Is it Safe to Buy Fortnite Accounts? Downsides and Risks

Fortnite is one of the most popular games right now, especially among younger generations. With its unique battle royale gameplay and regular updates, Fortnite continues to captivate millions of players worldwide. However, not everyone has the time or patience to level up their own account from scratch. This has led to a thriving marketplace for pre-leveled Fortnite accounts for sale. While it may seem convenient to purchase an account rather than level up your own, there are some important safety and ethical concerns to consider before buy fortnite accounts.

What are Fortnite Accounts?

Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer video games in the world. When players first start playing Fortnite, they create a Fortnite account which allows them to access the game. On the account, players collect skins, dances, progress through seasons and levels, and unlock achievements.

Is it Safe to Buy Fortnite Accounts? Downsides and Risks 1

Fortnite accounts have become a commodity that can be bought and sold. Some players want to skip the grind and purchase an account that already has rare skins, high levels, and other exclusive items unlocked. Meanwhile, other players may want to sell their accounts if they are no longer interested in playing Fortnite.

Why People Buy Fortnite Accounts?

There are a few key reasons why people decide to buy Fortnite accounts rather than level up their own:

Rare Skins – Some skins in Fortnite are extremely rare and only available for a limited time. By purchasing an account, buyers can get rare skins they otherwise may never obtain. This allows them to flex their rare skins on other players.

Higher Level – Reaching max level in Fortnite takes a very long time. Some players want the prestige and status of having a high account level to show off their experience, but don’t want to invest the hours required to level up their own account. Buying a high level account saves this time investment.

Good Stats – Similar to level, stats like wins, kill count and win ratio take a significant amount of playtime to build up. Some players feel satisfaction from having impressive public stats to share, without wanting to grind the matches needed themselves.

Not Enough Time – For casual or more occasional Fortnite players, the time commitment required to earn all the cosmetics and achievements may not fit their schedule. Buying an account is more time efficient for these players.

So in summary, buying Fortnite accounts allows instant access to rare items, high levels of progression and strong stats – things that usually require extensive playtime to achieve. This is appealing for the prestige and flexibility it provides players.

Risks of Buying Fortnite Accounts

However, there are some serious downsides and risks to consider before purchasing a Fortnite account:

Is it Safe to Buy Fortnite Accounts? Downsides and Risks 2

Account Theft

One of the biggest worries is that the person who made the account could steal it back. If they did not set up good password protection before selling it, there is a chance they could easily take the account back after someone buys it.

If the original person takes the account back, the new buyer would no longer be able to use the account. Any money spent to buy the account would be lost. The buyer would not get to play with the skins, levels or other things in the account anymore.

Setting a strong, private password helps but is not foolproof. A determined original owner might still find a way to regain entry if they wanted. Things like adding extra security steps provide some added protection but are still not guaranteed against skilled hackers.

Overall, without the protection of the game company, there is a real threat of losing the account and money to the first person. Good passwords are still not a perfect fix to this worry when buying from strangers.


Some account sellers online or that you meet are not honest. They just want to take your money without giving you the account. This type of scam happens a lot.

It’s hard to know for sure an account is real before buying it. Scammers hide the truth to make a fake account sound like a good deal. They take the money and run, leaving the buyer with nothing.

Common scams include sellers blocking contact after being paid. Or making up nice-looking fake accounts with made up pictures and details of accounts they don’t truly own. It’s difficult to tell real sellers from scammers without proof the account works like the seller claims.

Basically, some account vendors are dishonest people looking to trick buyers out of their cash. Since it’s tough to verify an account upfront, buying from strangers leaves you at risk of scam. You could end up losing money for nothing in return.

Against Epic Terms of Service And Account Disabled by Epic

The company that made Fortnite, called Epic Games, does not let people buy or sell their accounts. It is against their rules.

If Epic finds out someone bought an account that originally belonged to someone else, they may cancel the account. This is called being banned.

When an account is banned, the new owner loses access to play the game or use anything in the account like skins. All the time and money put into it would be wasted.

Epic makes the rules for how accounts can be used. If they learn ownership switched hands without permission, they have the power to shut the account down. This means the buyer risks losing everything even after successfully buying from someone.

So in summary, account buying breaks Epic’s rules. And Epic can end accounts that don’t follow the rules, costing the new owners all their investment with no way to keep playing or get refunds for their purchase.

Could Lose Access

Even after buying an account, problems could still happen. The first person who made the account still has the password and email address to log in.

If any issues come up later, the original owner could tell Epic the account was stolen from them. Epic would most likely believe the first person over the new buyer.

This means the first person has the power to easily take back control by saying they lost access. Epic would then lock the new owner out to give the account back to who they see as the real owner.

There is nothing protecting the buyer’s ownership if this happens. All the money and time invested could suddenly be lost just because the original creator claimed it was stolen from them at any point in the future. The new owner may have no choice but to stop using the account forever.

