Two-Way SMS: How to Send & Receive Texts Using 2-Way SMS Messaging

When it comes to building a rapport with your customers, 2-way messaging is the next big bet. Texting is simple and straightforward for both parties thereby saving time and giving your customers instant access to you.


What is 2-way SMS?

Two-way SMS is the exchange of text messages between a business and its customers. Sometimes called “1-to-1 messaging”, two-way texting allows your customers to reach you via text any time, which saves time and ensures you’re not missing out on solving your customers’ problems, new sales, or bookings.

2-way texting can also be combined with personalization, automation, and CRM integrations to create a powerful conversational messaging strategy that puts your clients first.

Two-Way SMS: How to Send & Receive Texts Using 2-Way SMS Messaging 1

Why should you use 2-way SMS for your business?

2-way SMS messaging from a reliable 2-way SMS provider opens the door for more revenue-driving opportunities that include

  • Re-engaging lost leads
  • Driving more reviews
  • Offering targeted upgrades
  • Automating lead qualification


How to send and receive texts using 2-way SMS

Building a healthy and personal connection with your audience is one of the best investments you can make. Successful brand communications strategies are founded on building lasting relationships with the audience and not just having a one-way conversation where the company dominates the narrative.

This is why we’ve developed a bulk SMS service that gives you the chance to build and grow customer relationships and amass business intelligence. 


Find a reliable bulk SMS messaging platform

There are a million and one platforms out there that offer 2-way messaging and this is where you have to find the one that works best for your business and if possible find a cloud communication platform that humanizes communication with your audience on the highest level.

Find a reliable bulk SMS messaging platform


Start with a catchy message

Think of it like you are trying to woo someone of the opposite sex like in the Bollywood movies. There’s dancing, there’s a party and it is colorful to watch. Your first message must be that way. Short enough to capture their attention and long enough to get them to want to respond. Ensure you’re saying something interesting and impactful because customers want to talk back to you on this channel. The personal touch also goes a long way for customer service. 

A simple “How are you today?” message can translate into some serious brand affinity.

But be sure it’s compliant and you have your customer’s permission

To build your customer database, you need consent to engage with a customer. Obtaining consent for the first time is critical, but it is an affirmation that your texts are welcome.


Continue the conversation

What makes 2-way SMS so desirable is that after the initial contact, you can follow up with information about updates, solve issues, push promotions, and even invitations to take part in surveys.

This establishes a personalized experience by building on what you already know they want to know about and need. You can use the data you gather with each interaction to build on that value and generate new channels for more profitable conversations.


With a great hook, expect a reply

Once your customers see real value in your texts or see 2-way SMS as a convenient way to get things done, your inbox will seldom be empty.

So how do you start? Let’s dive in.


2-way SMS: best practices

You should adopt the following best practices when using 2-way SMS.

  • Ensure that you have the receiver’s conscious consent to receive text messages from your business
  • Always provide authentic and useful information.
  • Keep all messages short and concise.
  • Be mindful of your customer’s preferences when requesting feedback.
  • Engage your clients only in ways they prefer.
  • Remember that every message is a chance to build trust and goodwill or to lose them.


Use 2-way SMS to go beyond transactional messaging

2-way SMS messaging has great potential for engaging customers and increasing revenue. Once implemented into your marketing strategy, you can engage in 2-way messaging to begin building relationships with new customers and clients.

BSG makes the process of getting started with two-way SMS easy for you to see how easy it is to create your first SMS campaign, sign up to BSG here and start creating your 2-way messaging campaign.

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