How to Use Paypal On Amazon

Can you use PayPal on Amazon? Currently, it’s emerging as one of the most debated questions. However, it’s mainly due to the reason as a good number of buyers use PayPal. For most of us, it’s the primary payment option while shopping online.

But, many times, you see the absence of the PayPal option at Amazon Payment Portals. But why is it? Perhaps this question has also tickled your mind if you’re also a new buyer or an existing buyer of Amazon. So, let’s make things easier. Can you use PayPal on Amazon? Surprisingly, the answer is “NO.”

Amazon doesn’t accept payment from PayPal. But it isn’t the whole truth. You can’t use it directly for several reasons, but there are some possible ways to do it. In this article, we’ll talk over the significant points that’ll clear your entire doubt regarding this hard-to-believe fact.


How do you use Paypal on Amazon?

Why Amazon Doesn’t Accept PayPal? It might be creating a mind-boggling situation for you that why Amazon does not accept PayPal? Though there are many misconceptions around this topic. In a nutshell, if we take a look at a few years back and check out the history of PayPal, so earlier, the brand was a part of eBay.

eBay has always been one of the biggest competitors of Amazon. From 2002 to 2015, PayPal and eBay were supposed to be one. There was a time when both these ‘today’s big brands’ were linked together. But over time, both PayPal and eBay emerged in the market with their own individual brand names, and currently, both are doing billion-dollar businesses around the world.

Now the biggest question is, how does it impact Amazon? However, both these big-names in the online marketplace have split into two independent brands; still, PayPal and eBay are strong partners. Hence, it’s all about competition. Now, you might wonder.


How Is PayPal A Competitor To Amazon?

Most people believe that PayPal and eBay’s strong link with each other creates a hitch for Amazon. Owing to this, Amazon doesn’t allow users to use PayPal while purchasing its product. So let’s clear it to you. You can’t use PayPal on Amazon, not because of the reason stated above, but there’s another critical reason behind it.

PayPal is one of the popular payment channels. But it’s a direct competitor of Amazon because Amazon too runs its own “Amazon Pay” services. Lots of retailers, buyers, and third parties use Amazon Pay to make and accept payments.

Hence, by inviting PayPal, Amazon doesn’t want to see a drop in the usage of its services. The ‘big billion-dollar’ revenue that the company is currently generating might get significantly impacted after this. But it doesn’t end here. You can use PayPal on Amazon under some conditions.


Can I Use PayPal In The Future On Amazon?

At present, the growing competition between both PayPal and Amazon is providing a clear insight that in the years ahead, Amazon will not integrate the PayPal option in its payment portal.

Though the futuristic conditions may probably force these two giants to work together, currently, it’s very obvious that you can’t expect it. Amazon has built its own payment option. Hence it completely eliminates the need for PayPal.

Still, PayPal has built a vast customer base over time. Hence if Amazon ever wishes to look after customer’s choices, so possible Amazon soon makes the PayPal option accessible for its customers. But there are fewer chances that it’ll happen because from a business point of view, by doing this, Amazon will be killing its own Payment mode that’s currently in the growing stage.


How To Use PayPal To Pay For Amazon?

Now, you’ve got a full-fledged idea why Amazon doesn’t accept PayPal for payments. But don’t worry, there are two popular ways people opt to use PayPal while shopping online on Amazon. Though it’s very clear that you cannot use ‘PayPal’ on Amazon directly, these two indirect ways will help you out in purchasing products through this unaccepted payment mode by Amazon.


Using Amazon Gift Cards:

Possible that most of you have never considered this option, but it’s one of the popular methods to use PayPal for Amazon’s product. You can purchase an Amazon gift card via a PayPal account.

Amazon Gift Cards


However, there’re many ways of purchasing the Amazon gift card using PayPal Balance. After purchasing it, you can use this card for shopping on Amazon. Of course, you’ll feel it is simple as you usually buy the product from Amazon. Still, you’ll have to be careful while purchasing these Amazon gift cards. You may find plenty of fake sites selling gift cards at low prices.


Using PayPal Cash Card:

It’s another popular method if you want to use PayPal balance for shopping on Amazon. However, only those users pick this option who either regularly or often purchase products from Amazon.

PayPal Cash Card


That’s, it’s also called a business Debit Master Card that you can get from PayPal.

PayPal Prepaid Debit Card:

PayPal Prepaid Debit cards are allowed to be used on Amazon by UK and US users only. Since these cards are powered by MasterCard, Amazon also accepts them in these countries.

PayPal Prepaid Debit Card


Transfer Money:

In the end, you get the only option to move the funds from PayPal Balance to your Bank Account or any Payment mode that Amazon accepts.

Though, it seems an obvious option as there’s nothing too much special about it. Still, it’s the last and most straightforward way to choose when you are stuck in some situations. Money transfer is easy and hardly takes a few seconds for processing.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I link my PayPal to Amazon?

No, you can’t link PayPal to Amazon, as Amazon doesn’t accept payment through PayPal, and neither do you see it at Amazon Payment Portal.

Can I Shop Online Using PayPal on Amazon In India?

Not only in India but anywhere in the world, you can’t use PayPal to shop on Amazon due to the direct competition between PayPal and Amazon Pay. However, you can buy gift cards using PayPal and use them on Amazon.

How to Apply for the PayPal Prepaid debit card?

You can apply for a PayPal Prepaid Debit card through your PayPal account. More information you get from the official PayPal site in the help section. You’ll find all the information and conditions to become eligible for a PayPal Prepaid debit card.


Conclusion of Using Paypal On Amazon

Here, you’ve got the answer to those burning questions. Next time, whenever you shop on Amazon, don’t forget the information that you’ve come to know through this article about PayPal and Amazon. You can’t use PayPal balance directly for shopping on Amazon; still, the above-stated methods will make it simple for you.

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