Is Netflix down Right Now? How to Check It?

You often ask yourself is Netflix down right now – and you start to wonder whether it is normal or not. Well, rest assured that it is pretty normal and you aren’t alone. In most cases, 9 times (out of 10) the issue happens because of the provider – not you. Most users, who want to access Netflix and they can’t, say that the issue comes from the provider. The most typical reason is because their servers are shut down within different locations and spots.

For some people, they use the VPN that can unblock Netflix, but you need to know that such a solution may be temporary. Moreover, not all VPNs are able to unblock Netflix – only some are proven to be quite powerful and solid enough to break through the service’s restriction. So, in the event that you can’t access Netflix, what would be the proper way to deal with it?


Is Netflix down Right Now? How to Check It?

The question of is Netflix down right now is crucial – considering that the service has become one of the biggest (and also most powerful) video streaming in the world. It has become people’s main source of entertainment. So, when it is down, a lot of people would be left without any entertainment at all – and it can cause a huge problem.

Is Netflix down Right Now


When you can’t access Netflix, it’s not entirely your fault. There are actually many reasons why the service isn’t accessible. The possibilities include Internet connection, third-party hardware, server locations’ change, or apps reliance. All of these conditions would lead to the question is Netflix down right now.

When you can’t access the Netflix, here are some things that you can do to resolve the problem. Keep in mind that these AREN’T stages. Each of them is a separate different solutions:

  • Log out from your Netflix account and then log back again
  • Sign out from all of your devices with your Netflix account. Afterward, wait for a while, and then sign back again.
  • You can try updating your Netflix app. In most cases, users don’t know that updates have been available and they need to make it up-to-date to work properly. In others, you may have to uninstall and then reinstall it again.
  • Restart the device. Give it around 3 seconds (for buffering) before you turn it on again
  • Update you device – whether it is Android or the operating system of your device
  • If you use a console (such as Xbox or PlayStation), please check whether it is the console that is being down. If they are the root cause, then it will affect the Netflix
  • In case you are using Samsung Smart TV, you need to access the Settings and disable it. Turn Samsung Instant On off by going to ‘Settings’ and pick ‘General’ to get the right and instant solution.


Fixing up the Errors

So, is Netflix down right now? These are the solutions that you can opt for.

  • Troubleshoot the device. You want to find out whether the problem is from your Netflix account, from Netflix app itself, or your internet connection. It’s okay to access Outage Map to see all people being affected by the Netflix issue. This map works on the global scale and it gives you general view of those having problems accessing the service too – just like you.
  • If you see an error notification or message, then go to Netflix Help Center. Access the search bar and type in what kind of error you are having. This method, however, won’t work if you don’t have any message – your screen is just pitch black.
  • If you still get ‘failed sign in’ message even after you have tried several solutions, go to the Help Center. While at it, you can check other accounts and confirm whether they have made changes on the password. Don’t forget that you should also check whether you have hit the limit for amount of devices that are allowed to be connected to your Netflix altogether.
  • Try to check whether you can access other sites or not. If you can’t, it is highly likely that you don’t have any internet connection. If that’s the case, then it’s your connection that is the source of the problem – not Netflix app itself. But you may want to restart it again so it will work smoothly
  • Even if you have working and connected internet connection, do you have enough speed to stream the service? Netflix can be your greatest source of entertainment, but it needs a certain amount of (connection) speed. So, if you are connected to the net but you don’t have enough speed, then you won’t be able to access Netflix smoothly. Moreover, don’t forget to check your speed limits. Go to speed test sites to check whether you have reached those limits.


The Outage Map

Outage Map helps to understand how Netflix interruptions can work in a global setting. The map would demarcate geographical locations where the latest and newest stoppage happens. But you need to remember that this map only reveals destinations number – it refers to the location where the interruption happened for each reported outage. The map won’t show the intensity of the outage. If you want to be sure about the exact cause and also the right solution, you need to contact Netflix Help Center.


Higher and More Advanced Solutions

So, you have done the ‘check’ examination and you have seen the green bar. And yet, you are still unsuccessful in accessing Netflix. You may have to try other solutions. And there are still some solutions that you can try to address the question is Netflix down right now.


Is Netflix down


Fixing up the Browser

Whenever you visit a site, the browser would automatically keep your information and history – it would be recorded. The browser would keep it in the format of cookies and caches. What’s the purpose? Whenever you visit the site again in the future, the browser can load it faster – so it is basically for faster loading process. However, the pile up of cookies and caches can be issues after quite a while. Accessing Netflix isn’t different because the browser would treat the site just the same.

That’s why you should always perform full (site) refresh – this is the easiest, simplest, and fastest solution to address this issue. All you have to do is to press CTRL and F5 keys together. What if the problem still exists? Then you need to clear out the cookies and caches from your browser’s setting. It will remove all of the piles from the browser’s history.


Fixing the DNS

The browser can ‘recognize’ the DNS (Domain Name System) from the IP address. If you don’t understand it, think of it as a phonebook that records all of the sites. It is meant to provide easy (and fast) access for later use. It also promotes faster recalling time.  In most cases, the ISP service would provide this feature.

If you can’t access Netflix, you must clear out your (DNS) cache. The action would enable the ISP access the last cache history to enable browsing. Feel free to access other types of DNS, such as OpenDNS, Google Public DNS, or other free services.


Netflix and Black Screen Problem

This is a common issue for computer or PC users. There are several reasons why the black screen happens. You can always clear out the cookies. If it doesn’t happen, close your browser entirely. Don’t access Netflix for several minutes just yet. And when you try accessing it again, use another browser. For instance, if you previously use Chrome, you can try Safari or Firefox this time. If the problem still persists, you may want to check your (active) antivirus. If it isn’t updated, then you need to update it.

With all of these solutions, you should be able to figure out which one works for your situation. But if the question is Netflix down right now still lingers and you haven’t found the solution, then maybe it’s time to go to the professional and ask for their assistance.

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