How to make a good resume for android developer | 4 Tips

Technology has created new opportunities for everyone and every domain. It changed the way education is done. It changed the way people work; now remote work is the new normal. It changed the way people eat, as more information on nutrition has become available. It changed the way people travel or care for their health by making room for more apps. 

Either way, they created not only options to make your life better, but also job opportunities. If you are looking for a job in this domain, you probably already have a job type in mind. Being an android developer is one of the jobs you could aim for. Even though there are two main operating systems on the market, Android is the most popular one. 

And as an Android developer, your responsibilities might differ from company to company, but the core is the same. But how do you make a good resume for an android developer? Here are a few tips.


Include a Summary 

One of the first tips is to include a summary on your resume. Many professional resume writers who offer resume help have noticed something. When candidates have a nice and catchy description, the recruiter is inclined to spend more time skimming your resume. 

The summary is a nice way to hook the recruiter, if you write it appropriately, say professionals from a cv writing service. It is up to you how you make the summary look: it can be a bulleted list or just a few sentences. As an Android developer, you might want to state your job goals and how you want to improve your skills. Or, maybe a few skills and accomplishments. Either way, keep it short and simple. 



Well, every resume should have a work section where you list your previous jobs and your main responsibilities to each of them. Many candidates who are looking for a job as an android developer make a common mistake. They speak only about their responsibilities, but not about their key accomplishments. 

Yes, you created the UI for an app, but how many apps? Did you solve a lot of bugs in a record time with a new solution? When you list your accomplishments, it is essential to use numbers, when you can, say experts from a resume writing service. And if the company has just launched a well-known app you have worked on, mentioning that in your resume will make it more powerful. 


List Your Skills 

Working as an android developer helps you develop a lot of your skills. Many of them might be technical ones, but for sure you have some well-developed soft skills too. It would be useful, if you have enough space, to have two lists of skills: technical and soft ones. In the technical section, you should list the programming languages you know (C, C++, JavaScript, Java, HTML, and CSS) and other skills you may have. For example, knowledge of API systems, cybersecurity, or agile development. 

Android developers work in a team that fosters the development of soft skills too. You improve your communication skills, both written and verbal. You boost your project and time management skills. And, of course, you learn the value of collaboration in a team. These are just some of the soft skills you might have developed at previous jobs. But, of course, there are a lot of other ones not mentioned here you can include in your resume for an android developer. 


Work Portfolio 

One of the most important sections of your resume is your work portfolio. If you are a beginner and do not have so much work experience in the field, maybe you could list some of your college projects. If you have a few years’ work experience, for sure you have some projects you have worked on. 

Most developers stack their projects on GitHub, so if you have an account, you could add the link to your resume. You can best show your experience by showing the apps you have already worked on. And you can convince the company that you would be a good fit by showing your work portfolio. So, do not miss adding one to your resume. Experts who offer resume help agree that it would be best to add a link to it so that you can save space in your resume. 


Final Thoughts 

Looking for resume help for your future android developer position? Well, hopefully, this article has shed more light on the subject. Do not forget to include a summary in your resume to hook the recruiter. List your work experience but mention your key achievements too. Make a list of technical skills and do not forget to add your soft skills too. And last but not least, add a link to your work portfolio of previous android apps you have developed.

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