15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working]

KissAnime was one of the best anime streaming websites on the internet. It was a great service with a lot of anime titles. You could stream old and new anime.

Unfortunately, KissAnime recently got taken down due to copyright claims. If you are into anime, then you know that being childish is far from it. In fact, you can say that anime is an artistic form of art that starts getting its own fanbase basic globally. It may start in Japan, but now its popularity is increasing in many places in the world.

When it comes to KissAnime itself, different users have different opinions. Some are truly satisfied with the service because they can fulfill their own cravings for anime works and collections. Some, however, don’t really like the way the site operates.

Where can I watch anime besides Kissanime? There are sites Like KissAnime? Here is a list of KissAnime alternatives for watching anime online when KissAnime is down.


15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (Sites Like KissAnime) 2024 [Working] To Watch Anime Movies Online Free


1. Animeseries.so

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 1


URL: https://animeseries.so/

You should come to Anime Season if you are looking for a KissAnime alternative. They have quite an impressive wide of anime collections. They are so big that you will spend hours watching them all. Moreover, if you are looking for the most popular ones, such as Hunter and Hunter or Alice of Zouroku, then you have come to the right place.

The service is free although you should be prepared for the ads. But the ads are pretty limited at least they aren’t as obtrusive as other sites. And they have high-quality content that you would love.

If you want to know the current seasons or episodes, they have their own list. Use it if you want to know which one to choose or watch. At least you can stay updated with it. Be prepared to deal with categories like Highest Rated Series, Most Recent Series, or Full Series. Finding popular and favourable anime should be a breeze.


2. Anime Freak

Anime Freak tv

Anime Freak tv

URL: https://animefreak.video/

Anime Freak is another best free websites like kissanime.ru for you anime lovers. The cool thing about it is the high-quality content. They are currently having an impressive library and collection – with up to 10,000 anime. Every day, the site would add a new one so the collection is always growing.

Manoeuvring your way around the site is super easy and quite convenient. You can easily find the videos by genre, alphabetical order, or latest release. Every time there is a new release, the site would immediately add it. So, if you want a vast collection with high-quality outcomes, then be prepared to be a freak with this service!


3. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll The Official Source of Anime and Drama

Crunchyroll The Official Source of Anime and Drama

URL: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

It is a nice place to watch an anime with its original language but it would be handy if you have the English subtitle so you can understand the story. Unfortunately, not many service providers would consider this so their collections mostly don’t come with English subtitles.

Well, such a problem won’t exist in Crunchyroll. They have either English subtitles or English-dubbed anime so that non-native viewers can follow the story.

Moreover, there are other reasons to love the service. The anime is mostly coming in high-quality format, at least in 720p for nice and comfy viewing.

The site can be used by PlayStation 3 and also 4, Windows, Wii U, Android devices, Roku box, PS Vita, Apple devices, Xbox 360, and Chromecast. You can find other languages like Italy, Dutch, Russian, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. However, be ready to create an account if you want to make use of the full features of the service – use your active email.

Note: If you want to subscribe to Crunchyroll. Please download the Crunchyroll app on your device. You can download the Crunchyroll app for iOS, Android. Also enjoy watching on smart TV.


4. 9Anime



URL: https://9animetv.to/

There are a lot of websites similar to KissAnime. However, not all of them are trusted or reliable. But if you refer to 9Anime, you won’t encounter such an issue. This is a website that is growing in popularity as one of the trusted KissAnime alternatives. Not only it is reliable, but its collection is growing from day to day. So far, it has 26,000 anime that will give you viewing pleasure for hours and days. If you want to, you can also request an anime to watch.

Another thing to like about this site is the quality of the content. Most of their collections are high in quality and they also provide English-dubbed content. If you prefer English-spoken anime instead of the one in its original language, then this is a website worth visiting.


5. AniWatcher

anilinkz alternatives to watch HD Anime for free

aniwatcher alternatives to watch HD Anime for free

URL: https://aniwatcher.com/

Besides having a very impressive anime collection, aniwatcher is the best alternative website to KissAnime which you can watching your favorite anime. It comes with a responsive display that helps you to watch via a smartphone, tablet or computer. In the navigation section, you will see features such as Anime List, ListOngoing, OVA and so on.

Aniwatcher is a site to watch free anime, a complete collection including Action, Comedy, Adventure, Bishoujo, Bishounen, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Magic, and many more.


6. Animedao



URL: https://animedao.to/

Not only this site provides anime series, but it also provides novel and manga series. Yes, you can watch the movies or read the comic – which one do you like the most? They have this option ‘Request/Report’ where users can request any anime they want to see. The management will try their best to provide it. Feel free to explore the lists of all the available anime on the site. And you should be able to see the list for the upcoming series – which is based on the Request section.

The site is designed for those who want to enjoy both watching the anime series as well as reading the comics or novels. When you come to this site, you are free to do whatever you want.

