How to Uninstall and Remove Unwanted Software Easily with IObit Uninstaller?

We know that most Windows-based programs have their own uninstall tools you can access in their folder. But sometimes, looking for that one specific tool is tedious and time-consuming as there are too many folders and paths to look into. You can spend not minutes but hours just to find that one small tool.

But now, be free from all those problems. There’s always a way where you can remove the exact program without the need to search for its removal tool. The answer is IObit Uninstaller, a simple utility tool that helps to remove unwanted programs.


How to Uninstall and Remove Unwanted Software Easily with IObit Uninstaller? 1


Similar to any other uninstallers, this software is also free to use. But, you can always buy the Pro license to get even better features. The yearly cost is around $14.77 for a PC and $16.77 for three.

However, you don’t need the Pro version if you just wish to use it as a removal tool. But with the Pro, you can get additional tools that might be helpful for your work, like automatic updates and technical support.


Not Only a Software Removal Tool

At this point, we understood that IObit Uninstaller works as the name implies as a tool to remove computer programs. But there’s way more than that. Besides its main function as a removal tool, you can also enjoy its ability to remove unwanted browser plugins, do automatic updates, and others.

It’s an all-in-one utility tool that lets you do everything easier. With it, it’s now possible to do the regular update, app removal, and cleaning within a single program.

IObit Uninstaller also supports rating Windows apps, which helps users make a wiser decision when they want to remove unwanted Windows Apps. What’s more, the optimized Software Updater now supports updating more popular programs, like AnyDesk, Calibre, Discord, LibreOffice, and qBittorrent.


Easy to Use Interface

To install this software, you need to prepare a small amount of storage. It’s around 22.9 MB download and will expand upon installation.

Looking at the interface, it’s clean but not sleek enough to be said as a premium tool. The app, however, is intuitive. It succeeded in organizing things into a simple interface that makes it easier to use by anybody.



Starting at fifteen dollars monthly, you can have technical support by paying the Pro subscription. It’s a nice-to-have feature to help you solve any technical problems you might’ve encountered. However, the free users are also given an option to understand the app better by looking at the manuals.

Articles on its official website explain the app’s features, processes, possible problems, and more. Although it won’t give you a clear answer straight away, at least you already have the guidance you could follow. For the common problems, seek the FAQ section to find similar problems and the answers for your troubles.

The software also has a forum, but it looks inactive due to some reasons. Although the website suggests you have technical support in the Pro version, you can do the same thing by submitting a support ticket even though you don’t have a Pro license.


In Summary

In short, IObit Uninstaller is a working tool for managing software on your computer. It packs the ability to do automatic updates, easily remove any program, and even additional support. You’ll have a useful utility program at your disposal by having this tool around.

With the deep and useful advantages, completed with an intuitive interface, this software is surprisingly one of the best uninstaller programs that are available for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and even Windows XP. Freely unlock other features by buying the Pro license.

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