5 Secret Ways on How To Spy On Someone’s Whatsapp

Sometimes you may feel worried about what your kids are doing outside. Or you may feel suspicious, wondering whether or not your spouse is cheating. Therefore, it may be important for you to learn how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp. In this case, spying on someone’s Whatsapp activity is a good idea yet you must know that it is also limited.

In this article, we focus on presenting the 5 secret ways on how to spy on Whatsapp activities of somebody else either the free or the paid versions. So let’s start checking out the detailed information in the following review sections.


Use “mSpy” Spy Apps

There are always some spy apps which are great and legal to spy on someone’s Whatsapp messages easily and conveniently. What makes the apps so great to have on your device is the fact that they can allow you to do so without being known by the target.

Though there are many different spy apps available, not all of them offer the similar features and options. In this case, it is pretty important to choose a suitable app which don’t require rooting and offer stealth mode so that you can just log into control panel and start spying their Whatsapp activities such as messages, video calls, calls, photos, voice recording and videos.


How To Spy with iPhone and Android Using mSpy

Spying on someone’s Whatsapp basically needs physical access to the target device. However, if the target uses iPhone, feel happy because you can do spying without accessing the phone. The common working way to succeed in spying is just using spy app such as mSpy.

How To Spy On Someone’s Whatsapp


So here is how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp messages on iPhone without reaching the device and even without installing any apps.

  1. Get your target’s iCloud credentials.
  2. Head to mSpy’s site and sign up to create an account.
  3. Select a proper subscription plan and enter the details of your payment.
  4. Wait for the confirmation email that will be sent to you. It contains a required instructions.
  5. Once you receive the confirmation email, follow the installation guide included in the email.
  6. Enter the iCloud credentials of your target.
  7. Head to mSpy’s site and open the control panel.
  8. Go to the Whatsapp tab and start spying.

With Android, you cannot use spy apps to remote monitor the phones. The only way you can do is to get accessed to the device and perform the same steps above. Later, you will be able to use mSpy and optimize its features. Finally, you can read the target’s Whatsapp messages and other social media messages like Instagram, Messenger and etc.


Spy On Someone’s Whatsapp Using MAC Spoofing

MAC Spoofing is one of the methods on how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp. However, it is more difficult to perform. Further, it is also time-consuming. Mac Spoofing is rarely used since it also requires you to be knowledgeable about operating a computer. Moreover, in some certain countries, it is illegal to perform MAC Spoofing.

Spy On Someone’s Whatsapp Using MAC Spoofing


Thanks to the device’s media access control number that makes MAC Spoofing possible. In this case, every device comes with a unique MAC number and some apps use it to identify the device’s owner.

MAC Spoofing is based on cloning the target’s device/phone and using it to spy his/her Whatsapp activities. In this regards, there are two things you need to reach in MAC Spoofing. Those are an access to the target’s device/phone and your own phone.

So here is how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp with MAC Spoofing on someone’s phone.

  1. Search for the MAC address of your target’s device/phone. Once you get the target’s device, open “Settings” and select “General”. Then, choose “About and Look for Wi-Fi”. If you are using Android, you can open “Setting” and select “About Device”. Later, choose “Status” and continue selecting “Wi-Fi MAC Address”.
  2. Delete your Whatsapp app.
  3. Change your phone’s MAC address and replace with the target’s. This way, you can use tools such as BusyBox and WiFi Spoof.
  4. Reinstall Whatsapp on your phone.
  5. Ask for an activation code to activate your new Whatsapp account.
  6. Enter the code and delete the messages on the target’s phone.
  7. Change the recent MAC address to your original one.


Use Whatsapp Web

Using Whatsapp Web is another way to spy on someone’s Whatsapp. In this case, Whatsapp Web software usually has a nifty that possibly allows you to remotely read someone’s Whatsapp messages. However, you still need a physical access to the target’s phone like you use spy app and MAC Spoofing.

Spy Whatsapp Web


Here are the steps on how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp you can follow:

  1. Reach the target’s device/phone.
  2. Open Whatsapp Web on your computer.
  3. Use your target’s device/phone and open Whatsapp app. Press the three dots on the top right in the corner to open Whatsapp Web app.
  4. A screen with a QR code is popping up.
  5. Scan the QR Code from your computer with the phone’s code reader of the target’s device.
  6. Once you get connected, you will be able to find out any Whatsapp activities including reading the messages, viewing the list of voice calls and video calls.

Use The Phone Number of The Target

Is it possible to spy on someone’s Whatsapp using his/her phone number? Why not? This is how you will hack someone’s Whatsapp with just their number only. To do so, you must have a great tool to help you work with.

In this regards, “Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool” is the app you can download from your Play Store and install it on your device. Once you have this tool installed, fill in the target’s phone number in the available field for verification. When you complete this step, you will be able to view all of the chat threads without reaching the target’s device/phone.

Perhaps, this is the simplest and the easiest way of spying on someone’s Whatsapp without being known by the target.


Spy On Someone’s Whatsapp Using Google Drive Back Up

Using Google Drive Back-Up is the remaining way of spying on someone’s Whatsapp messages. In fact, all the messages, photos, and videos are stored on the target phone’s Google Drive account for backup. Thus, you can use Google Drive Back-Up for spying.

Here are what you have to do:

  1. Synchronize the target device with Google Drive.
  2. Make sure all Google Play Services are available on the target’s phone.
  3. Fulfill the prerequisites.
  4. Start backing up Whatsapp from the target’s phone to the Google Drive account.
  5. Add Gmail account on the new device at which you want to retrieve the backup.
  6. Make sure the phone number of the new device is same with that of the target’s phone.
  7. Install Whatsapp on the new device.
  8. Verify using the verification code.
  9. Restore all the messages on the new device from the Google Drive of the added Gmail account.
  10. Once the restoration process is complete, you will have an access to see all of the details of Whatsapp including the chat history.


Final Words

Overall, it is always possible to spy on somebody else’s Whatsapp. There have been some methods we have already shared above. mSpy is one of the spy apps that is commonly used. It is noticeably easy to use.

MAC Spoofing is rarely used due to its difficult way while using Whatsapp Web is lots easier but requires you to reach the target’s phone first. Using Google Drive Backup is also possible but it comes with the complicated steps.

Based on our review on how to spy on someone’s Whatsapp, using the phone number of the target is much simpler and easier. You need only to have “Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool” tool on your device and fill in the target’s phone number in the provided space. Voila! Enjoy spying finally.

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