How Important Is the Visual Component of the Website and Your Personal Blog

Blogging is a science. There are several tips and tricks that may help inexperienced bloggers reach out to the audience and master their storytelling skills. However, when words alone cannot help you achieve the desired results, visual components should be applied.

Why is it important to include visual elements? Which items may advance the relevance of your website to a completely different level? Keep reading to discover the simplest and most beneficial recommendations of experienced online influencers on how to increase the credibility and visual value of the blog.

Generally, it is inevitable to mention that a single picture is worth a thousand words, so you need to pay ultimate attention to the visual aspect of your website. According to the results of numerous studies, the relevance of the blog depends on several factors, with the visual content being the central one. Thus, if you want to launch a website or start a personal blog, you need to mind several points that may help you prosper.


How Important Is the Visual Component of the Website and Your Personal Blog

How Important Is the Visual Component of the Website and Your Personal Blog


  • Images. Photos are the simplest and the most effective way to make your blog post more interesting and engaging. Does your website look boring? Do not hesitate to add a few pictures to break up the text. However, it is inevitable to watch the quality and relevance of the images you use, as they can either help you popularize the platform or completely ruin its reputation.
  • Illustrations. Stock pictures and infographics are not always effective, so you need to consider alternative ways to keep your audience excited about the content of your blog. It may take some time to create your own illustrations, but the result will be worth every moment you spend to craft it. Make sure your works fall under a specific style of the website and reflect its message.
  • Screenshots. It is always a good idea to let readers be a part of the process. Be honest with the audience and give them a transparent look at different things from your personal perspective. No matter if you want to help readers understand a certain process or just clarify some facts, screenshots may be the best solution.
  • Videos. According to the statistics, over 50% of users prefer content that contains video parts. It is one of the most beneficial elements that can boost the popularity of your blog, making the audience more interested and engaged. Make sure the video you add corresponds to the topic of the page and the theme of the blog.
  • Social posts. Do you want to make your readers interested in every post in your personal blog? Apart from the visual elements that have already been mentioned, an embedded link to your personal social media page is right what you need. It will not only increase the engagement of the current post but will keep readers excited about the upcoming ones.
  • CTAs. If you have never used this element in your texts, now is the right time to get started. A call-to-action is frequently one of the most beneficial ways to make your post more engaging and interesting. Do not forget to watch the style of the CTA, as well as its credibility.
  • Quotes. There is always a place for a powerful quote in your blog post. Irrespective of its style and form, you may consider adding expert thought, which will contribute to the relevance of the whole piece. You can use it as a simple text in the background or together with a corresponding image.
  • GIFs. When it comes to GIFs and memes, it is inevitable to be cautious and thoughtful. There is no way you add some of these elements into a serious text about important issues. However, if your blog post is quite casual, there is always a place for a little humor. Double-check whether you post appropriate content relevant to your audience.

It is critical to remember that blog posts are the bread and butter of the content marketing strategy. The visual components can influence the quality of the page a lot, but the words matter a lot, too. Unfortunately, the traditional instruction on how to write a narrative essay – step by step complete guide to an excellent essay will not help you succeed with the experience. Instead, you need to stay creative, using the most innovative and relevant ways to attract customers. As mentioned by the experts, visual elements can strengthen the words mentioned in the blog. However, you need to craft interesting texts to build a worthy narrative and get an opportunity to diversify it with illustrations, screenshots, videos, and other elements.

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