How to Post on Instagram from PC/ Laptop

Do you know how to post on Instagram from PC? All these years, people are more aware of Instagram as a mobile app. Yes, the majority of users would download and install the application on their mobile phone – placing it together with other social media platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and so much more.

Because we have all of those apps on our mobile devices, not many of us would think about using those platforms on PC or laptop? Why would we bother; we already have those apps within our smartphone, after all? Well, you probably don’t think that you will be using any social media platform on your PC any time soon, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the knowledge about the usage. Wouldn’t it be better if you can integrate social media from your smartphone and from the PC? And what’s the advantage, anyway?


How to Post on Instagram from PC/ Laptop

Some people don’t know that they can upload from their PC to Instagram – and they are surprised! The knowledge of how to post on Instagram from PC can be handy because you can also make use of the (free) photo editor to make adjustments. Not everyone is able to tweak their mobile app arrangement and be frustrated about it.

How to Post on Instagram from PC or  Laptop


Some people find it surprising that they can use their PC to upload to their Instagram account – whether they are using the Instagram site or Windows 10 app. If you are using macOS, it may be more difficult and complicated because such operating system doesn’t have any app for Instagram.

And why would you need to upload from PC anyway? Well, a lot of people still use their digital camera to take pictures. They believe that these digital cameras deliver better outcome and result – even better than the ones produced by the smartphone. These people want to upload those photos to their Instagram account after adding up some filters of effects – creating artistic posting. Don’t you think it would be a handful to move those photos to a PC, have them tweaked, and then move them again to smartphones?

This is one of the reasons why there are some tips and tricks to help you tweak around the obstacle, enabling you to upload your contents to Instagram from other Mac or PC. Be advised that some of these methods may require you to use some software. But no need to worry, they are free. So, how do you manage such a thing?


The Vivaldi

One way on how to post on Instagram from PC is to use the Vivaldi. It is one of web browser that is easily tweaked and customized. It enables easiest and fastest way to upload (photos) to your Instagram account from Mac or PC. What Vivaldi does is to run the mobile version (of Instagram site) within a web panel.

post on Instagram from PC is to use the Vivald


You only need to download Vivaldi and install it. There are two ways to start using it. You can choose the option ‘Skip All’ and then continue. If you continue, it means that you are going to use the default setting from the browser. Another option is to operate it through wizard so you can set the preferences and import bookmarks.


  1. Web Panel Creation

You can go to the official site of Instagram (at and you will see the plus icon for Add Web Panel. It is located on the left side of the browser’s interface. This link would be automatically filled. You only need to click that plus icon side again.

Once you have done it, you will see the mobile version appear – it should be in sidebar located on the left-hand side (of the browser). It will remain there as you are surfing the net. You only need to log into the account and resize your sidebar. The mobile site should comfortably fit in the screen.


  1. Instagram Upload

You can choose the plus icon located on the bottom side (of the website), and then choose a photo from the Mac or PC. You can even add tags, caption, and filters, and then upload the result to your Instagram account. No hassle and no drama.


BlueStacks App Player

If you are using Android smartphone, the Instagram app is quite responsive and good. You should be able to run it within your PC by using BlueStacks app player. It is a (free) Android emulator that will help you upload photos to the Instagram from Mac or PC.

bluestacks instagram


So, how to post on Instagram from PC by using this method? Simply download BlueStacks and install it. Don’t rush things. You want to wait for several minutes while the app adjusts itself. If a tutorial window appears (usually on the top right of the app), just dismiss it. You only need to make sure that you have chosen the right language. Click on the arrow button. Read Also: How to Get More Follower on Instagram


  1. Log to Google Account

Once you are done, choose ‘Continue’. By using your Google account, log in. Once you have reviewed the terms or service, click OK if you agree. You will see the next checkboxes – but they are optional. If you use BlueStacks only to upload to your Instagram account, uncheck them all if you want to. You only need to click the Arrow for Next, and provide your name. It is done only to personalize several apps, so it nothing crucial.


  1. Instagram App Installation

You should be able to see Google PlayStore version now. Look at the top right side, there should be a search box. Look for Instagram. Choose the official app and then choose Install. After you agree with the requirements, click the option ‘Accept’. After a while, the icon Instagram will appear, right under the tab My Apps. Just click once so you can launch it.


  1. Apply Filter, Upload, and then Share

BlueStacks will automatically change its format, including shape and size, of the vertically-oriented phone. Sign into your account with the usual detail. And then, your Instagram feed will appear – just like it does on your smartphone.

If you want to upload, click the icon plus (located on the bottom). Choose ‘Gallery’ and opt for the drop-down menu (located on the top left side). Choose ‘Other’ and then choose ‘Pick from Windows.’ Locate the image or photo you want, choose it, and then choose ‘Open’.

Right now, you should be able to crop the picture, add caption and filters, and then share it with the world.



There is another way on how to post on Instagram from PC – by using the Hootsuite. The method is simple too. Here are the steps:

how to post in Instagram from PC – by using the Hootsuite


  • Download Hootsuite first. And then create an account.
  • Access the dashboard. Choose the button ‘New Post’ located on the top
  • There will be a new window for New Post appearing. Under the section ‘Post to’ choose which account to post. If you haven’t added any account, choose the option ‘+Add a Social Network’
  • Choose video or image or even multiple videos and images within ‘Media’ section. You can tweak the image with photo editor
  • If you are done with the photo, go to ‘Text’ section and add the caption
  • Check your posting again. Make sure that it doesn’t have any error or mistake.
  • You can choose ‘Post Now’ so you can post it. If you want to post it later, go with ‘Schedule for Later’ option.
  • Your post will be posted right away.


Final Words

As you can see, there are several possible ways to post your contents to Instagram even when you are using a PC. As you can see, with those several different options, you shouldn’t have any problem with such a thing. Now that you already know how to post on Instagram from PC (and also several available options), you shouldn’t have any issue at all.

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