3 Secret Tricks on How To Catch A Cheating Wife on Whatsapp

Just because your wife cheating on you secretly doesn’t mean that you cannot track anything about her betrayal, right? If you are really suspicious about whom your wife is chatting with without letting you know it, here we come with the tricks on how to catch a cheating wife on Whatsapp. So this will be a topic that you are really eager to grab. Believe it or not, you will take your time now to apply the tricks.

In fact, when a woman feels lonely because of the absence of her loved one, keep surfing on social media is the best thing they can do to escape the feeling. This way, there are so many opportunities to find another guy that please her much.

What about trying to keep an eye on what your wife is doing with her phone? Is she likely having chats on her Whatsapp? Does she focus on it too much? One more question; does she try to avoid showing you her phone? Well, this is the right time for you to take our tricks and find whether or not your wife is cheating on you.


3 Secret Tricks on How To Catch A Cheating Wife on Whatsapp

How To Catch A Cheating Wife on Whatsapp


Trick 1: Track Through Exchanged Messages

The first trick we share with you here is tracking through the exchanged messages. This trick is considered as one of the best ways to simply and easily find a potential affair.

You may not know that Whatsapp is able to monitor a ranking of which contacts send and receive the most interaction. Unfortunately, doing this trick requires you to reach your wife’s device for a few minutes. To avoid the chance of her suspicion, try to take the device when she is taking a shower, going into the kitchen, or sleeping at night. If she seems not letting you touch her phone, well, 99% she is really cheating on you.

Back to our first trick, once you get your wife’s device, start tracking by opening her Whatsapp. Go to “Settings” and click on “Storage and Data”. Next, you need to click on “Manage Settings”. Later, you will be viewed a ranking of contacts and groups along with the data and messages that your wife exchanges with.

In “Settings” aside from the groups, there will be a number of suspected names like a friend that your wife had never telling you about. This can legitimize your suspicions. Though you may view the results, it doesn’t mean that you must trust it a hundred percent. Instead, it would be better to check out and collect any information from other social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook.

What should you do next?

There are two possible ways you can choose. First, you can move to the other ways on how to catch a cheating wife on Whatsapp to collect the evidence of your wife’s betrayal, and second, talk to her and ask her for the explanation about why the contact is ranked highly and what her importance is to get too much interacted with the contact.

Thanks to this first trick for it is free and fast in helping find the information. You can also get the name of the potential secret lover of your wife. However, the big downside is that you must have your wife’s device in your hands to practice this trick.


Trick 2: Use Spy Apps

As we have clearly known, the first trick can help discover the heartbreaking betrayal on Whatsapp. However, the trick comes with the limitations since your wife could have denied the conversations. As a result, you could have nothing remained.

Thus, we have another way to share you. Truly, using spy apps is the common way and widely used by more and more people around the world to monitor not only their spouse but also their kids and their employees.

In this post, let’s focus on how to use the spy apps to catch your cheating wife on Whatsapp. In this regards, mSpy is the best currently spy app. It has been widely downloaded, proving that the app works well enough to monitor and catch your spouse’s cheating on you.

Once you have downloaded mSpy and installed it, you will be able to view anything happens in the target’s device. Basically, the app enables you to read SMS and messaged from Whatsapp and other social media’s chats, monitor the call logs and history as well as view the GPS locations in a real time.

One thing to remember, if you have likely an unfaithful spouse, there is no other way you can use to find the cheating matter but using this app.

mSpy is luckily designed with a demo of the app for free. In the other words, the app is available for free trial. So it is just easy and simple to this free version. However, when it comes to the paid version, you should compared to the other spy apps. Though this one has a low cost, you will have an excellent value.

mSpy is one of the spy apps let you know how to catch a cheating wife on Whatsapp without your wife knows. It is fast and easy to use for everyone. All in all, you can spy your wife’s activity on her Whatsapp without her know.

To make sure that using spy app is permitted, you must check out the government policies on the use of spy apps. This is due to the fact that using spy app is considered crime in some countries. In most cases, if people use the apps for monitoring kids from being verbally abused or be the victims of cybercrime, it is not a crime. On the other hand, if people use spy apps for committing crime, it is a crime and you be arrested from doing that. Therefore, make sure you understand this rule before actually take it.


Use Tricky Message

The third trick to help you monitor your wife from cheating on Whatsapp is using the tricky message. It has been described that this way is a kind of powerful technique that is illegally used in most of the countries in the world.

Simply put, tricky message is a fake message you create and send to your wife pretending that you are her secret lover. Once you send him the message, see how your wife will respond. At this time, you could see the sign and conclude whether or not your wife is cheating on you.

If you want to put this into practice, learn information and the identity of the suspected contact. Once you are successfully identified the contact, you need three things below to do the suggested step.

  • A telephone or device with an unknown number to call you.
  • Name of the suspected contact.
  • Your wife’s device for a few seconds.

If you are just ready with the requirements above, do the steps below:

  • Create a new contact in the address book on your wife’s device. This way, your wife will think that the name is the same name of her secret lover.
  • Send Whatsapp messages from the device with the new number you setup recently.
  • Wait for the answer from your wife.

Overall, tricky message will not let your wife be suspicious about the message veracity. This trick is free yet it is a little bit harder. It is not easy to put it into practices since you need your wife’s device at first. Moreover, identifying and faking someone identity is considered a crime.


Final Words

Overall, the 3 tricks we are acknowledge you can provide you with the ways on how to catch a cheating wife on Whatsapp. Depending on the situation, a trick may work well and another trick may not. Perhaps, you need to try all of the tricks but don’t let anyone else know you are doing it. If your wife is cheating on you secretly, you are able to spy on it secretly, too.

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