iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: Reasons and Solutions

If you are an iPhone user, you probably have encountered the issue where the iPhone stuck on Apple logo. This is one of the most common issues happening to the system. And it is pretty common too. All iPhone users may have encountered this issue at least once in their lifetime, so you shouldn’t be overly confused or worried.

Imagine this: Your phone rebooted and you think that everything is fine. But then, your iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Even after waiting and waiting for a while, it stays and the condition doesn’t seem to improve. Then, you try resetting the phone – nothing works. You try plugging it and connecting it to the computer – still nothing improves.

On the contrary to what people believe, there are actually some reasons why such issue happens – and believe it or not, there are also solutions to deal with it. If you know why the problem happens, then you can prevent the future issues from happening again. In general, some of the reasons are quite obvious. However, it isn’t always the case and you are left wondering why it happens at all. So, read on and find the solutions to the issue iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.


What Cause iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Reasons and Solutions

So, in order to understand what really happens to your phone and why iPhone stuck on Apple logo, it is advisable to understand the basic operation of the phone. When the phone starts, you basically activate the processor. The process also involves memory checking and internal components set up.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo


You need to do everything before the phone can perform complex activities, such as running the apps or checking emails. All of these (startup) functions will automatically happen on the background when the iPhone displays the logo.

So, when the iPhone stuck on Apple logo, it means that there isn’t correct happening during the (startup) routine. And the unfortunate thing about the phone is that it can’t scream and ask for a help. It simply stops performing and functioning. It refuses to function. Dead. Black screen and Apple logo. That’s all.


Problem Diagnosis

Now that you already know how iPhone works and why the logo can be stuck on the screen, it’s time for you to figure out the solution. Something must have changed during the startup routine – which results in your phone stops working just like that. Since apps don’t have any access to the phone’s routine, you can’t exactly blame them for the issues.

So, here are some common reasons and possibilities:

  • There is iOS data transfer, restore, and updates – from the computer to the iPhone. They all have access to the (core) functions. It’s possible that they are the cause of the issue. Faulty USB ports, security software, or defective (USB) cables are able to interfere and interact with the data transferring process. When it happens, it will result in software corruption. And such a thing would make the (Apple) logo being stuck on the iPhone.
  • Jailbreaking issue. When you jailbreak your phone, there is always a possibility that such a problem may happen. Well, jailbreaking isn’t ALWAYS causing this issue, but such activity increases the possibility of suffering from this problem. You see, jailbreaking your phone means that you break the restrictions through bypassing the safeguards. Yes, it allows you to access the basic functions of the phone, but when not performed correctly, it will cause such a stuck issue. When you jailbreak, you have to perform a complete restore. It’s just too bad that not many people realize this – or even know about this. When you fail to perform the complete restoration, then your stuck Apple logo would happen.
  • Hardware issue. As it was mentioned before, iPhone will check all of the hardware when startup routine happens. For instance, when you use WiFi, the phone tries to contact it. When it doesn’t get any respond, it waits – until it gets stuck on the logo.


The Right Solutions

So, what should you do when your iPhone stuck on Apple logo? Most people (and most solutions)     may suggest hard reset. It may work for some cases, but you should remember that there is no uniformed solution for all cases and issues. Again, you need to know the exact cause to be able to resolve it.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo: Reasons and Solutions 1


  • Hard Reset the Phone

Okay, so, you do have to reset the phone. But don’t expect it to ALWAYS solve the issue. Hard reset would ‘force’ the phone to turn off – and then on again quickly. In most cases, it may work well for minor glitch. Performing the hard reset isn’t difficult, but the method may be different based on the model.

If you have iPhone 6 model or earlier types, press and then hold Home button together with power button. Keep pressing until you see the logo goes away. Don’t release it just yet. Keep pressing while waiting until the logo reappear again. Only after it happens, you can let go.

If you have iPhone 7 or higher mode, then you need to do it a bit differently. Hold power button together with volume down button. Just like before, keep pressing until the logo goes away and then reappears again.

If you have iPhone 8 or the higher type, press volume up button and release it. And then press the volume down and release again. Then press the side button and hold until the logo goes away and reappears again.


  • iOS Update, Data Transfer, and Restore

If you are using a desktop or a PC, there are so many different things that can go south. It’s because of data transfer involvement in the process. For your PC, your iPhone would be only another external stuff – and other programs can always interfere during these important moments of iOS restore or update. For example, when you use iTunes for iPhone’s software update, the phone would reboot. It means that it would turns off and then on again right away during the updating process.

However, your PC will see it as your action to unplug and then plug it back again. During this, the antivirus would interfere and interrupt data transfer because it wants to scan it. In the end, iTunes cancels the update – while the iPhone would be remain only half-updated – and completely unusable. Sometimes, the phone can recover itself. But it is also possible that the phone may be stuck on the logo.


  • Check USB Port and USB Cable

Defective (USB) cables as well as the ports can cause issues to the data transfer process. As it was mentioned before, we are talking about data transfer, which means that it should happen undisturbed. But when there is defect or faulty to the cable or the port, the process will be disturbed – and it will corrupt the software on your iPhone. Try connecting your phone with another cable. Try to connect it to different port as well. If it is possible, use another PC or laptop so you can figure out the exact source of the issue.


  • The Fix

In the event that you have tried everything (all the mentioned steps above and even others) and your logo is somewhat still stuck on the screen, maybe it’s time to consult a professional. It’s likely that you need a professional assistance instead of trying to do the fix all by yourself. If the phone still has its warranty, then Apple can cover the repair – provided that there are no other damages found within it.


Final Words

In the end, it’s up to you to decide which one to choose. If you have tried all available and possible options and it doesn’t show any fruitful results, then you may have to turn to a professional service. If you do, make sure that they are official, qualified, certified, and legit. You can try several methods for solutions if your iPhone stuck on Apple logo, but you should also know when to stop and ask for help.

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