8 Best Free Hard Drive Speed Test Software (SSD, HDD, Hard Disk)

Searching for the best SSD hard drive speed test tools? Hard drive speed test software became a must-have tool to have since many years ago. A hard drive is a fragile and important part of a computer.

There are so many factors that determine the health and performance of a hard drive and with more and more businesses and individuals who store important data, everyone needs something reliable.

A good hard drive speed test software will do just that, let the user know the health of a hard drive and helps them to decide whether the drive needs to be replaced or not. No one wants to gamble when it comes to the hard drive. Losing important data is more expensive than replacing hard drives periodically.


8 Best Free Hard Drive Speed Test Software (SSD, HDD, Hard Disk) To Check SSD Health


1. ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark


ATTO Disk Benchmark is a popular portable tool used by many hardware reviewers and is also recommended by many manufacturers such as Corsair to run speed tests on SSD drives.

All tests are sequential and are taken for read and write operations using block sizes of 512 bytes up to 64MB. Pretty much the standard procedure to test a hard drive.

A test file with the length between 64 KB and 32 GB is also available, both are available from the drop-down menus. You can leave Direct I/O enabled to rule out odd results due to any system caching, this will make the result more reliable.

You can test, Disk Speed, Hard Drives, SSD Drives, HBAs, RAID Adapters & Storage Controllers easily. Results can be saved and loaded again for future reference. You can browse the internet to look for other people’s results and compare them. You can check whether your hard drives are working properly or not by comparing the results. The community would be glad to help you, in case you encountered any problems.


2. Anvil’s Storage Utilities

Anvil’s Storage Utilities

Anvil’s Storage Utilities


Anvil’s Storage Utilities is a powerful tool that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of assessing the performance of your hard drive or SSD. This software is easy to use and provides accurate results. You can use Anvil’s Storage Utilities to benchmark your storage devices and see how they perform.

This tool gives you the possibility to monitor the read and write speed, and gather details about the system using Windows. It also offers a comprehensive set of features for managing your hard drives, such as the ability to defragment them, clean them up, and format them.

The software lets you opt for a standard SSD benchmark test that collects information about the read and write performance of your drive. The results are then displayed in an easy-to-understand interface. You can use the software to find out which drives are the fastest and which ones are the slowest.


3. CrystalDiskMark

8 Best Free Hard Drive Speed Test Software (SSD, HDD, Hard Disk) 1

CrystalDiskMark Hard Drive Speed Test Software


Are you looking for a tool to test hard drive speed? CrystalDiskMark is probably the most popular hard drive speed test software. So many people are using CrystalDiskMark to see how their hard drives perform in real world and compare the results online with other users. You can read real reviews from users here.

It’s versatile and can produce good results for just about everything from USB drives, to memory cards, RAMDisks, SSD drives and mechanical hard drives. CrystalDiskMark is powerful easy to use even for beginners. It can be installed on any machines and it’s often regarded as one of the many software to be installed first on new machines.

For simple tests, you can set the test size between 50MB and 4GB, the drive you want to test and the number of passes to run. More passes will yield more accurate results. Click the All button to run a full test or any individual colored buttons to run a single or custom test.

There is an extra option for SSD drives, you can choose whether to fill the test data randomly or with o’s and 1’s. this setting will affect the results on drivers with hardware controller such as Sandforce controllers.

The big community using the tool should be a big advantage for CrystalDiskMark, since comparing results is pretty much necessary for any hard drive speed test software.

The software is still being developed, so if you have a newer machine or running Windows 10, it should run without any problems. There is a portable, installer, and custom skin versions available. The custom skins are full of anime character models in the background. If you’re into it, that should be a plus for you.


4. AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark


AS SSD Benchmark looks similar to CrystalDiskmark and this is one of the best hard drive speed test tools. It is designed mainly to benchmark SSD drives. Since there is a big difference on how a mechanical drive and SSD drive work, it might be more reliable.

AS SSD Benchmark is a popular tool being used by hardware sites such as AnandTech on their SSD benchmark charts along with ATTO.

AS SSD Benchmark uses incompressible data so that some SSD will show lower scores than usual if they compress their data. Sequential and 4KB read and write scores are shown along with access times and a general or overall score.

Other additional benchmarks are available in the Tools menu like Copy Benchmark which simulates copying an ISO, a game and a program, and also read/write compression benchmark. AS SSD is completely portable, perfect for users who conduct tests on multiple SSDs on multiple machines. If you are looking for the best powerful software for checking SSD, I would strongly recommend AS SSD Benchmark software.


5. HD Tune

HD Tune Free Tools to Measure Hard Drive and SSD Performance

HD Tune Free Tools to Measure Hard Drive and SSD Performance


HD Tune is another popular hard disk drive benchmarking and diagnostic utility. Most tech experts have this tool saved on their flash drives. Unfortunately, the free version which is 2.55 is getting old. It has not been updated since 2008 and might have compatibility issues on newer machines. But, some functions like checking and benchmarking should work fine.

The tool uses a graph to show the result of your test. On the benchmark test, you can the minimum, maximum, and average transfer rate of the drive. You can also see the access time, burst rate, and CPU usage during the test.

You can change the block size setting from 512 bytes up to 8MB and a slider can move between faster less accurate or slower more accurate test speeds. A health scan can be very useful to see if your drive is still reliable or not. It can be very difficult for any tool to accurately check the health of a drive. You can use it to gauge at how long your drive can be used, and replace it when you see any warning.


6. DiskMark




When your computer slows, you need an SSD performance test. DiskMark is a free tool to measure Hard Drive and SSD Performance health, must you use because it displays plenty of information about average, minimum, maximum, and last read and writes scores. All the data is displayed in both raw numbers and a live graph. People who love looking at data would be delighted by the interface.

Configuring the tool can be challenging or you can just leave it at the default settings. 64KB chunks, 8MB test file which will be run 320 times. In a sequential test, you can see the speed at which a drive can read or write continuous data in the form of large files.

In the 4K test, the results are produced by benchmark tools to show how fast a drive is at accessing small files, and are more important for Windows boot files. This is a good hard drive speed test software for any kind of hard drive.


7. AmorphousDiskMark

hard drive speed test mac

hard drive speed test mac


Looking for hard drive speed test mac? AmorphousDiskMark is the best tool to measures storage read/write performance in MB/s and IOPS. AmorphousDiskMark was made to measure the megabytes per second as well as also the Input/Output operations per second and show the results in its main window. The program features four kinds of tests, each comprising a different sort of information block.


8. Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test


If you looking for disk speed test for mac, I strongly recommend this one tool for you. Disc Speed Test is an simple to use tool to quickly measure and certify your disk performance for working with excellent video! Simply click on the start button and then Disk Speed Test will write test your disk with large blocks of information, and display the result. Disk Speed Test will continue to test reads and writes out of the disk so it is possible to assess both performance and readability over time.

Above are software recommendations for SSD speed test, disk speed test, drive speed test, read-write speed test. Hope it can help you thank you.