How to Write a Check With 6 Simple Ways, Step-by-Step

How to fill out a check? So you want to write a check? Well, this is just the right page to go. Perhaps, you are not really sure about filling the check or you may even doubt how to fill the check correctly. You need somehow an important skill such as where to sign and how to write it with cents.

In this concern, we are coming with the quick how-to to let you know the way to write a check so that you will never doubt about filling the form wherever and whenever you need to. Look at the following review and read each explanation. There are 6 ways to write a check simply, easy and quickly along with the other related information.


How to Write a Check With 6 Simple Ways, Step-by-Step


Step 1: Write Date Check

Date the Check


The first step to write a check is to date the check. This way, you can fill the form by writing the date located on the line at the top right-hand corner. This is an important step to let the bank knows when you write the check.

This is also very important to let the person you are giving the check to know the exact time you write the check so that he/she can predict how many days takes to have the check delivered. Remember, you cannot send the check unless you fill in all the information needed including the date you write the check. You can write the date on the check like an example: November 28, 2021 or you also can write 11/28/2021.


Step 2: Who is The Check Addressed to?

How to fill out a check name


The second way of how to write a check you need to know is to whom you address the check. In this case, you must write the name of a person whom you like to receive the check. In other words, this is the space to write the person’s name or the company’s name that you want to pay.

If you don’t know the exact name of the organization, you can just write “cash”. This is quite risky where the check may get lost or stolen because everyone can cash or deposit the check which is made out to “cash”.

Thus, before sending the check, please make sure you know who the check is addressed to. It is much recommended that you fill this information seriously and not write the anonymous name. It is because a check is dealing with taking money out of your account. Don’t take that big risk.


Step 3: Write The Amount of Payment in Number

Write The Amount of Payment in Number


The third way of filling the check is to write the amount of payment in number. In this step, you have to write the dollar amount numerically for instance $135.50 in the small box provided on the right side. Make sure you write the number correctly and accurately to let the bank subtract the amount from your account. Before you finally send the check, you must check again all of the numbers once again. You can’t deliver your complaint if there is any wrong number in payment after the check is used for withdrawing.


Step 4: Write The Amount of Payment in Words

Write The Amount of Payment in Words


The fourth way of how to write a check is to write the amount of payment in words. There will be the line “Pay to the order of”. Just below this line, you are required to write out the amount of dollars in the box available. For instance, if you are paying $120, you must write “one hundred twenty dollars”. If you write with cents, put the cents amount over 100. For instance, $76.40 will be written “seventy-six dollars and 40/100.”

Writing the dollars amount in words is considered important for a bank to process the check particularly to confirm the correct payment in a total number of payment. Be careful to write the dollars amount in words since there is usually mistake in matching it with the dollar amount you write in number. If the number and words of dollars amount do not match, the bank will not confirm the payment. Otherwise, you will be required to write another check accurately without a single mistake in filling in the data.


Step 5: Write a Memo or For

how to write checks


Writing a memo is the fifth step you need to know in filling the check form. Filling out memo is optional, however, it can be very helpful to let the person know why you write the check and what for?. This is dealing with the purpose why you write the check or even the reason you want to state way you write the check.

For example, if you want to pay a monthly electric bill, you can write “Monthly Electric Bill” in the memo box. Or if you want to pay a rent, you can just write” Monthly Rent” in the memo box. Frequently, when you make a check to pay a bill, the company will ask you to write your account number on the check-in the memo box.

Thus, the memo box is aimed to state the reason why you write a check. It is much suggested that you fill in this information although it is just optional. The clearer information you give, the better information will the person or company get. So, never let your memo box empty.


Step 6: Put a Sign

Put a Sign


Now we go to the last way of how to write a check that is to put a sign. Yup, after filling the date, name, the amount of payment both in number and in words as well as writing the memo, now it turns to put your sign in the sign box.

In this case, you can sign your name on the line located at the bottom right-hand corner using your signature. This signature must be same with the one you used to open the checking account. This will show the bank that you agree and confirm about paying the amount of dollars to the correct payee.

You must also makes sure that the signature you use is same with that you use both in the opening account and in your identity card. It is because the bank often requires you to use the same fixed signature for the fix confirmation. This is much dealing with the data that the bank should have accurately and to avoid the fraud. In short, your real signature will support more security. Check Example above is commonly used in the USA.


Record Your Transactions

Now the question is; is it very important to record every transaction by check? The answer is definitely yes under the reasons that:

  • You need to ensure that you don’t miss a single check and remind yourself to reorder the checks. Take a note or track the transaction you have already made in check by the check number you can find in the top right corner of the check.
  • Take a note of the date you write the check along with the payment description you have stated in Memo box.
  • Subtract the amount of the check, withdrawal, payments, and bank fees.

Well, recording the check transactions is very important. You need exactly to do it for your crucial information dealing with the expense you or your company/organization did. Particularly if you are working for a company and busy around making checks. Recording the transaction by checks is a must. Even for your own personal business no matter it is just a small business you are starting up, record your check to track every payment. Thus, your business will have an accurate amount of expense either by checks or by cash.


Security Tips For Writing A Check

How do I write a check? There are some security tips for writing a check which is necessary to know. Never let the fraud hitting your account by:

  • Making it permanent

Please use a pen whenever you need to write a check. Using a pencil will let anybody to erase and change the amount of your check and the name of the payee. If you make a mistake writing the check, you can write another check or put a small signature on the written information you made wrongly. This is to confirm that you yourself make the change, not anybody else.

  • No blank check

Make sure you don’t sign a check unless you have filled the information about the name of the payee and the amount of dollars as well as other information needed. If you are not sure enough about it, bring your pen to prevent somebody else accesses your checking account. In short, never leave a blank check.

  • Keeping the checks from growing

When it’s time for you to fill the dollar amount in the box, make sure you print the value to prevent scammers from adding the amount by writing the digit next to the digit you write. For example, if you want to write $8.17, put the digit “8” as far to the left as possible. Don’t leave any space that enables the scammers to add one digit, for instance, $ 8.17 becomes $88.17 because there is a space left. Do you get this? Check another example:

$2.90 instead of $ 2.90. Look at the underlined number. There is a little space that enables the scammers to add one digit before 2. It can be changed to $42.90.

  • Using consistent signature

Never take your humor to this case. Use your consistent signature when you have to sign on a check. This will help you and your bank identify the fraud that might occur. The consistent signature will determine the fixed confirmation made by the bank over your check.


Conclusion of Writing a check

Finally, you can conclude that how to write a check is easy. However, you need to make sure that you are able to write the check carefully and accurately. Make sure you fill in all the information or data needed in the space or column provided. Never leave any blank information although you may think that it is not necessary. Notice, all the things dealing with money is necessary and majorly important.

You can check out this review again whenever you want to remind yourself about the right way of writing a check. You can also share this article with your families, friends, roommates, or colleagues. We would be very happy if this article gives you much of the advantage.