14 Ways On How To Increase Internet Speed

As internet has touched nearly all the aspects of people’s lifestyle and work, makes sure you know well how to increase internet speed due to the fact that internet speed may frequently go down when it has a big thing to load. In these recent years, nearly all people on the globe use internet for interaction and communication, trading, schooling, working and many others.

In this case, the internet speed must be stable to keep everything going well, for instance sending files, downloading, uploading files and images to blogs or websites as well as getting in touch in the communication around the world.

As the internet usage always increases, the speed must be stable to support you accomplish all the internet-based things. In this concern, this article is going to share you the way to increase your internet speed. However, before going further about how to increase internet speed, you are required to know the reasons why internet speed goes down and gets low.

Here are the information you may check out dealing with the causes of internet speed decrease and how to increase the internet speed.


The Causes of Internet Speed Decrease


There must be some factors causing your internet speed low, making the internet may not perform as you expect. Below are the few common factors you can have to know.

  • Old software or hardware may cause the internet speed goes down. It might be due to the fact that you do not update some of the old software, thus, the internet speed is getting low because it doesn’t support the new updated software or hardware.
  • Too many other mobile devices or computers connected on the network in same time.

When there are more mobile devices or computer on the network, the internet will load more and more. This is dealing with how big data you are downloading or uploading.

  • Ongoing downloads also causes the internet speed decrease.
  • Signal interference from other appliances also let the internet speed goes down. Thus, makes sure you are checking whether or not you use multiple appliances at the same time while they have signal interference.
  • Low internet speed from your own internet service provider can also be the cause of the internet speed decrease. This factor depend on whether or not your internet service provider has some problems.


How To Increase Internet Speed

How To Increase Internet Speed

How To Increase Internet Speed


Now it’s time to check out the tips how to increase internet speed to make everything easy to accomplish and complete. Let’s dive into a few recommended ways that you can use to improve your internet speed.


1. Test a different modem/router

Why you need to test a different modem? Well, a bad modem can be the biggest cause of your slowed down internet. When you have an internet drop, it is recommended that you change your modem with the other modem. In this case, make sure you are using the modem which is suiting the internet plan you are on. On the other words, the modem must be compatible with your plan.


2. Scan for viruses

The second way you should do is to scan for viruses. Yup, viruses cause your internet slow down. Frequently, viruses automatically live on your laptop, computer or mobile phones and suck resources away from what you are doing with the internet. The more viruses appear, the slower your internet will be. Thus, make sure there is no virus in your devices by scanning them every time you start using them.


3. Check the filters

Why do you need to check the filters? Good quality filters will help your internet run well especially when your internet is also connected to a phone line along with the telephone on it. In this case, you can attach the little plugs to the phone line to filter out the problems. Since the internet types are vary, you must have an appropriate filter, particularly when you have ADL2= or cable.


4. Check for on-system interference

Virus scanner or other programs can sometimes interfere with your internet speeds. This can be very troublesome. However, you can just switch things off one time and run a speed test again. Unluckily, there will always be malware or spyware following you doing this. Thus, you must have a trustable virus protection.


5. Plug in

If you use a desktop computer which is permanently located, get the chord out of the box and plug in to the modem. This will lead to increase your internet speed.


6. Get rid of cordless phone

You can also get rid of the cordless phone to get your internet speed back. Although you already use a filter, cordless phone might cause the slowed down internet speed. This way, you can remove your phones and replace it with another phone to see if you get a better result.


7. Check for external interference

An external interference must be checked when you experience a slowed down internet speed. Sometimes you are using your iPhone or iPad along with the sound system, right? Try to remove it and see if there is electromagnetic interference. If so, you are recommended not to use the electromagnetic device while running on the internet.


8. Shorten and replace cables

There are still plenty of ways to increase your internet speed including to shorten and replace the cables. Do you know? How long your cables and how they come with the structure can affect the internet speed. This way, replace your old phone cables, lines and sockets with the shorter and newer ones. See if there is a big difference to the internet speed.


9. Check for foxtel or other TV types

You can also suggested to check for foxtel or other TV types to get your internet speed back to normal and even to increase the speed. Again, old foxtel causes interference for internet although you are using them. You may experience it but you cannot make head about it. So, you better go around your house to check if there is an unknown Foxtel (TV cable) box. Disconnect the cable and you will get your internet speed stable.


10. Turn on and turn off again

Out of many kinds of ways you can try dealing with how to increase internet speed, turn on and turn off your modem can be the easiest way and it is common among the users. This is called power cycling causing your internet speed slowing down. You can even refresh your settings and connections by reconfiguring the modem with a new password. Be brave to try this!


11. Find the best router’s settings

The next way to consider trying is finding the best router’s settings. You will definitely see a pack of setting when you come firstly to login to your modem. In the default setting, these settings are not the best options. You need to update them depending on the device you are using at that time. Later on, you can check out your router and ISP’s websites to get the best settings. Last, check and see whether your internet speed is stable.


12. Update software regularly

The last but not least way to increase internet speed is to update the software regularly. In this regard, the modem you use already has its own software which can be out of date. This leads to the slowed down internet speed. Thus, what you need to do is to update the software regularly either weekly or monthly based on the software update availability.

For example, if you use NETGEAR modem, you can go to routerlogin.com to update and tweak your settings. You need also to update your computer’s desktop version along with the operation system and etc. It is because the wireless settings are sometimes compatible at all time.


13. Check your device

Your device may also slow down your internet speed. Thus, you need to turn off the internet-connected devices especially when you are not suing them. This way, you can sign in to use Smart Home Manager app to see your device connection status, clear cache and cookies on your browser, exit the streaming apps after listening to the radio or watching videos and restart your device regularly.

You are also recommended to turn off auto updates on apps, PCs and gaming consoles, update anti-malware software as well as other related software. Upgrade your older Wi-Fi devices to a newer one which uses a faster Wi-Fi technology.


14. Use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi

Using Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi can be one of the best tips of how to increase internet speed. This way, use the Ethernet cable to plug the computer into the back of the router. If you have Mac computer, you must have an Ethernet to USB-C adapter to plug your computer into the router. Unluckily, you can use Ethernet for your mobile platforms.

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Conclusion of Increase Internet Speed

Conclusively, there are always so many ways you can try when you experience a slowed down internet speed either at home or your office. Out of the 14 tips of how to increase internet speed, you can try more than one way or tips. You can even try all of the tips to get your internet speed back. However, you must find what causes your internet slowed down before taking actions.

Well, covering the slowed down internet problem may takes time. However, you can learn one thing for the next internet usage. In this case, keep your software updated and never turn on your internet connection in your devices when you are not using them. Particularly when you use the internet on your mobile phones, you must always upgrade the software.

When you use a modem, you can start by checking the settings of your modem and update them to suit your internet usage and others. If you are using Wi-Fi at home, you must be aware of the TV cables usage since it causes an interference.

Well, lastly, I would like to say that you can save this page or just take a screenshot to save the tips as a valuable information.