Is Roblox Shutting down? Knowing More about the Rumors

So, is Roblox shutting down? Has the platform completely shut down and stopped operating entirely? If you are one of those avid online players with Roblox as your ‘universe’, the news about the current condition of the platform can leave you confused.

The game has captivated many gamers and players, encouraging them to explore different worlds and enjoy different games and adventures. With millions of users all over the world, it would be devastating news if the rumor is true. Is Roblox shutting down? We need to understand the concept of the game first before you can dig into the fact.


About Roblox Game in General

Roblox is developed and also published by Roblox Corporation. The supporting platforms (operating systems) for the game are macOS, Windows, Xbox One, Android, and iOS. The platform increased from year to year. At first, it was developed for Windows – at the very early launch in 2006.

In 2012, the platform was able to expand the service to iOS. In 2014, it expanded more to Android. And in November 2015, it expanded to Xbox One. With such an expansion and growth, the platform has managed to note themselves in the legendary gaming lists. Who doesn’t know Roblox right now? Who hasn’t ever heard its name?

Is Roblox Shutting down


Roblox is designed as an online game as well as game creation system. Not only it enables users to play games, but it also allows users to create (and program) games. It means that you can create your own game or ecosystem so other players can play within it. Because of its unique system and nature, it is no wonder if Roblox gains popularity quite fast – especially when compared to other online games.


Why Is the Platform Popular?

Aside from the fact that you can become a game developer on your own and create your own ‘world’ or community within the game, the game is about fighting racism. The founder and development team have shown their support for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd protests. They also removed and deleted accounts that are related to neo-Nazis and far-right groups.

Roblox Game


Roblox is a free game although in-game buying and offer are available. You need to use Robux, as the virtual currency to buy the items needed for the continuation of your gameplay. The game started out slow – meaning that it didn’t experience instant popularity. But in the middle of 2010s, the game started to gain popularity, and it even becomes more popular after COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, Roblox had gained more than 165 million of active players in August 2020, so the question whether Roblox is shutting down or not is a bit vague – and questionable, in fact.

It seems that COVID-19 pandemic has played quite a significant role in the popularity of Roblox. Since many countries have imposed quarantine time or self-isolation regulation, people are no longer able to enjoy social interaction freely. They are ‘forced’ to stay indoor where the options are quite limited.

Children especially have to find a creative way not to be severely affected by the pandemic and the situation – which is also happening to adults. One way to do it is through gaming interaction. It’s no wonder if the rumor about is Roblox shutting down is creating a fuss – people are worried that they will lose their source of entertainment and fun.


Is Roblox Shutting down? Rumors

So, what’s the fuss about Roblox stops operating? What leads to the question is Roblox shutting down? Rumor has it that the company doesn’t have any more money to invest to the servers. Some say that no investors want to invest their money in the game anymore.

Overpopulation also plays a crucial issue in this rumor – stating that the game has too many players that the game has issues with overcrowding and overpopulation.

The rumor is even made worse by some comments of ‘RIP Roblox’ as well as the tags. These tags and comments are appearing constantly within internet threads lately – generating confusion and doubts whether the game is still running. Although many people say that it is just rumors, many still believe that it is true – mostly because of the massive exposure of the rumor itself.

Is Roblox Shutting down right now


Some players even claim that individual games no longer get updates. Even worse, some (individual) games are even removed from the game by the developers.

This fact alone causes more sparks and rumors that Roblox’s life is about to end. The game is no longer available for gamers. But the truth is, Roblox is still running as a platform. Yes, some of the individual games have been stopped and removed, but the overall platform itself is solid and safe.

But when did the rumor about is Roblox shutting down start? Well, it began with React 2424 site. It is a website enabling individuals and users to post fake pranks and news – with the purpose of tricking or performing pranks on their friends.

Well, it all began when someone posted something like ‘Roblox was going down. It shuts down’ and the prank went viral. Most users who read the post though that the post was real.

If they wanted to search for further facts, they could actually scroll to the bottom side of the site. They would see a disclaimer, “This is a fun and entertainment site with users creating the articles.

They are fictional and jokes. You shouldn’t take the contents seriously or as a source of valid information.” The users who have read the comment (without bothering to check whether it is true or not), immediately post it elsewhere – making the rumor viral. .


Why People Believe It Easily?

There is probably a valid reasoning or explanation of why people would believe the rumor so easily. You need to remember that most of Roblox users are younger kids or younger adults. It is their nature to read something without finishing it up. It is also understandable why they would share information without bothering any double check first – they don’t bother to check whether it is real or not because these young people believe that ALL information shared in the internet is real and true.

Even adults today are easily scammed and or lied to, simply because they are hurry to judge. They don’t believe in double check or look for valid information first.

With younger kids and adults, fear can quickly and immediately ignited, especially when it is related to the platform they love so much. For them, Roblox is a crucial matter – again, the key words are: for them. It’s their source of fun and entertainment. So, if the platform shuts down, where they can get another source of fun anymore?


Further Advice

So, for those of you who are participating in the game, don’t easily believe everything you read or see, especially on the digital platform. Just because these issues exist, it doesn’t mean that they are real or true. You shouldn’t easily trust whatever written or posted on the net. Always find other resources.

Always double check. It would also be wise to follow only official accounts. Moreover, if you are actively searching and following the official website, you’d know that the game still gets updates. That’s why you should only follow official social media accounts, such as (official) Roblox Twitter or Roblox blog – or others.


The Conclusion

At this moment, the answer to the question is Roblox shutting down is NO. The platform doesn’t stop the platform. In fact, the platform has experienced massive growth lately, especially with COVID-19 pandemic and ‘stay at home’ regulation.

The year 2020 was considered the biggest year for them with the highest numbers of users – not to mention that the content creators earned quite handsome rewards for their contributions. Don’t easily believe everything posted, read, or seen on the internet. You always need to double check and find reliable sources. Now that you already know the answer to is Roblox shutting down question, you can relax now.

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