Stolen Credit Cards

It’s possible the account was made in a dishonest way to start with, like using a stolen credit card without permission. Then real owner could report it stolen later.

If Epic finds out money was taken illegally to build the account, they may need to delete everything to avoid more trouble. This could cause the whole account to get permanently removed, even after someone else buys it completely legally.

The new buyer wouldn’t know the past history. But actions from before they got it could still impact things down the road outside their control. All progress could get erased in an instant through no fault of their own. It’s a risk that the past catches up.

No Recourse

Account buying happens without the game company’s approval. So it’s not covered by normal buying protection rules.

If anything bad happens after buying an account, there is no one to ask for refunds or fixes. The sellers won’t give money back since it’s not a real store.

Epic also can’t help solve disputes between strangers because they didn’t arrange the sale. If issues come up or access gets lost, the new owner likely has zero options left to try resolving it. They just have to deal with losing what they spent.

Basically, when problems occur there are no officials or laws in place to assist. The buyer stands alone with no recourse available if anything goes wrong with the purchase afterward.

How to Reduce Risks of Buying Accounts

Is it Safe to Buy Fortnite Accounts? Downsides and Risks 3

If a player still feels the rewards outweigh the risks and chooses to purchase a Fortnite account, there are some steps that could help mitigate dangers:

  • Use a Safe Payment Method – Only paying with payment platforms that offer purchase protection/chargebacks in case of fraud or non-delivery of goods. Avoid direct transfers of money wherever possible.
  • Research the Seller – Look for trusted sellers with good reviews, long histories, and profiles across multiple platforms. New or anonymous sellers are much higher risk.
  • Test the Account Thoroughly – Make sure the account is actually sign inable, all promised skins and items are present before finalizing payment. Don’t finalize until you’ve verified ownership.
  • Use an Escrow Service – Some sites offer an escrow/mediator service where funds aren’t released to the seller until the buyer confirms receiving what was promised. This adds protection vs direct sales.
  • Purchase Cheap Accounts Only – The more money spent, the more incentive there is for fraud. Stick to cheaper, less desirable accounts to minimize losses if anything goes wrong.
  • Read Refund Policies Carefully – Make sure of what is allowed to be refunded and covered if issues arise post-purchase for the specific site/seller rules.

So in summary, mitigating risks is possible but not guaranteed. Caution is still strongly advised given the inherent dangers of the gray market of buying and selling game accounts legally belongs to their creators.

Benefits of Buying Accounts

On the plus side, buying Fortnite accounts does allow new or casual players to jump ahead and access advanced customization options, rare skins, and more prestige right away rather than grinding for them. This can make the game more immediately fun and satisfying for those with limited free time to invest.

Accounts for sale may also contain exclusive promotional skins that are no longer obtainable through normal gameplay. Collecting rare skins is a big part of the appeal for some Fortnite players. Buying an account saves the effort of trying to trade for these kinds of exclusive items.

The cost of an established high-tier Fortnite account can also be cheaper than spending real money on skins, emotes, and upgrades through the in-game store over many months of regular play. It depends on the specifics, but buying can represent a time-saving, cost-effective alternative for gaining access to premium features.

Alternatives to Purchasing Accounts

Is it Safe to Buy Fortnite Accounts? Downsides and Risks 4

Rather than risk the downsides of buying Fortnite accounts, there are some safer ways new players can accelerate their experience:

  • Ask friends or family if you can use their account temporarily to try out different items and get a feel for advanced gameplay. Most will be happy to share since it doesn’t require giving away ownership.
  • Check sites like eBay where some sellers do offer account upgrades and guaranteed access for a limited trial period rather than a permanent sale. This reduces risks of scam or bans compared to shady black market resellers.
  • Focus on obtaining exclusive promotional items through giveaways, contests, and official partnerships rather than the secondary market. Major companies run plenty of sanctioned promotions.
  • Be patient and enjoy unlocking items gradually through normal gameplay. Part of the fun is customizing your character as your skills improve over many matches. Don’t feel pressured into risky shortcuts.
  • Consider alternative games where progression feels more balanced between skill, effort, and cosmetics unlocks if instant prestige is a high priority. Fortnite prioritizes long-term engagement.
  • Trusted services exist which allow renting high-level profiles for a limited duration, avoiding commitment while still experiencing desired items temporarily. However, costs may still be high.


In summary, while the appeal of access to rare skins is understandable, buying Fortnite accounts outright from anonymous sellers does involve significant risks that aren’t worth it for most people. The potential for account bans, scams, loss of access, and support issues outweigh any short-term benefits. Safer options like using a friend’s account temporarily, limited rentals from reputable sellers, or patience with normal gameplay are better choices for new players focused on progression. Ultimately, your Fortnite experience will be most secure and enjoyable by earning upgrades through legitimate gameplay.

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