How to Record Minecraft on PC & Mac: Tips and Tricks with FonePaw Screen Recorder

Minecraft has taken the gaming world by storm, captivating millions of players with its unique blend of creativity, exploration, and endless possibilities. The game’s distinctive gameplay mechanics allow players to shape their own virtual worlds, limited only by their imagination. From building towering structures to embarking on thrilling adventures, Minecraft offers an immersive experience that keeps players engaged for hours on end. As players invest their time and effort into crafting their perfect Minecraft world, the desire to capture and share their incredible creations and memorable moments grows stronger. This is where screen recording comes into play, serving as an indispensable tool for preserving and showcasing gameplay footage.

When it comes to screen recording software specifically designed for Minecraft, FonePaw Screen Recorder stands out as an exceptional choice. This powerful yet user-friendly tool empowers Minecraft enthusiasts to effortlessly capture their gaming sessions, ensuring that every epic build, intense battle, and hilarious moment is recorded in stunning detail. What sets FonePaw Screen Recorder apart from other screen recording software is its seamless integration with Minecraft and its versatility across multiple devices.

By using FonePaw Screen Recorder and following the steps outlined in this blog, you can easily learn how to record Minecraft gameplay. With FonePaw Screen Recorder’s intuitive interface, recording your Minecraft adventures is effortless, and you can easily share them with others.


Part 1: How to Screen Record Minecraft on Windows PC

To record Minecraft on Your Windows PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install FonePaw Screen Recorder on your Windows PC.

 FonePaw Game Recorder install


Step 2: Launch FonePaw Screen Recorder and Record Minecraft Gameplay

Launch FonePaw Screen Recorder and choose “Game Recorder”and select “ Minecraft .“ Then click the “REC” button to start recording your Minecraft gameplay.

FonePaw Game Recorder

Step 3: Edit and Save Recorded Minecraft Gameplay

After recording, FonePaw Screen Recorder will automatically save the recorded video. You can edit the video and save it in your desired format.

How to Record Minecraft on PC & Mac: Tips and Tricks with FonePaw Screen Recorder 1

Part 2: How to Record Minecraft gameplay on Mac

You can also use this best game recording software to screen record Minecraft on Mac.

Step 1: Download and install FonePaw Screen Recorder on your Macbook.

Step 2: Open Minecraft, and start playing the game, and then click the “Record” button in FonePaw Screen Recorder to start recording. You can use the hotkeys to control the recording process.

FonePaw Game Recorder for Mac

Note: Click the gear icon to open the settings window. Here, you can customize the recording settings, such as frame rate, video quality, audio source, and more.

Step 3:When you’re finished recording, click the “Stop” button to end the recording. The recorded video will be saved to your computer.

Part 3: How-to Guide for Free Minecraft Screen Recorder

Recording Minecraft gameplay can be done for free using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).

OBS is a free, cross-platform screen recording and live streaming software that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux. The following will demonstrate the operating steps of Windows.

OBS Game Recorder Install

Step 1: Download and Install OBS

Step 2: Set up OBS to Record Minecraft Window

After opening the OBS software, you need to set up the window you want to record. Under the “Scenes” panel in the OBS interface, click the “+” button to add a new scene. Then, click the “+” button to add a new source and select the “Game Capture” option. In the Game Capture panel, select Minecraft game and click the “OK” button.

Step 3: Configure OBS Recording Settings

In the OBS interface, click the “Output” tab in the “Settings” panel. In the Output Settings, you can choose the format, resolution, frame rate, etc. for recording the video. Adjust the settings according to your needs. If your computer configuration is low, it is recommended to choose a lower resolution and frame rate to reduce the burden.

Step 4: Start Recording Minecraft Gameplay

In the OBS interface, click the “Start Recording” button to start recording Minecraft gameplay. During recording, you can use OBS’s built-in tools to adjust the recording, such as adjusting audio volume, adding subtitles, etc.


Part 4:Key benefits of using FonePaw Screen Recorder

While OBS is a great option for those who want free, cross-platform, and feature-rich screen recording software, it can be complex and have a steep learning curve. FonePaw Screen Recorder, on the other hand, offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface, making it an excellent alternative. Here are some of the advantages of the FonePaw Screen Recorder:

High Frame Rate Recording: FonePaw Screen Recorder can maintain high frame rates of 60FPS, ensuring a smooth and seamless recording experience without any lag or delay.

Original Resolution: FonePaw Screen Recorder can maintain the original resolution of the screen being recorded, ensuring that the recorded video is of high quality.

Customizable Hotkeys: FonePaw Screen Recorder allows users to customize various hotkeys, making it easy to control the recording process and improve efficiency.

Flexible Control: FonePaw Screen Recorder offers flexible controls, allowing users to easily adjust the recording window and volume to ensure that the final video output is exactly as they want it.

Multiple Device Support: FonePaw Screen Recorder is compatible with multiple devices, including Windows and Macbook, making it a versatile and reliable screen recording software.



FonePaw Screen Recorder is powerful and top screen recording software that can help you capture any activity on your screen, including Minecraft gameplay. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, it’s the perfect tool for gamers who want to record their Minecraft adventures. Whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Macbook, FonePaw Screen Recorder makes it easy to record your Minecraft gameplay with high quality. Download FonePaw Screen Recorder today and start recording your Minecraft adventures!

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