They also have this library where you can find not only shorter anime series but also anime movies in full length. And most of them are available in high-quality content so there is no need to worry that you will deal with lousy stuff. This is one of the KissAnime alternatives that is super recommended for anime lovers and hardcore fans.


7. Aniwatchtv



URL: https://aniwatchtv.to/

Aniwatchtv is a website offering a streaming service for anime lovers. Since the site is created and designed by true and real anime companies, you will never short of anime titles and collections. In short: you should be able to find all kinds of anime titles here – from the newest and the latest to the rarest and the not-so-new types. From the collections alone, you will get a top-notch satisfaction from exploring their library and collections.

Besides the collections, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the contents. They are all coming in high-quality videos that can deliver the best entertainment experience.

The site can be used in Android OS or in iOS, so there is nice flexibility that you can enjoy from it. You don’t have to sign up to stream the videos but it is advisable that you do. When you sign up, the access to more titles and better quality videos is open wide so it is for your own sake. And besides the clean user interface system, you can also make your own playlist so you can watch those videos later. How cool is that?


8. AnimeFrenzy



URL: https://animefrenzy.cc/

Looking for Free KissAnime Alternatives? This is a great website to stream anime online for free in English. The unique characteristic of this website is the availability of American cartoons, not only Japanese anime. Thanks to it, you have the flexibility to watch any type of cartoon that you like – Japanese or American.

The display and the site’s arrangements are well-managed and maintained, allowing you to sort everything quickly and efficiently.

If this is your first time to anime and you don’t have any clue of which video to watch, then you can click the button ‘Random’ so the site can provide random suggestions for you.

Another great feature of the website is that it offers categorized listings of anime movies, TV series, and OVAs. There are sections for dubbed anime and anime with English subtitles. For ongoing anime series, new episodes are uploaded right after they air in Japan. The site also has a convenient schedule showing release dates and times for upcoming episodes of current shows.

This organization and information allow anime fans to easily find the type of content they want to watch. Whether you prefer dubbed or subtitled anime, older classic series or brand-new seasons, the website has different sections tailored to different preferences. The release schedule lets viewers know exactly when to check back for the next episode of a favorite ongoing show. By providing these tools for finding and tracking anime titles, the site enables fans to seamlessly discover and enjoy the videos they want to see. Overall, these features demonstrate how the site creators understand and cater to the needs of the passionate anime viewing community.


9. AnimeLand

KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Anime Movies

KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Anime Movies

URL: https://w7.animeland.tv/

If you want to find the most popular anime series in English dubbed quality, then you have come to the right place. You should be able to find titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and such things. If you are looking for the latest series or titles, then you need to go visit it.

They also provide different kinds of resolution, from 480p to 1080p resolution. It gives you flexibility and ease to choose which one you like the most. Now you know why it is considered one of the best and most reliable KissAnime alternatives that anime lovers should try.

The best thing about this site is that you don’t need to create an account to stream anime. You should be able to have smooth operation even without logging into the site. Be advised that the site has its popup ads that may appear several times but not to the level of being annoying. If that’s okay with you, then you shouldn’t have any problem with it.


10. Netflix

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 2

URL: https://www.netflix.com/

If you have subscribed to Netflix, don’t let it go to waste. They do provide anime series on their own they even have their own collections from the top-rated category to the most popular ones. They are known for their high-quality videos and you can stream them without any issue.

The problem with Netflix is that you need to subscribe to it. But if you don’t, you can always try the trial period. It gives you access to their service for 30 days without you having to pay for anything.


11. Funimation

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 3

URL: https://www.funimation.com/

Funimation’s anime streaming service offers an impressively large catalog of animated shows and movies to enjoy instantly online. As one of the largest anime providers in North America, Funimation has licensing deals for hugely popular series like Dragon Ball Z, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, and One Piece. Their selection spans classic anime from the 80s and 90s as well as the latest season releases straight from Japan.

A major benefit Funimation provides is the option to view shows with an English dub or in the original Japanese audio with subtitles. This flexibility allows viewers to experience anime in the way they most prefer. Funimation produces high-quality English dubs recorded using well-known voice talent. The site’s player enables seamlessly switching between languages even while watching an episode.

As an official distributor, Funimation’s simulcasts give subscribers immediate access to new anime episodes as they air in Japan. So diehard fans can avoid any spoilers and enjoy discussing shows as they’re released. Between the enormous on-demand library and same-day simulcasts, Funimation provides an exceptional viewing experience for anime enthusiasts. The service’s streaming apps even download videos for offline viewing. By delivering a massive selection of classic, current and ongoing anime, Funimation has something exciting to offer every anime fan.


12. Aniwave

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 4

URL: https://aniwave.to/home

If you’re looking for a user-friendly website with a massive collection of anime, AniWave needs to be on your radar. This popular anime streaming site makes it super easy to binge all your favorite shows.

