account to enjoy ad-free streaming. Built around community sharing rather than corporate playlists, 8tracks became popular for discovering new tunes thanks to music lovers with specialized tastes similar to yours. From indie pop to electro lounge, 80’s classics to Korean hip hop, the fan-powered platform opens new musical worlds compared to mainstream taste-making services. 8tracks demonstrates that streaming free music can still support artists while connecting listeners to their next favorite song.

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