How to Install Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress Site

How to Install Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress Site? Please takes a few steps. But before that, I will talk about the captcha and some valuable information that you should know.

What is Captcha? Captcha is a security feature to validate system users as humans, not robots. In addition to distinguishing between human users or robots, this feature is also useful for dealing with spam that often comes from the use of robots or users who intentionally send spam to the website.

in general we use the captcha when registering and logging in online forums, validating the comment column.  For a more complete, today I am going to share a tutorial how to install Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress site.


Captcha function

If you are a blogger or an online business owner, securing your website is a top priority for you. Websites that do not implement security systems, in addition to easily receiving comment spam can also receive login spam. Of course this is quite disturbing.

A verification system such as the captcha can still be used to anticipate a ‘robot’ attack. For example, stop the ‘robot’ step that sends spam login to your website.

Captcha helps filter the users who really want to interact with you through the website: via the comment column or e-mail delivery form.

Spam comments usually provide questions or sentences that are very rare in the context being discussed. Of course this can interfere with your interaction with users who provide quality comments.

Interestingly, some captcha service providers also provide analytical reports for website or blog owners. You can use the feature to measure website performance and improve its performance in accordance with the results of existing reports. Read Also:  5 Best Free Website Speed Test Tools

Google Captcha Type

There are two types of reCaptcha: v2 and v3. What’s the difference?

reCaptcha v2

reCaptcha v2 displays a checkbox “I ‘m not a robot” on this form ensuring the user is not a robot. This option gives permission to the user to access the form without using a captcha or validate it again to make sure that the user is not a robot. This option is a simple option because it only requires two lines of HTML to create a checkbox.


reCaptcha v3

reCaptcha v3 determines when the user must fill in the captcha. So this option will not always bring up the captcha when the form is accessed.

reCaptcha v3 contains JavaScript that can assess ongoing connections and take actions to be taken: display the captcha or not. Read Also: Best Backlink Checker & Keyword Search Tool


What is Google reCaptcha?

There are several captcha services available on the internet. Well, one of the providers of the captcha feature is Google, which is Google ReCaptcha.

Google reCaptcha uses sophisticated risk analysis technology and an ‘adaptive challenge’ to safeguard your website from activities that originate from the ‘robot’ machine. Google captcha technology is considered very difficult to penetrate by robots, but it is very easy to use by humans.

The advantage of Google’s reCAPTCHA is sophisticated analytical features also have considerable dataset, as well as clear documentation. Google reCaptcha not only uses text for the verification process, but also images and checkboxes.


How to Install Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress Site

How to install Google reCaptcha on the website there are two main parts. First, register the domain to get a site key and secret key. Second, add the site key and secret key to the website. You must have a Gmail account.

Register Domain and Select Type reCaptcha

The first way to install Google ReCaptcha is to register your domain. You only need to access the reCaptcha page and fill in the required information.

Step 1. Open Google

Log in first to a Google or Gmail account.

Step 2. Open Google reCaptcha

Access the Google ReCaptcha website. Then click “Admin console“.

Step 3. Register a New Domain to Google reCaptcha

You will see the ‘Register a new site‘ display to register the website address in Google reCaptcha. Fill in some of the available forms.

In the ‘Labels’ section, fill in the captcha name. You can fill in with a domain name or by another name.

Step 4. Select the Captcha Type

You can choose one of the captcha versions according to your needs, as I explained earlier in Google Captcha Type points.

Step 5. Fill in the Domain Information and Owner

In the ‘Domains’ section, enter the domain of the website you are using and ‘Owners’ with the email address that you want to use as your identity. When finished, click “Submit“.

Step 6. Copy the site key and secret key.

On the next page, you will get two keys: site key and secret key. Copy these two to add them to the website.

site key and secret key google

site key and secret key google

here you have succeeded in registering a domain into Google reCaptcha. At the bottom there are two menus: ‘Go to Settings’ to go to the reCaptcha settings page, while ‘Go to Settings’ to see statistics on your captcha.


Install Google reCAPTCHA  Plugin on your WordPress

To make it easier, in this section I will use a plugin to add both keys to the WordPress website. The plugin that I will use is the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3).

The advantage of the ‘Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3)‘ plugin is that there is an option to choose the captcha version and the form that you want to add the captcha to. So you don’t need to add one by one line of code to each file.

How to Install Google reCAPTCHA on WordPress Site 1

Open the WordPress Admin


Step 1. Open the WordPress Admin

Log in to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2. Install the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha Plugin (v2 & v3)

On the dashboard, scroll down then click “Plugin >> Add New “.  Search ”Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3)” Please click “Active” to activate the plugin.

Install the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha Plugin (v2 & v3)

Install the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha Plugin (v2 & v3)


Step 3. Enter the site key and secret key into Plugin

You can access plugin settings through “Settings>> Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3) “. Then enter the site key and secret key into the form that is already available.

Step 4. Select the Captcha Version

There are 3 options captcha version, that “I am not a robot”, invisible, and V3. Customize this option with the site key and secret key that you get from the Google dashboard reCaptcha.

Step 5. Select the form that the Captcha will add

This plugin provides several form options. You only have to give a checkbox to add captcha to each form. For example, you want to add a captcha to the login form, just give a checkbox in the ‘Login Form’ section.

The final step, Google reCAPTCHA is ready to use

The final step, Google reCAPTCHA is ready to use

The final step, Google reCAPTCHA is ready to use

Google ReCaptcha is a verification feature that is quite widely used today. You can find verification like this on several pages of the website: comments, login form, registration form.

You can also add it easily to the website. Just register your domain into Google reCaptcha to get a site key and secret key. Then install the Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha plugin (v2 & v3) to add the two keys to WordPress.