JavaScript: Where Are Developers Using It?

JavaScript is mainly known as a website building framework. However, this open-source framework is not just for building websites. It offers many more possibilities. With the constant development in JavaScript, more developers are keen on utilizing its full features in the case of the web and app development sector.

The relation between website development and JavaScript is an obvious one. It has been used to create responsive and navigable websites since its introduction in 1995. Still, now JavaScript is the most popular framework for designing websites. From traditional sites to modern websites with multiple technological aspects, JavaScript developers are building everything quickly.

Yes, you heard it right. JavaScript can also become necessary in app building. Many JavaScript development services are using this framework for building the following things which you are unaware of-


Web Application

Web applications are the modern and improved versions of websites that also work as regular applications. Web applications are often built using JavaScript frameworks to create a responsive and event-changing app that is versatile and engaging.


Server Applications

Server applications help manage the infrastructure of a large-scale or medium-scale company. With server applications, the organization can track its employee schedule, warehouse status to manage everything seamlessly. In this case, JavaScript helps a lot. NodeJS is often used to build server applications that provide a backbone for back-end infrastructure worldwide.


Smartphone Apps

JavaScript can also be used for designing smartphone apps or intelligent apps for both iOS and Android. Most app developers design or implement a small JS framework that allows them to create native apps.

Due to its popularity among JavaScript development services, new frameworks were launched in 2019. NativeScript, React Native, Apache Cordova, and JQuery Mobile are the top used JS frameworks in app development.

The development has allowed designers to create apps that load faster, consume less space in a device. Moreover, these apps also offer integration with other programs and apps. Designers can also reuse the codes for developing other apps as well. JS has changed the app development sector for the better.



Yes, JS can be used for developing games too. Modern video games are often internet-based and use browsers primarily. Hence browser-based games are gradually gaining popularity among players who are seeking new ways of gaming. JavaScript coupled with HTML5 canvas offers a robust framework to design immersive browser games with high-end graphics.


Web servers

JS allows designers to build compatible web servers with simple code. Frameworks like expressJS can even make a good quality web server with a few lines of coding. Many other servers are also based on Mode JS or MEAN stack.



JavaScript or JS is not just for designing and developing websites. Designers use different frameworks to build apps, games, web servers, web apps, and even art or presentations. With constant development in JS, it holds many other possibilities as well.

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