How Can You Mine Cryptocurrencies on Your Smartphone?


In this Bitcoin era, the process of creating more tokens of a cryptocurrency and adding them to the circulation of the network is known as the mining of digital currencies. When an individual mines Cryptocurrencies, they need to solve some mathematical equations correctly to face a successful transaction for their wanted digital asset.

As we know, individuals can trade their owned Cryptocurrencies in the market through apps like and other ways. Nevertheless, it can also be mined on a computer or a smartphone by individuals. Cryptocurrency mining is not a myth anymore when it comes to individual investors. In the article below, we will discuss everything about mining Cryptocurrencies on a smartphone.


Is it possible to mine cryptocurrency on a mobile device?

The answer is yes. It is possible to mine Cryptocurrencies on a smartphone. This good news does come with disadvantages such as not providing the same efforts according to the traditional ways of digital currency mining. Another disadvantage of mining on a smartphone is that the profit ratio will not be the same and less than the traditional mining ways. As more powered devices are used in traditional ways of mining Cryptocurrencies, the result is not the same with mining on a phone.

Mining of Cryptocurrencies has actually turned into a job for people where they earn salaries just because they mine. For the process of mining, special technologies and software are used. The miners can also start to indulge in ASIC mining devices. These devices will help in increasing the ratio of profit compared to other smartphones.

A smartphone is handy and useful enough for a potential user to join a mining pool. Doing this can ease the power used in a smartphone and add it to the computing source of the chosen system.


What is the best way to mine cryptocurrency on an Android?

These are the best ways to start mining on a smartphone.

  • Android solo mining – One of the ways to start mining on a smartphone is to go solo. Even though one should know that the process of mining if done on a smartphone, would not be an easy route to gain profit. Recently as the market of Cryptocurrencies is expanding, the numbers of miners are expanding as well. One should also know that even though solo mining is an advantage, it would also cost more time than doing it the traditional way.
  • Cryptocurrency mining pool – an individual who is trying to start mining on their smartphone can find many groups for mining, which are created on the blockchain servers. The goal of these groups is to add the computing energy from all the resources to be able to generate an adequate amount of coins. When such a job is done without any hindrance, the members in the group who were involved in sharing their computing energy get a share of that mine. It is based on a particular percentage. Some of these pools have also created apps for mobile when people can easily start to mine Cryptocurrencies.


What applications can I use on my smartphone to mine cryptocurrency?


Some of the most popular apps that are used for mining Cryptocurrencies on a smartphone are listed below.

  • MinerGate Mobile Miner – With the help of this app, the user can mine Bitcoin as well as different altcoins. This app also provides its users with wallets where they can safely keep the tokens they have mined until the last minute.
  • Bitcoin Miner – We all know that Bitcoin is a very famous and successful name when it comes to the topic of the crypto industry. As for miners who are getting started on their smartphones, this is the most named app for mining digital currencies. The advantage of this app is that it mines different kinds of tokens along with just Bitcoin. It is considered a highly trusted app.

Becoming a Cryptocurrency miner on a smartphone will not be as successful and sophisticated as doing so on a well-powered computer. However, in this Bitcoin era, if you are not looking for big returns then a phone and internet connection are all you need. There is also a big disadvantage when you use a smartphone for mining. It can start to leave an aftereffect on your phone after mining for quite some time.

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