Is Roblox VC without ID Possible?

Roblox voice chat allows users to communicate verbally with others in Roblox games. However, enabling voice chat requires identity verification for safety and moderation purposes. So is it possible to use Roblox voice chat without providing identification?


Identity Verification Requirements

Roblox requires users to go through an identity verification process before they can enable voice chat functions. This involves:

  • Providing a phone number
  • Providing an ID document like a driver’s license or passport
  • Potentially uploading a selfie for facial recognition match (selfie)

This identity verification is intended to promote user safety and prevent misuse of voice chat features.


What is Roblox Virtual Currency (VC)?

Before we dive into the question of whether Roblox VC can be obtained without ID, let’s understand what Roblox Virtual Currency is and how it works.

Robux (R$)

Robux, often abbreviated as R$, is the primary virtual currency used on the Roblox platform. Players can use Robux to:

  • Buy virtual items, like clothing and accessories for their avatars.
  • Purchase game passes and developer products in Roblox games.
  • Customize their avatar’s appearance.
  • Upload audio files and create groups.

ID Verification on Roblox

Roblox takes safety and security seriously, especially when it comes to financial transactions. To maintain a safe and secure environment for its users, Roblox has implemented an ID verification process for certain transactions. This process typically requires users to provide some form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify their identity.

When is ID Verification Required?

ID verification is usually required for the following types of transactions:

  1. Large Robux Purchases: When a user attempts to purchase a large amount of Robux, Roblox may request ID verification to prevent fraud.
  2. Cash-Outs: If a user wants to cash out their Robux earnings, they may need to go through an ID verification process.
  3. Certain Account Actions: In some cases, when users perform specific actions on their accounts, such as changing their age settings, Roblox may request ID verification to ensure the user’s age is accurate.


Is it Possible to Get Roblox VC Without ID?

The short answer is that it’s generally not possible to obtain Roblox VC (Robux) without some form of ID verification for certain transactions. Roblox has implemented these verification measures to protect its users and ensure the security of financial transactions on the platform.

However, it’s important to note that not all Roblox transactions require ID verification. Small purchases of Robux or in-game items can often be made without the need for ID verification. Additionally, players can earn Robux through the Roblox Affiliate Program, which doesn’t typically require ID verification.



In conclusion, while it is possible to use Roblox and make some transactions without ID verification, there are certain circumstances where Roblox may require users to provide identification to protect the safety and security of its platform. It’s essential to be aware of these requirements when using Roblox and to follow the platform’s guidelines and policies regarding ID verification. If you’re unsure about a specific transaction or situation, it’s best to contact Roblox support for guidance.

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