AniWave has got something for everyone with A-Z genres from action to vampires. You can stream most content in crisp 1080p quality, available in both subbed and dubbed versions. Some of the most viewed series are blockbusters like One Piece, Naruto, Black Clover, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

A handy filtering system allows you to browse videos by season, release year, video quality, format, and language. This flexibility makes it a breeze to find English subbed or dubbed anime. Gotta say though, the ads on this site are pretty annoying. But I guess that’s the trade-off for unlimited access to premium anime without paying a cent.

You can try using an ad blocker to enjoy an interruption-free experience, but it may impact video quality. Even with the ads though, AniWave is a top choice for avid anime fans to immerse themselves in countless captivating worlds. With new shows added regularly, you’ll never run out of anime to watch on this streaming treasure trove.


13. Anime Planet

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 5

URL: https://www.anime-planet.com/

With an impressively expansive catalog of over 45,000 anime series, movies, and manga titles, Anime Planet lives up to its bold name. This site offers fans a comprehensive hub to explore both classic and obscure anime across every genre. Useful recommendation features and an engaged community enhance the viewing experience.

Browsing Anime Planet reveals the true breadth of Japanese animation. Popular shonen battle anime like Dragon Ball Z and One Piece sit alongside niche sci-fi OVAs from the 1970s. The site is completely free with no ads interrupting streaming. Video quality accommodates older series while staying crisp for recent hits.

Registration unlocks additional features like creating custom anime and manga lists. Users can track watching progress, rating series, and posting reactions. The highlight is Anime Planet’s recommendations tailored to one’s tastes via machine learning algorithms. This allows discovering shows easily missed independently.

While light on brand new simulcasts, Anime Planet capsulates the full historic landscape of anime. Robust exploring tools coupled with charming retro aesthetics make revisiting this genre exciting for both longtime experts and curious newcomers. For a gratifying community-powered anime portal, Anime Planet delivers.


14. Animesuge

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 6

URL: https://animesuge.to/

AnimeSuge offers free streaming access to countless anime series fully available in both subtitled and English dubbed formats. As an open platform requiring no registration whatsoever, we welcome all anime fans to join our community and indulge in unlimited episodes on demand.

Our intuitive interface makes it simple to find and immediately start watching your preferred shows in up-to-date libraries with new content added daily. Thanks to our optimized streaming technology, you can enjoy smooth playback and quick buffering without any frustrating lag or interruptions.

As devoted anime enthusiasts ourselves, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate online destination for fans to seamlessly track and enjoy current hits, nostalgic classics, niche gems and everything in between 100% free of charge. With an ever-expanding catalog, personalized watchlists, thoughtful genre and seasonal categorization, and an ad-free experience, AnimeSuge aims to be the definitive one-stop hub to watch anime online however you choose.

Give us a try and discover for yourself why we are confident that our platform offers an unparalleled and unbeatable value among free anime streaming sites today. Join our community of millions experiencing the easy, instant and unlimited anime streaming experience that AnimeSuge delivers.


15. 4anime

15 Best Free KissAnime Alternatives (NEW) 2024 [Working] 7

URL: https://4anime.gg/

With an uncompromising commitment to providing a safe and secure platform, 4anime offers the premier destination for watching subbed and dubbed anime in crystal clear HD quality completely free of charge.

As passionate fans ourselves, we deeply understand the importance of being able to immerse yourself in your favorite shows without distraction or worry. That’s why we’ve optimized every aspect of the 4anime experience around creating a trusted oasis for fellow enthusiasts to be able to access and enjoy the latest and greatest series each season in full high definition splendor.

From up-to-date libraries spanning classics to current hits to hidden gems, optimize streaming functionality for smooth performance, personalized watchlists and tracking to save where you left off, all hosted on a platform vigorously fortified with robust security measures far surpassing industry standards – 4anime simply offers the safest and most reliable way to indulge in English subbed and dubbed anime.

Join our rapidly expanding community of users who can now freely partake in their preferred series with total confidence and peace of mind. At 4anime, we pride ourselves on pioneering ironclad security protocols so that you can fully lose yourself in the vibrant and magical world of anime completely worry-free. Experience what it truly means to watch anime safely in HD quality for yourself at 4anime!

FAQ: KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Anime

What happened to kissanime?

KissAnime.ru Domain Shut Down, Due to copyright issues, KissAnime.ru was disabled by the government or ISP

is kissanime illegal?

No, KissAnime is legal, but it's a matter of debate on internet forums. Again KissAnime doesn't! Because they don't store videos or files on their site, but from other servers!

is kissanime safe?

Of course kissanime is safe, but you must use a VPN when accessing kissanime because it protects your IP address.

You have your own candidates of the best KissAnime alternatives, now it is up to you to choose which one you like the most.