How to Cancel Netflix Subscription

With the increasing rate of the service, many people are wondering about the proper way on how to cancel Netflix subscription. Well, who doesn’t know about Netflix and its abundance of collections in the entertainment sector? With most people have to stay at home or perform isolation on their own, the need for quality entertainment (and enjoyment) increases. But then again, you have to admit that Netflix charges rather higher when compared to other providers offering similar services.

In this case, you have subscribed to Netflix service and now you want to call it off, there are several things that you need to know. You just can’t call it quit and expect not getting the bill from them anymore. It doesn’t work like that.


About Netflix Subscription

The only way to get access to Netflix limitless collections is through subscription – there is nothing else. In the past, you might be able to make use of the offered free trial period that went up for 30 days, but Netflix no longer offers such a thing. So, a subscription is your only way to access those collections.

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Although it may be fun and exciting, not all people are happy with the rate Netflix charges. With the rises of several similar services that are offering lower prices (such as Hulu or Disney Plus), it is pretty understandable if you want to cancel off your subscription – and now you want to figure out how to cancel Netflix subscription.

Well, here is the thing you need to understand about online service subscription – no matter what it is. When you want to cancel it, it depends on how you set the subscription at the first place. Sure, you can always cancel the Netflix membership any time, but it also depends on how you get the bills – are you billed through iTunes? Do you subscribe directly via Netflix? Do you use another (third-party) service?

If you subscribe by using iTunes, then you can unsubscribe through iPad or iPhone. If you subscribe directly to Netflix, then go ahead – go to the official Netflix site and manage the cancelation. Did you subscribe through another service or app? Then go to the source and find out how to cancel Netflix subscription there.


Common Mistakes

A lot of people make this mistake when they want to unsubscribe: deleting their profile on Netflix or uninstalling the app. Well, it doesn’t solve the problem, anyway. Just because you uninstall the app or delete your Netflix profile, it doesn’t make you completely cancel your subscription. Your data and subscription are kept in the company’s database. When you delete your profile, you only work on your side of the bargain. On another side (Netflix’s side), your data is still recorded and noted.

When people delete their profile, they think that their subscription has already been cancelled and stopped. In reality, though, they are still billed because their data is STILL recorded in the company’s database.

So, if you want to cancel the subscription, make sure that you really manage the cancelation – don’t just delete your profile. It’s no use and it’s pretty pointless. If you don’t believe my words, go ahead and delete the profile. You’ll see that you are still billed although you have erased your profile.


How to Cancel Netflix Subscription?

How to Cancel Netflix Subscription


This is a method on how to cancel Netflix subscription if you directly subscribe to their website. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Open a browser and open the official site at
  • See the top right side. You should see a downward pointing arrow. Click on it and there would be a drop-down menu. Choose ‘Account’
  • Look for a tab ‘Membership and Billing’. Underneath it, look for ‘Cancel Membership’ and then make a confirmation about it.
  • In the event that you can’t find this option, it means that you are billed by a third-party service.
  • In case you have a DVD plan and you want to stop it, opt for ‘Cancel your DVD plan’ and confirm it.

Again, if you can’t find the option, then you subscribe through third-party service. It isn’t difficult to find the information of who bills you (whether it is iTunes or Smart TV, for instance) because the information would be available on that page. Once you see the listed company, contact them to stop the subscription.


iTunes’ Cancelation

If you managed your subscription through iTunes, there are certain ways on how to cancel Netflix subscription. Here are the stages:

  • You should be able to use iPad or iPhone if you subscribe through iTunes
  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Pick ‘iTunes and App Store’
  • Choose your Apple ID (it should be on the top side of the screen) and then choose ‘View Apple ID’ within the appearing window
  • Go with ‘Subscriptions’
  • If you do subscribe through iTunes, you should be able to see the billing details in this page
  • You will see the option Netflix within the list of active subscriptions. Click on it
  • Then choose ‘Cancel Subscription’ and then choose ‘Confirm’


Third Party Service’s Cancelation

cancel netflix subscription


So, how to cancel Netflix subscription if you use third party service? As it was mentioned before, you should find the information of how you subscribe (what provider do you sign to) and who bills you every month. You need to go to the official Netflix site and open your account.

In the section of ‘Membership and Billing’, you should be able to find who bills you. Contact the company right away and manage a cancelation. Each provider will have their own policies and regulations so you need to make sure that you go through their policies to ensure proper and effective cancelation


Changing Plans

What if you decide to change plans instead of cancelling the subscription? It happens. A lot of people still like subscribing to Netflix and get their source of entertainment there despite the increasing rate. To save on their spending, they prefer changing plans – instead of canceling the service. Be advised, though, that changing plans is possible if you have the higher plans. If you already choose the most basic and the most inexpensive plan, you have nowhere to go.

cancel subscription netflix plans


If you go to your Account, you will see a lot of information, such as Membership and Billing, Plan Details, and Settings. You can check your Plan Details. If your current option is costly for your preference, then you can downgrade it. There should be an option ‘Change Plan’ – click on it. You will see a pop-up screen showing you different plan options. Simply choose the one with less expensive pick. Click ‘Continue’ to move forward. When Netflix asks for your confirmation, just click ‘Confirm Change’. Your plan will start effectively on the next billing cycle.


A Word of Advice

It is always a good idea to keep a record of your activity. Even when you cancel your subscription, you still have proof that you have done it. Taking screenshots or pictures would be a great idea – taking videos and recording the whole thing may be even better! All in all, you have your evidence in the event something goes wrong. This kind of proof can be handy if you still get the bill – although you have cancelled it. Be advised that such a thing can happen sometimes. It never hurts to be prepared, after all.


Final Words

As you can see, canceling your Netflix subscription isn’t difficult at all. But you do need to figure out how you subscribe the service from the first place. Different ways of subscription will lead to different ways to cancel the service – or to change the plans, if you prefer it this way. Don’t get overly confused or clueless of what to do if you don’t find the solutions. And whatever you do, don’t delete your account – it doesn’t solve the problem and you will still be billed anyhow. Make sure you know how to cancel Netflix subscription properly so you won’t get the bills anymore.

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