7 Best Free Online Phone Number for Receiving Text (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp)

Is it possible to have an online phone number for receiving text code verification? Everything is possible! That’s what you have to believe now. Believe it or not, you can anonymously use as many numbers as you want to receive as many texts as you want, too. In this case, none can identify the real receiver. Online phone numbers can be very beneficial for you to use particularly when you receive some verification texts. With this method, So you can keep your real phone number as well as your privacy.

In this article, you will be luckily provided with information about how to get an anonymous virtual online phone number to receive texts (for account verification). This way, only this kind of number that appears, not your real number. The virtual online phone number may ring at your phone to show the phone call, however, it has nothing to do with your real number. Everyone who calls your virtual online phone number will never be able to see your real number.

Below is a list of the best and widely used services that are providing virtual online phone numbers. They are considered perfect either for business or for personal use. So, don’t go anywhere and keep reading until the end of the page.


7 Best Free Online Phone Numbers for Receiving Text (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram)



7 Best Free Online Phone Number for Receiving Text (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp) 1
If you want to register on Instagram or any other popular network, a good choice is to use the SMS MAN service. With the promo code “keyfree” you can get the number for free. All you have to do is register with the service.
SMS MAN allows you to receive SMS from practically any country for over 2,000 services.
SMS MAN makes it easy to get fake phone number for any services.
They have very good support, so if you have any problems you can always use the online chat on their website. And they also write a lot of tutorials to help you verify any app you want.

2. Burner App Get A Free Phone Number

Burner app virtual online phone number

Burner app virtual online phone number


The first considerable service providing a virtual online phone number for receiving a text is Burner. It is also called “Original second phone number app” which is very easy to use not only to make a call but also to send and receive texts as well as pictures.

There are so many ways you can choose to get the virtual online phone number through this service. One of which is doing the subscription to get unlimited calls, texts and pictures messaging. For instance, you can pay $4.99 and redeem the 4 standard Burner offering you 150 text messages and 50 minutes call time. Usually, the number will be expired after 30 days.

You can also buy a Mini Burner offering 60 texts and 20 minutes call time within the 14 days of expired dates. Most people like to subscribe Burner because it shows only the Burner number, provide an auto-reply when we are out of reach, block spam calls, sends picture messages and forward the calls to another number.


3. Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice


Google Voice is the second service you can consider to get the virtual online phone number. Google Voice is totally free and accessible for different phone number to offer. You can get the number you want along with this service to make and receive a call as well as send and receive texts.

Google Voice works on your desktop and your mobile app, too. Thus, you can get easily use this service either with your PC or with your mobile phone. Isn’t it flexible?

One lucky thing you should remember for Google Voice is the fact that it never expires. It includes not only voice mails but also call screening. Using online phone number for receiving text with Google Voice also allows you to automatically filter the spam messages.


4. Vumber, get a phone number for your business

Vumber, get a phone number for your business

Vumber, get a phone number for your business


Looking for online phone number for receiving texts australia? Now you can also consider Vumber, another service you can try to get the virtual online phone number. It is completely free for two weeks. The numbers provided by Vumber are ready to use for calling and texting. You can get as many numbers as you want from any area code. Thus, you can take a local number as well as other number from different are and use them.

When you receive a call or message, your phone will ring just like there is a normal call or text incoming. However, you can still keep your real number because only your virtual number from Vumber will appear.

Vumber does not offer a free charge but it offers a 14 day trial. Meanwhile, the price itself will be provided with the plans you can choose from. Expensive or cheap the price is much depending on the minutes you want to take.


5. Virtual Phone

Virtual Phone

Virtual Phone


Are you looking for a virtual online phone number for receiving text which is also able to receive faxes? You can take the Virtual Phone for sure. This kind of service is very perfect due to the more offerings including the local and toll-free numbers for over 120 countries and features such as the ability to record a call, sending and receiving messages, call schedules, voice mails, IVR, fax, call forwarding and many more.

Besides, Virtual Phone is also very easy to set up compared to the other services. Like using the real number, you can also use the virtual number provided by this Virtual Phone service through your mobile app form anywhere else around.

Luckily, this service offers you a free virtual number forever along with the availability of 100 calling minutes or text per month. If you want more minutes and texts, you can pay after getting the first 100 minutes for free.


6. Tossable Digits

Tossable Digits

Tossable Digits


Do you want a virtual online phone number offering you features like call blocking and do not disturb mode? Get it by Tossable Digits. Tossable Digits is one of the online phone numbers for receiving text services enable you to set up the calling rules including call blocking and do not disturb mode.

This service also provides you with over half a million virtual online phone numbers to opt which include the toll-free numbers out of various countries. There are some plans you can choose to suit your preference. One plan you can consider is the pay-as-you-go which allows you to take as many virtual numbers and minutes as you want and need.

What’s more to offer by Tossable Digits?

Like other services providing online phone number for receiving text, Tossable Digits supports call forwarding, calling rules set-up, call recording at free and full control over the caller ID as well as the call screening. Although this one is not offering a free number, however, you can get more than you wish if you pay for this service.


7. Sellaite SMS RECEIVER




This is a Fake Temporary Phone Numbers service that you can use to receive SMS texts to verify an account such as a Facebook, Gmail, or another account. This service helps you not to use private numbers. You can receive as many SMS texts as possible for account verification.



Many online SMS text receivers for verification. You can use this online SMS text receiving service as a way to verify your account. This of course helps to protect your privacy too. Don’t worry, all the numbers are fake and temporary, so you can use it for one time.