How To Build Customer Trust In Your SaaS Through SOC 2

The most important thing when it comes to SaaS, is building trust. If there’s any kind of data breach, then the resulting cost to fix it could go into the millions. This is why businesses need to have trust that their SaaS providers can keep their data secure. Should you gain the trust and acknowledgement of a business, then you can become the SaaS provider they turn to, anytime they need help.

This can help you grow your customer base, and you’ll be able to increase the revenue you gain from these businesses as well. This is why, if you’re a SaaS business that’s heading towards enterprise, it’s essential that you build trust among your customer base. But how do you do that?

Before heading into what you can do to build trust among customers, it’s essential that you know what SOC 2 is. SOC 2 helps to establish a criteria when it comes to how SaaS businesses that are external, should manage the data of the customer.

How To Build Customer Trust In Your SaaS Through SOC 2 1

Establish A Baseline And Monitor For The Unknown

The first thing that you need to do is establish a baseline for your business. This is as SOC 2 compliance needs to be reached. In order to achieve this, there needs to be processes as well as practices in place, when it comes to oversight within your business. Unusual activity will need to be monitored, as well as configuration changes that are both authorized as well as unauthorized. Access levels of users will need to be monitored as well.

You should also be able to monitor for both malicious as well as non-malicious activity. To do this, you’ll need to baseline what your norm activity is. Then, you can determine what the abnormal activity is. You’ll need to put in place a monitoring system that’s continuous. This way, you can ensure that you always know what’s happening within the infrastructure of your Cloud.


Set Up Fine Tuned Security Alerts

Eventually, you’ll find yourself coming face to face with a security alert. You should have ample alerting procedures in place for when this happens. This way, should there be any kind of unauthorized access when it comes to your customer data, you’ll be able to take action as soon as possible.


You’ll also need to prevent false alarms. If you use SOC 2, then you’ll be alerted when:

  • There’s any kind of modification when it comes to configurations, control, or data
  • If there are any activities related to the transfer of files
  • If access is granted for login to an account or filesystem that belongs to a privileged user

You’ll need to determine what activities can be seen as threats, and create a risk profile for the same.


Create Audit Trails

In order to respond, you’ll need to know what the root cause is, behind the attack. The Best way to ensure that you can do this, is with the help of an audit trail. With the help of audit trails, you can better carry out your security operations.


With the help of audit trails, you can gain insight when it comes to:

  • Adding, removing, or modifying system components that are key
  • Look into modifications that are unauthorized, when it cones to modifying data as well as configurations
  • Attack impact, as well as the source that is came from

How To Build Customer Trust In Your SaaS Through SOC 2 2


Gain Visibility

Your customers need to kno that you’re monitoring for any kind of suspicious activity, in the real time. You should also be able to prevent attacks from happening, using alerts. The decisions you make will be just as good as the data you have to make those decisions. This is why you should gain visibility when it comes to:

  • Where the attack originated from
  • Where the attack went
  • What was impacted by the attack
  • What is the nature of this impact
  • What would the next move be

When you know this information, you can better detect threats. You’ll also be able to create mitigation strategies for the impact, and can also ensure that corrective measures are implemented. This way, similar incidents won’t resurface in the future.


Why Comply

With the help of compliance risk management, you can better build trust among your customers. SOC 2 helps put in place policies that are well-defined, alongside procedures as well as practices. You can use point solutions to tick all the checkboxes associated with compliance. Make your Cloud infrastructure more secure, with the help of SOC 2.


How To Build Customer Trust In Your SaaS Through SOC 2 3

In order for SOC 2 to be effective, the internal practices will need to be ongoing. This will help ensure that customer information remains safe, which in turn help you build a successful business.

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