How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Offline

How to activate windows 10? Are you using Windows 10 and need activation? After installing Windows 10, you are required to activate it. If you have not activated it, you will see a watermark that says “Activate Windows”. For that you have to activate Windows 10 completely and permanently.

when you want to activate Windows 10, you need a product key. This product key functions as an activator. Unfortunately, the price of Windows product key 10 is quite expensive so some of the people choose not to buy it.

So, can you activate Windows 10 if you don’t buy a product key? This is probably a common question held by those who do not have the budget to buy a product key. But, please don’t worry, we have the best way to help you how to activate Windows 10 permanently offline?


How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Offline

Windows 10 can actually be activated permanently even though you don’t have a product key, but you have to use a third-party tool or application. There are several tools that you can use to activate Windows 10 Home, Pro or Enterprise. The best activators are KMS Auto Lite and KMS Pico. However, to do this you must do some preparation.

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Please turn off Windows Defender Antivirus

Before you activate Windows 10 using KMS Auto Lite, make sure you have turned off Windows Defender or other antivirus. When you run the activator tool, the program will be considered a virus by Windows Defender or other Antivirus.


How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Without a Product Key Using KMS Auto Lite

After you complete the preparation phase, then you can activate Windows 10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise permanently and offline the activator tools. Please follow the steps below!

The first best Windows 10 activator is KMS Auto Lite. This tool can be used to activate Windows 10 permanently. This tool has a function to activate Windows and Office. Please download here.

KMS Auto Lite


Next, please extract the KMS Auto Lite tool that has been downloaded. In that folder you will find two files namely KMSAuto X64 and KMSAuto. Run in accordance with the Windows architecture used. If using Windows 64 Bit, run the KMSAuto X64, and if 32 Bit please run the KMSAuto. Make sure you run (Run as administrator).


active windows 10


In the KMS Auto Lite window, please click the Install GVLK option. Next check Forcibly then click Windows key to install the Windows 10 product key from KMS Auto Lite.


How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Offline

How to Activate Windows 10 Permanently Offline


If it works then you will see KEY INSTALLED SUCCESSFUL (as in the green box in the picture). Next, please click Activate Windows to activate the Windows 10.


Windows 10 activation without product key

Windows 10 activation without product key


Those are some ways of activating Windows 10 using KMS Auto Lite Very easy. You don’t need to buy a product key because Windows 10 activation is only a few clicks and doesn’t require a product key.



Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows which has many benefits and advanced features. Most laptops are available original license and some of them are not. For that they chose to use the tool to activate Windows 10 without buying a license product.

How to activate Windows 10 permanently for free, this time for educational purposes. If you have a budget. Please buy the original Windows 10 key product. Because you will get more complete features and avoid viruses.