Is Softonic Safe And Free of Malware and Viruses?

Those who often access a website offering free contents and (suspiciously pirated) freeware are wondering is Softonic safe. Basically, most users are wondering whether similar sites (like Softonic) are completely safe and sound. Well, having such websites is a convenience and yet also a troublesome issue.

In one side, we (as users) enjoy the free content. And yet, in another side, we are often left wondering whether accessing those sites is safe for ourselves. Will there be issues with our computer?

Will there be malicious malware and virus that can jeopardize the entire activities? Will such a thing cause serious damage to your device? These questions are undoubtedly nagging and constantly appearing in our minds. So, what’s the answer to that main question?


The Issues with Windows

Windows is one of the major operating systems that have taken the world by storm. You have to admit that the system affects our daily digital and computational activities. But aside from the benefits and positive traits brought up by the operating system, the system has its own downside too.

Is Softonic Safe


Windows gives you the freedom and flexibility to download or install contents or software, regardless of the platform. Basically, as long as you can find the platform and the contents, you should be able to download them easily – even without authentication. However, this kind of freedom and flexibility has its own risk. You are exposed to bigger risks of getting malicious viruses and malware within your device and system. And with the growth of internet and digital system, such risks are getting bigger and more dangerous. Those viruses and malware are more harmful and more intense.

On the meanwhile, you should be able to find multiple apps out there – with no guarantee that even paid ones are absolutely safe when used. And when users have to choose between using the free and the paid services, it is more likely that they will choose the free ones. That’s why free apps, such as CNET or Softonic, are gaining popularity. And such a situation leads to the question is Softonic safe for the users. We have to discuss further to the pros and cons so you can make a better and an educated decision.


Understanding Softonic

Softonic is basically a Spanish site with California-base. The main purpose is to provide and offer free games, apps, and content for the (online) users. The company itself has been around for quite a while. It was first set up in 1997 and the service has still run-up to these days. The site has millions of users (scattered all around the world) that use it as their access to download free contents and freeware.

So, what’s the issue? How about the question is Softonic safe? Well, Softonic offers free services and free content, but then again, its nature is open-source. It means that the site is sensitive and fragile to attacks and infiltration. It’s no surprise if users have so many questions regarding the safety concern in the website.


Reasons Why Softonic Is Questionable

Unlike other websites that can be considered illegal, Softonic is completely legit. The website is legal with also legal contents. Those contents are the free (third-party) types and they are copyrighted apps. However, some users suspect that the site has infected apps and malicious malware inside the collections. These users have found some cases where they encountered issues with those malware and viruses.



However, not all of the reviews and feedbacks about Softonic are negative. In general, in fact, the reviews are filled with positive feedback and great comments. Many of them have never encountered any abnormal activities or problems when they download anything from the website.

But then again, these contradicting opinions and reviews can be confusing. So, which one is it – safe or not? Legit or not? Is it full of malware or not? This is why reviewing the pros and cons would be important and crucial to make a good decision.


Softonic Pros

To establish the right answer for the question is Softonic safe, here are some of the general facts and pros of the website:

Softonic Pros


  • WOT authorizes it. WOT (Web of Trust) refers to browser extension helping to identify authentic, secure, and reliable site. It does it via various security algorithms and tools. Try testing Softonic and see how it works for you. Some users have done it and they get 85% to 86% of trustworthiness rating for the site. It means that the site is private with a good reputation.
  • Google Safety authorizes it. Google is the main search engine that millions of internet users access today. It has many tools to verify a site’s security and safety. One of them is Google Safe Browsing. With this tool, you should be able to check whether Softonic is free from virus or not. Many users who have done the search claim that they get positive result, which means that the site is completely safe with zero suspicious or dangerous contents.
  • Many positive reviews. If you check the site, you’ll see that the reviews are dominated by positive reviews. Many of them state great reviews and feedbacks about the website, including the easiness in using the site, the reliable contents, and the safe environment.
  • The service’s claim. Softonic itself claims that their service is completely safe and legit. The officials claim that their service is 100% free and completely safe from viruses and malware. Many users have done extensive testing – and they found out that the company is true. So, is Softonic safe? The answer is yes. It means that the contents in Softonic are safe. When you download any of them, the site would perform a thorough scan to ensure safety. If the content is safe, it will give ‘green’ signal to ensure safe download.


Softonic Cons

Despite Softonic’s claim about their website and service’s safety and validity, there are some downsides about the service – you have to admit it, whether you like it or not. According to many digital research, the possibility of files or contents being malicious-free is basically limited. There is ALWAYS a chance that a file may be infected or infiltrated by a virus. And considering that the internet is an open-source environment, it is always prone to attack and threat.

Softonic may claim itself as a virus-free website. They make sure that the contents are safe and scanned thoroughly. But they can’t constantly make sure that each file would be free from those issues. And there is no guarantee that ALL contents in Softonic are virus and malware-free. Moreover, here are some of the possible downsides of the site, which leads to the question is Softonic safe:

  • Outdated downloads. The contents in Softonic aren’t always new and advanced. In some cases, they are outdated. And these outdated contents are responsible for higher possibilities of virus and malware attacks. You see, outdated files don’t have advanced systems, which makes them more sensitive to risks.
  • Malicious ads. Let’s not forget that Softonic has ads to keep the site running. And often times, these ads are the entryway of malware and viruses. Even when you don’t download those ads, having them in your system alone is enough to bring the virus and malware to your system. Often times, the ads are the reasons why the site is ‘infected’.


Final Verdict

You can’t really entrust the internet. Because of its open-source nature, it is always sensitive to threats and risks. That’s why it would be a good idea to have reliable and trusted antivirus that will protect and guard your device. If you can have several antivirus programs for different functions and uses, it would be even better. NEVER access any website without any antivirus being installed on your device. In the overall general state, the answer to is Softonic safe is YES, but you can’t let your guards down.

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