Is GTA 5 Cross Platform? What You Should Know about It

Is GTA 5 cross-platform? You may be wondering about that as you are playing the game – either you have started way before or you just begin your adventure. Despite the ‘nagging’ question about cross-platform ability, you have to admit that GTA has made itself a legend in the gaming industry. I mean, who hasn’t heard about the game, anyway? Aside from the unique point of view (from a gaming perspective as the ‘bad guy’), the game offers other interesting elements that include fun, excitement, challenges, and action. Who doesn’t like those combinations, anyway?


About GTA 5

GTA or Grand Theft Auto is one game with the longest-running series. GTA 5 is designed as an action-adventure game, released in 2013. Rockstar North was the one responsible for the development while Rockstar Games was the publisher. The GTA 4 was released in 2008 and GTA 5 was launched 5 years later.

Is GTA 5 Cross Platform


It is about 3 main characters of Trevor Philips (an arm smuggler and drug dealer), Franklin Clinton (a street gangster), and Michael De Santa (a retired bank robber). They are under pressure from powerful criminals and (corrupt) government agency – while at the same time trying to commit heists. The setting is San Andreas, a fictional city in Los Santos – whose inspiration was taken from Los Angeles. You can play within a first person perspective or the third person type. Gamers can control the three characters, switching characters to one another.

The game has the online version – GTA Online. It is a multiplayer game, enabling 30 gamers to work together, interact, and communicate in various competitive and cooperative gaming modes. One of the most crucial questions about the game is about the ability to play and interact through different gaming platforms. So, is GTA 5 cross platform? To answer that, we need to understand the condition of the company, the popularity of the game, and the various reasons that drive the company to do what they have to do.


Is GTA 5 Cross-Platform?

When it comes to the easiness to play the game, it is quite ‘normal’ when gamers start question is GTA 5 cross-platform. In gaming, having cross-platform support would make it more convenient to play the game – it offers flexibility, versatility, and freedom. Gamers are free to use whatever platform or console they like without having to compromise the fun and comfort in the game.

is gta 5 cross platform ps4 and xbox


The support for cross platform has been an issue ever since Rockstar brought this GTA 5 from PS3 and Xbox 360 – to the current console generations. The need to have a cross platform easiness is growing since many of the popular games today, like Rocket League or Minecraft, has implemented such a technology. Those two games are the example games that have made cross platform support popular. Many gamers are still left wondering is GTA 5 cross platform because there hasn’t been any sign that shows such a thing. They are hoping that Rockstar would consider having a multi system integration so they can enjoy the game in different platforms.

So, is GTA 5 cross platform? Not at all. Rockstar has released several (and different) versions of this games within various systems and storefronts, but the game itself doesn’t support cross platform. You are able to play GTA 5 ONLY with other gamers within the same system (as you are). Although there is the so-called GTA Online, the mechanism and the concept are just the same.

Some gamers hope that games may release the crossplay version (as what happens to Fall Guys games), but it is highly likely that such a thing won’t be happening in the near future.

If you play the game on PC, you’d know that GTA 5 is available and ready on Social Club launcher (this is the special Rockstar’s pick), Epic Games Store, and Steam. For consoles, there are different versions for them. There are different versions for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 – and there are confirmed upcoming updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X.


Reasons for the Absence

It seems that Rockstar focuses on selling the game’s copies (and they are more interested in reaping more profits) across systems. Considering that GTA 5 has been around for 7 years and the company still doesn’t seem to release the cross platform support, it’s obvious that they aren’t going to release any support soon enough. Instead of enabling gamers to play together (with different consoles and systems), the game ‘forces’ players to use the already available copy. In business point of view, what Rockstar does is smart and profitable – for their parts. But from gamers’ point of view, such action isn’t exactly favorable.

Is GTA 5 Cross Platform? What You Should Know about It 1


Rockstar makes sure that game would be available on different (and many) platforms although they have to split the player base – quite unnecessarily. The company is adamant on keeping their ‘hard to get’ attitude considering that GTA 5 has been known as one of the best selling and most popular games ever – defeated only by Tetris and Minecraft. GTA 5 has tons of players that keep the servers busy and full within all platforms. With the known fact that Dauntless and Fornite have made cross platform support possible, it is only clear that we won’t find such a thing with GTA 5.

It’s quite understandable either, considering that the company will have to give up their profits and the possibility to mine more and more money if they ever release the cross platform support. Epic Online Services, for instance, has released the crossplay support, just like what happened to Fortnite). And gamers love it so much because they are able to play it for free – for every platform. I don’t think Rockstar is ready to lose money in such a way.

If there is ever something interesting about cross progression, it is about GTA Online, by the way. In 2014, Rockstar made a switch to Xbox One and PS4. At that time, they supported cross progression function in a limited manner. In this manner, players on Xbox 360 and PS3 could ‘transfer’ their character in GTA Online to PC, Xbox One, or PS4. Sounds like an interesting feature and offer, right? Well, the fun didn’t last long. The transfer could only happen one time. And then, the company ended the transfer support in 2017. It was such a short-lived fun.

Such a thing doesn’t matter anymore considering that GTA 5 will be come to Xbox Series X and PS5. Rockstar hasn’t said anything about the possibility of transfer program, or such thing alike, but many have predicted that the company would repeat what they had done in 2014. They may ‘revoke’ the character’s one time transfer to the next generation.

There is even an argument (and debate) considering the crossplay and cross save feature. Some say that such a thing may not be likely due to the exclusive content (well, some of them). However, Activision doesn’t seem to have such an issue when they implement such a thing with their Call of Duty: Warzone. Hopefully, Rockstar would see around and be ‘inspired’ by Apex Legends (that decides to go into mainstream platform) and recent success of the Warzone – they may come around and decide to have cross progression (the full type) within GTA.

However, still, such a thing has a very slim chance. Although the game has been around for 7 year, it still has good record sales. Is GTA 5 cross platform for now? No, it isn’t. And big chances it won’t be either in the near future.


Final Words

It would be a good idea for Rockstar to start thinking about the cross-platform support. They may have satisfying profits for now, but how long will it last? Before fans start to leave them (and the game) behind, they need to come up with promising and beneficial potential – at least for gamers. So, if you have had nagging question about is GTA 5 cross-platform, the answer is no – hopefully, not yet.

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