How Do I Automate Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is a platform that is not used by businesses as much as many other social networks yet, but its popularity is rising. Perhaps it was not that hard to start on this network in the beginning, however, it’s way more difficult today, and there will be even more internal competition for the attention of its users in years to come.

That’s why we can see the widespread use of additional tools on Pinterest for managing multiple accounts and automating processes that otherwise would take lots of work and time to be done.

If you don’t want to stay behind your competitors and wish to take all the advantages that marketing on Pinterest can provide you, automation is inevitable. In the end, you can’t outwork robots. Therefore, you must use Pinterest bots to catch up with others and surpass your competitors even further.


The use of Pinterest bots

Like on many other social networks, visibility is of the utmost importance for any business.  To gain more popularity and be more visible, you must build your account and enrich it with a variety of constant content. Even more, you need several of them to be more seen when targeting different groups of potential followers.

It means that you must flood your accounts with content non-stop so that more followers would have anything to hook to. However, you can’t just make a channel of random spam from your account, for it would only deter potential followers. Using advanced bots lets you schedule and set what you want to post, comment or pin without doing all the work yourself.

This way, you let the algorithm carry all the work while maintaining its focus and not lumbering your boards with random stuff. Depending on a different type of bot and how advanced it is, a Pinterest bot can do multiple of these tasks or all of it:

  • Schedule your pins and posts
  • Automate your comments and follows
  • Spin your syntax by automated keywords that make more creative sentences
  • Monitor your progress and provide you with data that can be analyzed for improving your growth

Pinterest bots not only can help you manage and create accounts, but they can find users that could be interested in your content and send them invites to check what you are posting, thus making them more likely to follow you.

With all the analytics and automated processes that bots provide, you can work more efficiently and achieve your goals. Without it, you can’t beat your competitors who are more advanced because they have already enhanced their strive for success with these automation tools.


War against bots

Unfortunately, Pinterest, like any other social network, is strictly against using bots. Bots give an advantage to its users, and every network wants to give everybody a clean slate by banning all external tools that change the flow of how things usually work.

According to Pinterest Acceptable Use Policy, if they detect a bot on your network, they will not only block you, but they won’t remove the block until you resolve the issue. The only resolution that is acceptable to them is withdrawing any use of bots.

Since you would lose all the advantages that it gives, especially if others work around this issue without giving up on bots, that’s not an option. You must find another way to save your Pinterest bots and continue using them without any fears of getting blocked.


Letting your bots survive the war

The most reliable way to save your bots is using the type of bots that have proxy support. Pinterest bots are not an exception to this. The combination of using bots and proxies lets your bots work with different IP addresses that make them more difficult to get tracked.

The main reason why bots are identified as bots and blocked is that they share the same IP address that you have. If too much traffic comes from the same IP address in a short period, it’s a clear path to recognizing that bots are in the action.

Proxies are intermediary servers that disguise your IP address and provide you with multiple IP addresses that you can use to hide your identity.

The same applies to your bots. When they work with the help of proxies, they can do all their functions as if those would be done from different devices by different users. Because different IP addresses make your bots seem like different users.

Since you need lots of IP addresses to maintain the safety of your bots, residential proxies are the best option, for they come from residential devices. As these addresses are real, therefore, they cover most geo-locations around the world, but can only be maintained for a while before changing.

This way, they would raise less suspicion because of constantly changing IP addresses or because of too much activity from the same IP address. Both issues are solved by using residential Pinterest proxies that allow your automation tools to work at full capacity.

You can win in the war against bots on Pinterest or any other virtual field like others constantly do because nearly half of all web traffic comes from bots.


Concluding thoughts

Pinterest belongs to the type of media that operates primarily or entirely with visual information. It means that more content can be consumed by users than in the case of platforms where lots of text is involved. Consequently, you can’t keep up with such demand if you are doing everything manually.

That’s where Pinterest bots are used to help you schedule your posts, pins and automate your comments and follows while providing you with data that can be used for better marketing strategies. However, bots are prone to get blocked on Pinterest, so you need to hide their bot nature by using proxies. Residential Pinterest proxies carry this task most successfully.

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