How to Keep Your Email Secure

These days, our emails have the role of our lives’ gatekeepers. They are crucial for our online safety. That is why we have to take care of their security. However, more often than not, people rely too heavily on the platforms that provide them with email domains. Most sites that provide people with free emails have safety measures in place, though they are not as perfect as we may think they are.

Thus, we do need some extra safety measures when it comes to securing our emails. Usually, such measures can be achieved in a few relatively easy steps that we are here to demonstrate. So here are six tips on how to keep your email secure.


How to Keep Your Email Secure From Being Hacked

How to Keep Your Email Secure


Think of a strong password

Yes, you must have heard about it before. And yes, it is simple advice we are sharing with you here. Still, so many people are neglecting this very basic rule and undermining the safety of their email. A weak email in this era is basically the same as having no email at all. You are letting any passerby know that your email is available for hacking at any time. You don’t want to make such a bad impression, do you?

So, here is a tip for you. A weak password is what comes to your mind the moment you think of a password. Drop that idea immediately. For the very least, a strong password must be long and include capital letters, numbers, and maybe even symbols.


Be moderate with subscriptions

In this modern age, it seems to be impossible to enter a site without giving away your email. They all bargain with you to get a slot in your inbox. Surely, numerous shops, online journals, and blogs only benefit from gaining a new subscriber. They all promise not to spam you and behave well. However, in reality, this is rarely the case.

Getting a habit of subscribing to just about anything in return for a discount, speedy paper discount code, or newsletter can play a bad joke to you. So, you are doing a bad favor for yourself by spamming your email. Soon enough, you won’t be able to recognize a site you are subscribed for from the unauthorized email that jumped into your inbox. Hence, you reduce your caution level and form a bad habit of making a mess of your inbox.

By the way, you can also apply the need for moderation to the number of your installed applications. The more apps you install, the more vulnerable your device becomes. So limiting the number of applications on your devices will also help to secure your email.


Don’t click on anything suspicion

Needless to say, you should not click on any email in your inbox that is a stranger to you. Sending an infected or bad link via email is one of the most common, old-fashion styles of hacking one’s devices. It is very easy to avoid, yet it still works for many people. So if the email is clearly suspicious and doesn’t belong in your inbox, delete it without opening it.


Install a security software

You need security software regardless of whether you are concerned about your email safety or not. However, if you do want to ensure an extra layer of protection to your email, installing or upgrading your security software is a good decision.


Clean up your inbox regularly

Some people can’t stand a messy inbox. Others couldn’t care less if they keep receiving emails with the best essay writing service reviews from when they were looking for writing sites years ago. Overall, the look of your inbox is your private business. However, having a very messy inbox full of old messages can play a bad trick on you. In case you have been storing emails, especially work-related emails, you are putting them in danger.

Any hacker can use that old information to their advantage. So if you are not sure about your email’s safety, it is always best not to keep sensitive information there for too long.


Use VPN app when in doubt

At any time you have doubts about the safe use of your email, use VPN. Basically, a VPN’s goal is to disguise your identity online. Thus, it secures your presence in public networks. When your VPN is on, hackers will have much, much harder times trying to steal any data from you.

Also, most of the time, you should have concerns about the safety of public Wi-Fi. If you are such a fan of working in coffee shops or public libraries, you should most definitely install a VPN app to your devices.

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