How To Use A Popup Lightbox In A Blog Post

A lightbox popup is a type of web design often used by companies to draw attention to important announcements, bonuses, or special offers. A lightbox popup can either be triggered on-demand or proactively shown at a predetermined time and date.

It is undeniable that popups are super annoying. But what if you could use them to increase conversions and boost your blog? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of using a lightbox popup so you can finally take advantage of this powerful tool.


What Is A Lightbox Popup And How Does It Work?

A lightbox popup is an overlay that appears when a visitor scrolls over or clicks on an area of your site. Popups are commonly used to capture attention and ask users to subscribe, offer free content, or download something. In most cases, they are being used to encourage the user to take some action that results in an immediate (or at least very soon) reward for the user.


Lightbox Popup Types

Lightbox popup comes in different shapes and sizes. Different types of lightboxes are better suited to certain purposes than others. The following sections will cover the main lightbox popup types and provide a few examples of companies that use them in their marketing.


Email Lightbox

Email lightboxes are designed to encourage users to sign up for your email list. They usually appear when the user scrolls over a banner, button, or CTA link on your website – frequently when they’re about to leave your site! This type of lightbox is often used by businesses that rely on email marketing or brands that want customers to stay current on their latest product releases.


Image Lightbox

Image lightboxes are similar to email lightboxes but only appear when the user reaches for a specific page on your website. For example, if you have a landing page with a large image of your latest product, you could use an image lightbox to encourage visitors to click on the image and take action. You can also use them to collect email addresses or to ask customers to sign up for an email newsletter.


Video Lightbox

Video lightboxes are designed to encourage users to watch a video on your website. They are triggered when the visitor hovers their mouse over the video player or right-clicks on it and then clicks Play in the popup menu that appears by default. Video lightboxes are great for promoting your latest product or service, providing educational value, or simply getting a reaction from the visitor.


Mobile Lightbox

Mobile lightboxes appear on our mobile devices in a similar manner to desktop lightboxes. They can be used to encourage users to take action and download an app, fill out an online form, or click on special offers exclusive to mobile users – they can even be used in place of your full website on small screens!


Upsell Lightbox

Upsell lightboxes are designed to get customers to buy more. They usually appear when the user is adding something to their shopping cart or is about to leave your site. The e-commerce objective of an upsell lightbox is usually obvious: it has a limited number of products available, and customers can only purchase the item when the lightbox appears. The original product might even be reduced in price if the customer buys more products, too!


When Should You Use Lightbox Popups?

Generally speaking, you should use a popup lightbox only when you have a specific goal in mind and when it is relevant and helpful to your visitors. If you use it simply because it’s there, you’re most likely wasting its potential.


To Share An Important Announcement

If you’re trying to get your users to take action, it makes sense to use a popup lightbox and trigger it on demand. For example, if you have an important announcement that you’d like to share with interested users, give them a heads-up about the upcoming event or news by triggering a popup lightbox (in the right place on your site) at a time when people are most likely to see it.


To Onboard A New User

E-mail lightboxes are a great way to welcome new subscribers, answer any questions they might have, and provide useful tips on how to get the most out of your emails.


To Promote A Big Discount

Lightbox popups can be used to promote certain discounts or special offers that are only valid for a limited time – or even just one-day offers! You could trigger an image lightbox to appear right when the user reaches the page where your request is featured and then ask them to take action while they’re interested in purchasing on your site.


To Share A Message On Exit

If you want to persuade your visitors to take action while they’re still on your site, use a popup lightbox. This way, the popup will appear right before they leave the website, thus allowing them to see what’s in store and taking them by surprise. You can also use popups to encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer.


The Bottom Line

Popups are a powerful tool that can be used to promote your products, services, and anything else you think would be useful for your visitors. They can also serve a very specific purpose, prompting users to take action on a particular page.

They can also be used to celebrate milestones and share important news with visitors or encourage them to sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to an e-mail list. We know that there are a lot of different purposes in mind when it comes to popup lightboxes; they all make sense when they are used thoughtfully, with attention paid to the goals you want them to accomplish.

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