How To Decide When The Best Time To Get An SEO Audit Is?

How To Decide When The Best Time To Get An SEO Audit Is? 1

Many companies out there don’t fully understand the difference or the use of an SEO audit and a technical SEO audit. And that’s because they don’t know what SEO is. To get a better idea about what it is and how it can be used to their advantage, they should do some research before knocking out the picture entirely. They might find new ways their companies can grow and get more clients.

How Can An SEO Audit Help Your Company?

When it comes to SEO, there are many things people don’t understand about it. For example, many think that SEO is a fast way of increasing sales, while others think of this as simply posting creative content on a website or various social media platforms. But in actuality, SEO is much more than that. It isn’t just a way of increasing visibility online, but it is more of a process of creating a message and an image for your company and brand. Yes, it is used mainly to bring in more visitors to your website or online shop by using various search engines’ algorithms. But fully understanding what it can do is difficult. That’s because it is perpetually changing and evolving. So it is best from time to time to check and see if you are using it the best way you can.

For instance, ordering an SEO audit on your company can be very smart. Firstly, this kind of audit doesn’t slow down any of your company’s processes. So there are no delays in your work, and nothing has to be postponed or rescheduled. This means that the auditor does his job discreetly and quickly. Sometimes vast amounts of data need to be analyzed, but most auditors can get through it in no time. Also, such an audit can give you a clear image of what you are doing wrong and what is working for your company. Sometimes you might think that you are doing everything right, but things might need slight adjustments or even complete overhauls.

Another way an SEO audit can help your company is by showing you if your investment and resource allocation is paying off. Yes, SEO practices are important in today’s market. But that doesn’t mean that everybody is doing them the right way. For instance, some companies have entire departments dedicated to this, and the results may not be the best they can be. That’s because the resources devoted to this may not be sufficient, or they might not be used in the best way possible by those working on this project. An audit of your SEO practices might help you better see where you are spending too much or not enough. You might even decide to drop everything you are doing at the moment and focus on some new possibilities. Some companies may even choose to bring in outside help to cut overhead costs and ensure they are getting the best services possible.

How To Decide When The Best Time To Get An SEO Audit Is?

How To Decide When The Best Time To Get An SEO Audit Is? 2


There are a lot of mixed opinions when it comes to deciding what is the best moment to have an SEO audit. Some say that the best time for one is when you see that what you are doing isn’t bringing in the desired results. This way, you can have somebody from the outside look closely at what you are doing and help you get a fresh perspective on what you must do to get things going again. Sure, this is a valid point. But having an audit too late in the game may not be enough to help you get on the right track again. Naturally, SEO isn’t something life-threatening for your company, and you can always start over and do it right. But it is about the time and effort you put into SEO practices that counts.

Others say that a periodical SEO audit is the best option. This way, they can see improvements and deal with any changes the moment they see them. This is another way of looking at things. Yes, some companies prefer having a sort of periodical SEO check-up to know if they are doing well or not. But that can be quite time-consuming. Although big businesses can do these audits in-house, they still take time, and sometimes the results might not be easy to interpret. Some managers or owners may not be happy with slow progress and may take radical actions, even if they are unnecessary. So basically, there isn’t a perfect time for such an audit. Each company has to decide when they want it and commit to it. Ultimately, they can ask the opinion of an SEO expert if that might help them reach a decision.

Are These Audits Comprehensive?

Yes, they are very comprehensive. That said, it all depends on how in-depth you want the auditor to go. That means that he can go as far as you want him. It all depends on how much you want to learn about your SEO practices. Although, many companies prefer a very in-depth audit, especially if it is their first one.

Who Needs A Technical SEO Audit?

Simply put, anybody with a website or online store needs a technical SEO audit from time to time. And that’s because some may not know that SEO isn’t just about carefully crafted texts, researched keywords, and perfect meta-descriptions. It is also about the way your website works. That means your SEO practices may be inefficient if your website is designed poorly or has a lot of problems in the background. These problems can be anything from cookies to viruses that wreak havoc on the way your website works. This, in turn, can lead search engines to avoid indexing your website, thus making you lose potential clients and visitors. So such a check-up is very important for anybody that wants his website to work at its maximum capacity.

Also, a technical SEO audit isn’t just a way of ensuring that your website is running its best version or has all the plug-ins it needs to function. This sort of audit helps anyone with a website understand how SEO works, coordinating the message part of marketing with the technical part of it. This is one of the most important measures anyone can take to ensure that they do all they can for their company to thrive and develop. So it would be best if you considered regularly doing these audits to be updated with any SEO practices that might change or improve.

Why Should A Technical SEO Audit Be Done By A Professional? 

How To Decide When The Best Time To Get An SEO Audit Is? 3

A lot of people out there think that a technical SEO audit is mainly just ensuring that your domain is paid up and that all the pages on your website work and load properly. Although those are important aspects, too, they have nothing to do with an actual audit. They think that because they don’t understand what an audit is and how can the functionality of your website influence the SEO work you do. And this is one of the main reasons why a professional should always do this type of audit. They know what to look for because they understand how the website’s functionality impacts the SEO practices you use. And because they know this, they know what to look for and how to fix any problems they might find.

Another reason a pro should do a technical SEO audit is that a lot of data can be processed during such an audit. A lot of data means a lot of time and resources to be allocated to this project until it is done. By bringing in somebody that does this for a living, you don’t have to do any of the hard work. You can sit back and focus on your other projects and wait for the audit results to come in. Sure, you can be as involved in the audit itself as you want to, but if you don’t want to “get your hands dirty,” you don’t have to. Also, this way, you don’t risk making any mistakes when looking at data. All you need to know comes from a report at the end of the audit itself.

Is An Audit Expensive?

Well, this is a tricky question. That’s because an audit is a very complex series of analyses that somebody does to determine if something is working the way it’s supposed to. The more elements they have to check, the greater the costs. But generally, an audit isn’t something to be afraid of in terms of price. Most companies, big or small, usually have one at least once a year. Sure, you can decide to do it even less frequently than that, but it will really help if you had a certain frequency. This way you would be able to accurately measure certain indicators and see the real evolution of your SEO practices.

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