How to Get More Follower on Instagram

Do you know how to get more follower on Instagram without doing anything illegal or without spending money? Most people are looking for shortcuts – they want instant way of gaining followers. Because this urgency and need to get millions of followers right away, most people would turn to services offering paid followers. You won’t be able to get free Instagram followers unless you do it organically and naturally. But don’t worry, there are actually ways to boost your numbers of followers and you don’t even have to spend a dime – let alone a fortune – to have your followers added up.


How to Get More Follower on Instagram

How to Get More Follower on Instagram 1

How to Get More Follower on Instagram


It Takes a Learning Curve

Popularity doesn’t happen overnight. It does take time. It will take (extra) efforts. Even when you choose the instant way, it doesn’t last for long. It is only short-lived and the outcome would be quite fatal – at least to your social media existence.

And most importantly, you have to do experiments and tests. Every account owner has their own situations, problems, and advantageous conditions. What works well for others may not work well for you, and vice versa. The only way for you to know which one works for your situation is to test them out. You do need to make time for it, but it is going to worth it. This is the stage that you can’t rush.


Likable Contents

One way to get more free Instagram followers is to understand what kinds of contents your audience want and like. This is where research and experiments can help. If you search around and you want to spend times exploring the platform, you will see that some contents have better performance than others. You can learn the trend. And there are actually some tools that can help with your analytic requirements. With this tool, you should be able to benchmark, track, and analyze the contents easily – even when it happens across acounts. If you are clueless of where to start, you can always start from your competitors. It doesn’t mean that you should copy their contents and purposes, but it gives you the insight and information about the ‘trending’ contents.


Get Engaged

Conversation is an effective way on how to get more follower on Instagram. It is only possible if you engage with your audience. According to a study done by Sprout Social Index 2020, audience likes to engage with the accounts they are following. And it happens that Instagram provides a perfect place where images and texts can go hand-in-hand together. With your wits and creativity, you should be able to pair up exciting images with catchy texts. That will definitely add up your followers.

Remember, social media is supposed to be your platform where you can interact with people – without any boundary or limitation. As a social platform, Instagram should enable you to interact and connect to other people. You want to be communicative and supportive for your audience – and it would be nice if you seem friendly too. So, it doesn’t hurt to start the engagement. Make time to answer questions or at least respond to their comments. It is highly likely that people would follow accounts that seem friendly, appreciative, and responsive. Being responsive and want to engage can make a huge difference in getting those followers.


Hashtags Importance

Hashtags aren’t only handy to expand your brand’s awareness or social existence, but it is also crucial in a matter to get more free followers for Instagram. Hashtags have been used and implemented for discovery, extending your social reach.


But how are you going to find or implement the right hashtags?

  • Find those which aren’t too populated. You see, highlighting the contents in the myriads of videos and photos is like trying to find a needle in the haystacks. It is extremely difficult. That’s why you want to find branded and unique hashtags that aren’t overly popular.
  • Use the right tool. We live in the previlege time where everything is made easier and simpler. You should be able to find the right tools to help you with your social media presence. Want to make use of the analytics tools? You should have no problem finding one. In need of a powerful tool for hashtags? There are some of the potential and promising ones. Basically, there are tools for every need you have. Make use of them.


In short, don’t use the hashtags efficiently. Don’t do it blindly. If you know which tags to use, you should be able to achieve your (building) purpose.


Make Your Audience Happy

Appreciate your followers is one way on how to get more follower on Instagram. Treat your account as if you were posting for your friends. Think of ways on how to make them happy and engaged. You are free to post inspirational contents, re-sharing artwork with proper credits, post funny or insightful memes, and even offer give-away or rewards. Humor and informative contents are the most likable elements in social media.


IGTV Series Creation

If you want more followers – and you don’t have to pay a dime for it – then seriously consider creating IGTV series. Instagram has this feature for a reason – to appeal to users’ interest of subjects or themes they like while on the go. It would be helpful if you can create IGTV contents with repeatable subjects or themes within the same style that your audience likes.

IGTV contents can really attract other people’s attention seriously and efficiently. Make sure that you plan the schedules and the subjects so you know what to post and when to do it. If you create a series, you are able to engage their attention. With the series, you create a curiosity for those who might not be interested in following you. But since you are now able to attract them, they may become your follower now. They can even be your loyal followers!

Becoming the social media celebrity isn’t exactly easy. You will need your research. You have to spend times. You need to do the extra efforts. With these methods, at least you can try on how to get more follower on Instagram.

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