How To Get Your First Job As a Healthcare Software Developer

You are an amateur programmer and want to study. How to receive your first job as a programmer? Also a beginner can immediately get a job! Several established bits of advice from experts for developers with no skill to aid you get your first job.


Create a resume with no skill to find a job

How To Get Your First Job As a Healthcare Software Developer


The main site for finding a job in Russia is HeadHunter. The hh resume form is the standard for anyone attending for a job. So first make a programmer’s resume there.

What to look for in a resume:

  • do not list every programming technology you are familiar with. Focus on the main thing that will be needed in the work. If necessary, you can add 2-3 auxiliary ones. For example: JavaScript + HTML + CSS
  • even indicate work experience that is not related to IT and programming. This will help the recruiter evaluate your soft skills and see you as a valuable employee.
  • list all education you have. Download course certificates and / or diplomas, even if they are not related to programming
  • indicate soft-skills if they are important in your work direction. Fluent English is important for a developer. But the skills of a negotiator in a junior position are unlikely to be needed in the work.

Even if you took educational courses in programming, but you doubt their quality, this is not a problem. Attach certificates to your resume anyway when looking for a job.


Build a portfolio 

Portfolios are practical programming projects that you have done or worked in. They show the level of skill, not theoretical knowledge. Portfolio is one of the main points when applying for a job.

If you have taken any courses, then you should already have a portfolio. But this is not enough to get a job as a programmer. Every month, hundreds of people graduate from all online schools with the same and impersonal portfolios. Against their background, you need to somehow stand out. Make your own programming projects, be proactive. Read more on


Write cover letters from Junior programmer

Now you can apply for vacancies and actively look for a job as a programmer. Job search sites are like search engines. Write in the central column “developer + your direction”. For convenience, use job search filters: by work experience, knowledge, geography and others.

To get a job, review the candidate requirements. On average, they will be the same in each level and direction. Write down the skills and technologies you need to master in order to get a job as a programmer. Do you have ok with them? If 1-2 technologies are missing, then now is the time to improve qualifications and get the missing knowledge. All the same, they will have to be used in the work of the programmer.

If a large part of the list is missing. Then it’s too early for you to apply for a full-fledged job as programmers. Better to start with an internship or practice. There you will have the minimum experience and knowledge necessary to work as a programmer. Usually, internships and internships are not paid. This is okay because the employer spends some of their time educating and preparing you for the job as a programmer.


Interviews for programmers without work experience

If you did everything correctly, then some companies will invite you for an interview. There can even be two conversations: before and after the test. The basic rules for interviewing a programmer are similar to the basic rules for a gentleman:

  • look neat;
  • don’t worry about trifles;
  • don’t lie to the employer;

show interest in work.


What to do:

  1. Write a developer resume on HeadHunter.
  2. Publish it on HH and other sites.
  3. Build an aspiring developer portfolio to get a job as a programmer.
  4. Apply for programmer vacancies with no experience with a cover letter.
  5. Complete developer quizzes to get a job as a programmer.
  6. Get interviews and get a job as a programmer.

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