How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive FREE

bit. However, we hope that you won’t have to deal with it. However, do you know how to recover a formatted hard drive if you find out that the hard drive with all the essential data is formatted? Whether the hard drive was formatted by itself or you formatted it to change file systems, now that you run into problems and need to get that data back, what will you do?

Since you are already reading this post, you must be searching for methods to recover data from a hard drive after formatting. All right, don’t worry. There are still options available for you to do to restore your missing files and documents in the formatted hard drive. In this post, we will guide you in knowing what it is like and how to recover a formatted hard drive. And, of course, the most critical tool and method to help you do it will also be present here. Let’s find out together.


What is Hard Drive Formatting

Before we get into the real deal of formatting hard drive recovery, let’s look at what it is to format a hard drive. Basically, when someone formats a hard drive, all the users of this system will temporarily lose permission to visit the data on this disk. In other words, those files and documents are recovered. Users cannot access them. So, at this time, users can put new files into this drive and replace the old ones.

When you format a hard drive, you delete the reader that enabled you to access those files. The actual ones still exist on the hard drive. So, the reader can help you find where your files are saved and activate them. If you can recover the reader, then those data and files can be shown and reaccessed.

But there are time limits that you have to notice. It is crucial. Once you have found out that your hard drive with essential data has been formatted, please stop writing new files into it instantly. Because when formatting the hard drive, all the files are in the status of already being overwritten. Once your desired files are overwritten with new data, there is no going back for data recovery. Please be aware.


Why Do You Need to Format a Hard Drive?

Formatting a hard drive can sometimes do you some good. Apart from those occasions with operational errors, there are also some reasons for users to format a hard drive themselves. For example, when you sell a hard drive, you always need to format it before sending it out. However, you need to know that formatting a hard drive can also result in a data loss situation if you don’t prepare a backup. Here are the main reasons why some users might need to format hard drives:

  • Virus/Malware Attacks: When there is a virus or malware in your computer, there is an excellent chance of getting your data lost or, even worse, information stolen. They can easily encrypt your hard drive without you noticing. If you want to get it done, the best solution is to format the entire hard drive.
  • System Failure: Constant system failure can also cause your files and data to become inaccessible. In order to prevent this kind of error, you can format the hard drive to see if it can go back to norma
  • Transferring Data: You may want to format your hard drive after transferring your personal data to other places. One is to protect your personal information, and another reason is to ensure that you can still open files and documents in different operating systems.
  • Access Permissions: Since files can now be set to open by authorized people. If you don’t have permission and still need to use the file, it is much faster to handle this problem by formatting this hard drive than other methods.


Can a Formatted Hard Disk Be Recovered?

The short answer to this title is YES, for sure. It is still possible to work it out with specialized data recovery tools. Formatting a hard drive only deletes the reader of all existing files stored on the hard drive but does not entirely overwrite or delete them. Many factors affect the recovery rate of a formatted hard drive, including the complex drive system and the time after formatting. Ultimately, of course, you haven’t written new files after formatting, or the files you want to restore haven’t been overwritten. If so, you still have a chance to get it back. To solve how to recover a formatted hard drive, the data recovery tool we are going to use is WorkinTool Data Recovery Software.

1). WorkinTool Data Recovery Software

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive FREE 1

WorkinTool Data Recovery tool is professional in helping users deal with all kinds of data loss situations. Whether it is accidental deletion, formatted drives, file corruption, virus attacks, or system shutdown, this tool offers the best recovery service to recover a formatted hard drive or recover data from recycle bin. Not just to recover files from computer hard drives, you can also use this tool to recover lost data from external hard drives and USB flash drives in no time. Besides all those recovery features, it provides users with a service to find desired lost documents with the filter. So users can save more time on other things.

More than powerful functions are required for the best data recovery tool. The best quality is to let every user operate it with no barriers. Fortunately, this tool has a user-friendly interface and convenient recovery operation. I shall say that WorkinTool Data Recovery meets all these conditions. Most importantly, all users can use this recovery tool for FREE without any limits or ads. Now, let’s see how it works.

How to perform formatted hard drive recovery:

  1. Launch WorkinTool Data Recovery and click Formatted Recovery.

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive FREE 2


  1. Then, select the hard drive disk and click Scan Now.

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive FREE 3


3. Use the filter feature to locate your lost files, select the ones you want to restore, and tap Recover to get them back.

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive FREE 4

Bottom Line

Though formatting a hard drive can be the fastest solution to deal with most system errors, we have to admit it. Every time you format a hard drive, all the data inside will be emptied. So, you’d better remember to back up every time you are ready to do it. In case you forgot to back up and lost your valuable data, learning how to recover a formatted hard drive is also essential. In this post, we have presented you with all the knowledge about formatted hard drive recovery, including the methods and tools. So, it is your term to step up and make your move.

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